The Rising Phoenix: Devisee’s escapade.

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The Rising Phoenix: Devisee’s escapade.

By: Mac Nicholas 🖊️ Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Two years of a Marriage of Convenience crashes vehemently; Jason loses the little he could secure from his Marriage to Isabella after the years of struggle and degradation. How would the young uncertified Scientist and live-in Son-inlaw be able to cascade through the torments of his partner, her lover and wealthy family who loathed him? What happens when the wretched Son-in-law of the Palmers rises from the ashes and pays back all those who assailed him in their own coins? How does he deal with the issue of his greatest rivalry? Find out more from this trilling twister of emotions, survival, transformation, discovery and requital.

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  • Mh_Ummi (Styles)


    A Captivating piece of work... Hopefully, the author will pay more attention to grammars and also do double-chapter updates...

    2024-06-11 13:23:51
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The Palmers
The voices of family members, friends and well wishers who had come to pay their condolence to the Palmers could be heard echoing from the main hall of the massive Palmer mansion; exquisite chandeliers hung from several angles of the roof shining brightly, reflecting sparkling glitters on the wine glasses that most of the elite guests in the hall had in their hands. All in the hall were on black outfits.Lord Richard Palmer one of the wealthiest men in Granada Hills and the founder of Palmer Pharmaceuticals had just been buried. He died after a brief illness at 85.“So sorry for your loss Lady Palmer.”“Oh thank you so much.” Mrs. Alice Palmer responded to the man in stylish black suit and a black moccasin shoe to match.“Accept my deepest condolences Lady Palmer.” Said a lady putting on a black felt hat. She handed her a bouquet of roses, Mrs. Palmer took the roses with a smile.“Where the hell is that leech of a son-in-law?” Scouring through the hall, her eyes glaring with high c
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The Will
The entire members of the Palmer family were seated at the conference table that evening; Lady Alice was at one end of the long table while the Attorney was at the other end. He had a large file in his hands and a sealed envelope carefully placed on the table.“What’s he doing here? He shouldn’t be here!”Andrew the eldest Grandson called the attention of of everyone in the room who tilted their heads to see Jason approaching.“Well, my client demanded that every one living in the family mansion and belonging to this family must be present before his will be read.” Jason quietly walked to the position his wife was seated and dragged out the chair next to her to sit. He avoided the angry looks in the room.“What the hell!” Maya mumbled scoffing. She was Andrew’s wife and the daughter of the Chief of Police in Granada Hills.“Why would Dad insist that this pauper joined us? I hope he is not included in the will.”Morgan couldn’t hold his dissatisfaction, he looked at his mother in sear
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Jason had just returned from purchasing grocery; his wife had sent him off as usual to the store. That had always been the regular routine. Jason would always run errands while she went on social gatherings and had fun with her friends. Even the care of the baby became his responsibility.He walked into the house through the backdoor then he made use of the elevator, his two hands holding the grocery bags firmly. Approaching their apartment, he could hear laughter and giggling. Dropping the bags on the cabinet in the kitchen, he made his way to their bedroom curious of who was the owner of the deep male voice he could hear from the room.The door to the bedroom was slightly opening, Jason could see two figures on the bed lying very close to each other in a romantic manner. He opened the door wider and walked into the room hurriedly to behold the two persons kissing and caressing each other on the bed. His wife Isabella was on lingerie while the man was bare-bodied.“What the hell!”“
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The Rising Phoenix
Jason was confused. He took the phone down and looked at the screen one more time but he was certain that he didn’t know who was at the other end of the call.“Who is this?”“It is I Harry, young Master. Your Grandfather and I have been in search of you for decades.”“I don’t know you Harry. You must be mistaken. I am Jason Caruso not your Master.”“No young Master. Your name is Jack Walker and I would prove it to you, come to the address I would send to you.”The call dropped and a message came in almost immediately. “No 51 Chariot Street.”Jason dipped his hand inside his pockets, there was only a 20 dollar note left with him. The Palmers couldn’t let him take the bike which was given to him or any other possession.He walked through the road until he got to the highway. There was a taxi coming and so he waved at the driver who pulled over in front of him.“Take me to this address.” Jason showed the address on the phone screen to the driver who nodded.“That would be 18 bucks.” Ja
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The Walkers
