The Billionaire Impotent son-in-law

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The Billionaire Impotent son-in-law

By: Bee Baby Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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“You never give me anything I want and the least you could do is disgracing me up and down even after trying to bath you rich, Ethan you always manage to shout it out to the whole world how pathetic and useless you have always been” Gracie blurted out her pent up emotions. She really didn’t think she can take this anymore, how could he not for once disgrace her publicly? “Gra…cie” He called slowly, looking her right in the eyes.

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  • Lauren Palmer


    the story skips around a lot and the grammar and spelling are terrible. The pov skips around mid chapter with no warning.

    2023-12-19 01:29:12
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Chapter 01Ethan holds the tray of the glass cup and wine in his hands tightly,he releases a deep breath and tries not to let his nervousness get the best of him.He joins the other staff and they all stride down to the meeting hall. He didn’t feel so good about this but what can he do? He’s in charge of serving the section.The hall door opens wide and he leads the staff in with the drinks and foods in their hands.“Welcome to Trump international hotel, Here is the order you place” Ethan bowed his head with a clean handkerchief in his hand at the bottom of the wine bottle.He bent the wine slightly and poured the young man a few.It’s a business meeting going on between five businessmen and women.Among those women is his wife Jones Gracie.He bowed his head and gently put the wine bottle in an ice bowl.Ethan could feel eyes on him but he decided to ignore and focus on his work.He didn’t want to cause trouble for his wife again and he doesn’t want to be looked down on by his wife's b
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Chapter two The meeting ended and everyone started taking their leave one after the other, Mr Augustus had his eyes on Gracie all along.She’s a beautiful lady with a great body and he wonders why she would end up with a poor man like Ethan.“Don’t you think this contract should be discussed even more privately between us?” Mr Augustus asks Gracie,taking his lips in cockily.Gracie is packing her things ready to leave too when he said that to her while Ethan is still attending to him. He seems to be making him do that intentionally just so he could humiliate him the more.“What do you mean by that sir?” Gracie asks with a perplexed look, She really doesn't know the level of the man’s shame anymore.“You know what I’m saying Gracie, Don’t act naive” Mr Augustus replied with a mischievous smile while Ethan swallowed his dry throat.He must have thought so low of him to even discuss this right in his presence, there’s no dignity left in him and he wants to piss Ethan off more.“If the c
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Chapter 03Ethan stares back at Gracie who is looking at him in his own blood with pity.“You should go to the hospital” Gracie said and started packing her files in her hand.She really wants to get out of being dragged out in disgrace because of Ethan.Ethan remained still looking at her without saying a word, “You need to go to the hospital!” She repeated but he kept looking at her like he’s not in her world.He manages to stand on his feet and pulls off his shirt leaving him in his singlet, “Stop being stubborn Ethan! You have cause so much damage already constituting a nuisance everywhere” Ethan looked at his wife wondering how she could utter those sentences to him, he’s the one who had created a nuisance now? What about her own boss?.Should he have watched him continue disrespecting him just because he’s poor and he’s rich, everyone should have equal rights.The country might have turned upside down and the rich rules but he’s not going to allow that to happen to him.He even
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Chapter 04“I do not owe anybody any apology and if someone has to apologise then it should be you, Mr Augustus,” Ethan uttered without hesitation.He didn’t know where this sudden confidence came from either but he’s never going to apologise to someone who should have apologised to him instead.Mr Augustus felt like this guy is really pissing him off yet he liked the fact that he’s one interesting guy, “How much would it take you to bow down to me?” He asks.He didn’t even want to care about the things that have been going on for a while now, right now he’s after him making sure he worships him.Ethan could not believe his ears, he’s going to go this far? “I’m never going to bow to you no matter how much you offer me” He cuts him off.That’s something he won’t do especially with someone like him, he just wants to mock him and make him understand that money is everything.“Are you sure about that?” He chuckles with his hand raised out from his pocket, snapping his finger, his girlfrie
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Chapter 05Ethan glanced at Gracie once more but she neglected him like she never saw him at all, he started feeling bad for everything he did that moment.He should have done it but the deed is already done now, “Gracie please” He hurriedly walks to her front.“I’m really sorry about everything please, I should have get angry and talks to them anyhow, I know it’s going to affect the family business yet I did it and I feel bad now”Gracie looked down on him and tries to work away but he held onto her tightly, “please don’t leave like this just hear me out”“See I promise I’m a changed person now, it’s never going to happen and I will keep my anger in control” He apologises over and over again.Gracie on the other hand didn’t know what to say to him, she hurt and didn’t understand why Ethan had to go to such length.The business would be affected badly even more than it is already with the two men he has made any enemy with and now she wonders how she’s supposed to fix it.He’s just to
