Pretty young woman

Rodney Nelson was now a millionaire. He had clean money in the bank and could live all his life without working as long as he spent well and made good investments. It was his last day at Alberto’s mansion. Alberto had tried to convince him to stay but he refused. He didn’t want to live a life surrounded by drugs, guns, violence and death. The only person he pitied in that house was Lyra who had no choice in the matter.

Lyra couldn’t let go of him. She and Rodney had bonded a lot during the time he stayed there. They had even gone to see his mother’s grave together. She was the only one of his siblings he felt a connection with. The rest didn’t care if he lived or died, and honestly, he also didn’t care about them.

“Leave him to go,” her mother said. She went and pulled her daughter away. “I don’t know what nonsense you have been feeding my daughter to make her stay close to you but I’ve had enough. It’s great that you are leaving.”

Lyra was crying and struggling against her mother. “S
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