Jason heaved a great sigh of relief. He was finally someone of great substance and no one was ever going to push him around again. He remembered the recent events that occurred and the urge to get back at Clark and the Palmers crept into his soul.“You have to get acquainted with your father’s companies; its been so hectic taking care of things. I am not getting any younger; my bones are feeble now. Everything is yours; the companies, the banks, the cars, the houses, the hotels, the hospitals. Everything!”“Not now Grandpa, I have a few things I need to take care of. I need to be in the life of my son, your Great-grand-son.”“Very well then, Harry here will make sure you lack absolutely nothing pending when you are ready to assume your rightful position. Its so good to have you back Jack!”Jason hugged his Grandfather and left the room with Harry. He wasn’t certain of what his plans were but he knew that it was certainly going to be a long ride for all those who had humiliated him wh
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The next morning, as early as the first flicker of dawn Jason got up, took a shower and dressed up. This time, he wore a white shorts and a black polo, then he put on a brown pair of sandals on his feet. His dressing was very meagre.With a strong portray of confidence and boldness in him, he walked out of the cabin straight to the family mansion of the Palmers. His strategy was simple; swift and untraceable!Entering through the gigantic gate of the Palmer family mansion, he walked through the avenue; the gardens by the two sides of the avenue giving the ambience a glamorous look, there were water fountains at several parts of the gardens. The mansion stood tall, about 35 meters from the ground.Jason walked into the building and headed straight to the dining hall. He was sure that the Palmers were having their breakfast at 7 and as he anticipated, Isabella was at the dining with two of her cousins Jacob and Andrew. Her Uncle Morgan was also present.“How dare your step you foot into
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It had only been a few days since Jason started working for the Palmers, but Isabella wanted to get rid of him so passionately. She was tired of seeing him around, especially whenever he came close to his son who had been crying uncontrollably since he left and seemed so joyful at his return.Jason had just gotten up from his bed that early morning, he prepared himself and was about to step into the bathroom in the cabin when a heavy knock landed on the door. Wondering who it was, he slowly pushed the door to behold the sight of the Palmer’s family Attorney standing in-front of him. He was dressed in a fine black suit with a stripped blue tie to match.Opening a file he had in his hand, he brought out an envelope and handed it over to Jason with a disdainful look on his face. Before Jason could utter any word, William turned and left.Jason unsealed the envelope and glanced through the contents of the letter inside. It was a court hearing; Isabella filed for a divorce and sole possess
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The Divorce
Jason was dusting some of the pictures hanging on the wall in the lobby, it was morning but there was no one around. He was whistling to his favorite rhythm; same pattern, same sound and with the smile on his face.The door to the lobby soon flung open and Clara walked in immediately in her exorbitant heels, she was gently dragging a young man. That was Stephen her husband; a popular basketball star who played for the Lakers of Los Angeles. He wore a nice golden chain around his neck with an expensive Rolex watch on his wrist. He was a fine man.“Oh well, if it isn't the unfortunate gold digger. What a bad way to start the day, with your abhorring presence.” Clara said looking at Jason with disgust, she looked at Jason from his hair down to his toe and squeezed her face, twisting her nose as though she perceived a foul odor.“It must be really hard trying to fit into the status as a mendicant. I am sure you would feel better after today.” Stephen said as they walked past J
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Turned Tables
“Looking at the files in front of me, I must say that I am very disappointed that an attorney would be involved in such hideous behavior. To say that I am very disappointed is the least of the feelings I have.” The Judge said firing shots of annoyance at William who still kept his face downwards. “Say something, say something William! Don’t just keep mute.” Isabella whispered loudly looking at William whose outfit was suddenly soaked not responsive to the cooling air from the air condition. “This firm has lasted for years on the strong foundation of justice and equity and I wouldn’t have you ruin this standard we have set here. I would deal with this matter of deception much later when this is over.” The Judge blared again holding up all the files William had presented to him, then he kept them aside and gathered the files Jason’s attorney handed over to him placing them one after the other on the table. There was over a minute of silence coated with great tension rising from ev
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The Verdict
The two attorneys stood up almost at the same time and headed towards the corner where the Judge pointed to. “I see you are still enslaving for the Palmers William.” “Well, they pay more than this leech of a client of yours Gregory! I wonder how he will be able to afford you. You clearly do not know who you are involved with.” William retorted with a smirk as he walked to meet up with the Judge. Gregory Jason’s attorney smiled with a slight shake of his head. “If only they know.” He said with a voice a little above a whisper before he joined the Judge still holding on to one of the files he came with. “I hope your clients have come to a resolution, we do not have to delay this any further.” The judge said still glaring at William with disappointment. “Certainly your honor. In here are the detailed information of the conditions listed by my client which my colleague on behalf of his client has agreed to.” Gregory said and pulled out another document from the blue file.
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