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Chapter 06Ethan walks slowly to the door, he was expecting to see his mother in-law's fierce face staring down at him again and yelling at him.He frowned when Gracie stood by the door staring at him with some expression he can’t seem to understand.“Here” She said, bringing out a card from her bag, staring at him with a little smile.“Why would you give me this?” He frowned, unsure of what to say next exactly, he might not be rich but these days have been working for him well in his profession.“It’s my grandmother's birthday you know right? You can also get yourself some gift from it, the card contains just $50,000” She replied shortly.“You don’t have to do this Gracie, it’s bad enough that I can’t give you all what you want. Why give me this?” He felt bad for his incompetence already.He’s ready to change all that soon and make sure Gracie herself would be surprised and sees him in a new light soon.“I never said it’s for you, I said for my grandmother but just make sure you get
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Chapter 07The noise outside the door keeps getting even more intense and Ethan knows he has to do something about it before they bring down the door.“Calm down ladies, I’m going to open the door now and see what they want from us” He said to them.Verena panicked and so did her friends, “They sound dangerous and I’m afraid” One of the girls said.“They are not going to do us anything okay?, I’m going to see to it” Ethan assured them and slowly reached others to the door knob.He didn’t want to cause any trouble besides what if it’s Gracie boss’s men that had traced him down here? He’s just going to be another reason why these girls would be in trouble.He opens the door and faces the hefty guys, they seem like just area boys hoodlum.He steps outside the house and faces them, “what do you guys want?” He asks them boldly without any fear.They are about six in number and look much taller and built than he is,he didn’t really care about all those things though.After all they might al
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Chapter 08They finally get to the venue, Ethan finds a clear space and packs the car.He packs the car and they all get down while he went to the boot to bring out the gift he had prepared for Gracie’s grandmother.They inside the mansion all together, Ethan couldn’t help but marvel at the place structure.It seems more like a ball party, yet classics type just like his in-law would always do.It’s beautiful and everything is different, everyone at one table or the other drinking and chatting between themselves.He is stuck beside Gracie and they look for a spot together to take their seat, they finally get a table at the high table, where they are served drinks almost immediately.“What’s the gift you have prepared?” Gracie asked with her eyes glued on the flat thing he had wrapped up.She has been giving it thought and guessing what it could be but couldn’t find a thoughtful one that he could have brought.He won’t bring something that won't be worth it right? She had specifically
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Chapter 09Ethan stand in his ground that his painting is the original whole Damon on the other believes he must be insane claiming his own is fake.“Ethan really? What is your agenda wanting to disgrace our family name and bring us shame now” Mrs Richard is already in their table.He really do not have anything to say the old man he just know that he’s never going to back down one bit, his painting his real and he knows how much he had put into it.The whole crowd keeps murmuring, the certainty that Ethan had brought a fake painting is very high, many of them already knows he has nothing.Where would he see money to get original painting? How could he claim that his paintings is real? “You really wants to disgrace us after almost bring down my daughter business right?”Mrs Richard starts getting annoyed the more, Ethan is doing just great and perfect in bringing down their family name.Gracie is confuse as hell, how could he be adamant that his painting is real? He could have just a
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Chapter 10.A few days later.Gracie is in the living room when the doorbell rings. The door opens and a man steps in. He’s shrouded in a black shirt. The top buttons are open. His sleeves hug his huge biceps. His well-toned chest makes the shirt taut against his torso.His legs are in a pair of trousers.“It’s been a while.” He grins as his hands hold the edge of his pockets.Gracie looks up. Her mouth falls open and her eyebrows rise.The man was Alex. Her best friend since childhood. He stands there smiling at the shock on Gracie’s face.“Alex! Is it really you? This is a surprise.” She stands up and moves to embrace him.She hugs him tightly and rests her head on his shoulders. “I have missed you. You have no idea.” She coos as Alex pats her head and holds the small of her back. “I’m here now.” He replies.She eventually untangles herself from him. “Wow!” She exclaims as she takes in his appearance. “You really looking good. I guess you have a lot of ladies fawning over you.”
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