As the taxi drove them back home, Rodney couldn’t stop thinking of how Lilly had conveniently said it was time for them to leave right after he asked an important question. Lilly had not been looking at Carrie. How could she have known that Carrie wanted to leave at that very moment? He was staring to question her but did not want to voice his thoughts to Harvey. He didn’t want to hear the ‘I told you so’s’. He was sure Harvey couldn’t wait to hit him with them.

The next day, they were able to get into their apartment. Andrea gave them a contact of someone who could help them get everything they need to furnish the apartment in only a few hours. Once the lease was signed and money paid, Rodney and Harvey moved in. it took about two hours for them to get most of the essentials, they even paid to own some of the decoys.

When everything was done, the boys celebrated with drinks they had picked up earlier.

“We have a home!” Harvey yelled.

“Stop yelling. The neighbours might get us kic
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