“Somebody call an ambulance,” he said as he knelt and held his mother’s head. Turning his head, he saw Alberto putting his gun back in the pocket. Everyone else was just watching.

“Mother stay with me,” Rodney said as he pulled out the small phone Harvey had given him and started to dial. Suddenly, the phone was ripped out of his hands by a guard. Tears were running down his eyes. “I need to call the police. Can’t you see? My mother is dying.”

“S- s-son,” his mother said weakly. “I’m,” she breathed heavily. “I’m sorry for-“

“No mom, there’s nothing to be sorry for. Give me my phone.”

Rodney could see life moving out of his mother as she grew weaker and weaker in his arms. Tears were rolling down. He sobbed loudly as one of the guards pulled him away from his dying mother. Rodney struggled against the guard in vain as he was so much weaker than the big muscled man. He saw his mother’s head fall limply to the side. Rodney couldn’t stop yelling as he was dragged around the house and
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