Rodney did not see Lilly during the next two weeks. She called him and sent messages but he made no attempt to reply. He couldn’t bring himself to block her although that was what Harvey advised him to do. A part of him believed her, and he was not ready to let go. Besides, he was lonely and had not made new friends since getting to New York. All he had was Harvey who was always busy on a job hunting mission.

The financial advisor had said Rodney was not yet ready for entrepreneurship and he needed a bit of experience before starting out. He advised Rodney to put some money in bank investments and get a job somewhere to give him a feel of what it meant to run a business.

Rodney and Harvey both managed to find jobs in sales at the same athletics store. Two people had resigned on the day they walked in. Apparently, they had fallen in love and decided to move to a small town and start their own business and family.

It was hard to find motivation to work when you had more than enough mon
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