Chapter 8 Bineonate

There was no response from Ding-ding, so Tolly was so disappointed by it.

He had no idea what to do next. He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on the new three-legged cauldron tattoo on his wrist, which was flickering golden light.

Suddenly, his eyelids fluttered. Astounded, Tolly felt like his whole body froze, for a data screen appeared right before his eyes.

[Name: Universe Golden Cauldron]

[Owner: Tolly McCoy]

[Level: 1 as an ordinary alchemist]

[Vital Energy: 56]

[Spirit Heritage: level one but upgradeable]

[ Main Art: Energy Absorption, but incomplete]

Tolly gasped at it, his eyes bulging a lot.

“Amazing! It’s real or just a hallucination?” Tolly wondered.

Making sure his eyes were not blurry, he then rubbed his eyes a few times, but the data was still there.

“Wow!” Tolly murmured, “Is it my new ability? Interesting!”

He found out that it was pretty like those oldie-goodie games he had used to play back on Earth.

Tolly took a deep breath. He was excited about his new discovery. When he looked at the big tree under his feet, his eyes twitched once again. Instantly a string of new data appeared on the screen.

[Name: Golden Cauldron Tree]

[Quality: High-Grade]

[Level: 8]

[Vital Energy: 999999]

[Note: To yield Golden Cauldron Fruits every two thousand years]

“Unbelievable! The tree only bears fruits once every two thousand years, so it must be at least tens of thousands of years old. How come I’ve never heard of this kind of tree before? Maybe I can ask Sally later. It looks like I have been lucky today to be able to eat…” Tolly whispered.

“Yeah, you are indeed fortunate today, but I’ve got my lucky stars, too. Hahaha…”

All of a sudden, a gust of freezing cold wind was coming toward him from behind. He quickly turned around and found to his shock that a giant snake with two heads was staring at him. It raised its head high with its body coiled together, its mouth wide open and its fangs shining. Apparently, the cold smelly wind was nothing but its breathing.

‘Oh, my goodness!’

Tolly was taken back, fixing his eyes on him without being able to speak anything for a while. The sight of it was enough to send shivers down his spine to his ankles. After a few moments, he finally came to his senses and calm himself down.

“W-w-who is speaking?” Tolly stuttered.

The creepy creature did not answer immediately. Instead, it just opened its mouth even wider as if it was about to swallow Tolly in one gulp soon.

“Who am I??? Two thousand years ago, a man gave me a name. he called me Binoenate. Ha-ha…”

From the looks of it, Tolly couldn’t even make out what expressions it had on its face. However, Tolly could perceive the obvious unfriendliness from its eyes.

“Bineonate? What’s that?” Tolly said fearfully, “J-j-just I have never heard of it before.”

He was sweating buckets instantly. Great beads of sweat stood out on his forehead and streamed their way down his face.

“No, you surely haven’t. You can guess what happened to the man who gave me the name?” Bineonate blinked, its body leaning closer to Tolly.

His nostrils were quickly filled with an overpowering stench, which soon made his stomach turn.

“I…I don’t know, mate!” Tolly tried to sound friendly. He had a strong desire to run, but now he was totally petrified, unable to move a single step. At the moment, he wished he could shrink himself and disappear in a flash.

“Don’t call me mate. Just call me Vicious Binoenate. You know, to tell you the truth, actually, I ate him. Well, he’s the twelfth person I’ve ever eaten. He’s delicious.’

The two-headed snaked stuck out its forked tongue and licked its lips. Then it continued,

“You know, I haven’t eaten a human being for two thousand years. Well, I really miss the human flesh and blood. You…” It emphasized, “You’ll be the thirteenth person I’ll eat. Ha-ha…”

Its voice was hoarse, cold, and eerie. Tolly fell prey to it. He tilted his head, not believing he was now in serious trouble again. He managed to produce a faint smile to win a little time for him to get an idea to help him escape. However, his mind went blank completely.

“Beg me!” the giant creature sneered.

“Okay, I’m begging you, my dear mate. Oh no, my dear Bineonate, don’t eat me, please! Look at me. I’m in a small frame and don’t have enough flesh for you to eat. I’m sure I’m not to your liking.” Tolly tried to stall for time.

“I don’t mind, you know. Once I eat you, I’ll be able to collect enough vital energy after eating thirteen people. With that, I’ll be able to transform myself into a human form. It’ll also be able to unseal me and get me out of the damn place here.”

It raised its voice, and then went on,

“You know, I’ve been imprisoned here for tens of thousands of years. Go to hell, Yellow-headed Master, you thought that sealing me here would be the end of the story, but you would never expect that the demons inside the souls of human beings would send me a live man for me to eat every two thousand years. See, look at the poor guy before me! Someone evil must have pushed him down here. Hahaha… he is a gift for me anyway. I’ll eat him and collect his vital energy. After that, I’ll take revenge on you, You damn Yellow-headed Master!”

The eyes of the two-headed snake, Bineonate, bulged out in fury. As it spoke, it looked as if he was going to turn his eyes into two sharp arrows which would dart into the heart of its so-called Yellow-headed Master.

“Well, I guess the Yellow-headed Master must be a powerhouse!” Tolly said in a low voice.

“Shut up! You’re courting death! If you say he’s a bastard, maybe I’ll let you die quicker and suffer less than you think!” Bineonate roared.

“It seems you are afraid of him, don’t you?” Tolly said ironically. The idea that he probably would die here made him realize that fear was nothing but fear itself.

“You know, thirteen is not a lucky number back on Earth.” Tolly said boldly, “so it’s not a good idea to eat me. To top it off, if you want to take revenge on that so-called Yellow-headed Master, I think you need a helper. You know, you are not quite familiar with this world, but I am. Perhaps I can find out where the Yellow-headed Master was. You can have my promise. I’ll find him out if you don’t eat me.”

Tolly knew his chances of having a successful escape were too slim, so he had to look for other ways to save his own life.

“Hahaha… cunning, evil, and stupid human. All the twelve men before you begged me like you. At the very beginning, I believed the first one, but he betrayed me and tried to escape. I got so angry that I shredded him piece by piece until he was tortured to death. To tell you the truth, I won’t be taken in. Save your little dirty trick if you don’t want to die like him!”

‘Okay. I just said I was lucky to have got my lucky stars here, but I didn’t expect misfortune would be usually disguised as fortune.’ Tolly sighed and thought to himself, ‘It looks like human beings haven’t evolved into wiser creatures for tens of thousands of years. The idea I came up with was actually exactly the same as the one the first man could think of tens of thousands of years ago. Holy shit! I’ll meet my doom soon!’

“You know, young man? In fact, even if I don’t eat you, you’ll die for sure, for you have already breathed in the poisonous wind I’ve just blown. The wind is called ‘Rotten throat Wind’. Anyone who breaths in the wind will die simply within seven days. And by then, your throat will rot away, and gradually the poison will spread itself to your whole neck. After that, your head will automatically drop off your body.”

“You dirty vicious monster!” Tolly said furiously.

“I’ve learned all this from you humans. You know, I’ve been studying your history all these years. I know in ancient times there was an empress in her own right who was thousand times more brutal and vicious than me. She went as far as to kill her own daughter, a ten-month-old infant, just in order to fight again her competitors for more political powers. You human beings have always been cruel to yourselves, much less to animals. Your ancestors killed my parents, my brothers, and my sisters. I’m the only one that has survived. I’ll kill the Yellow-headed Master first before I kill all of you.”

“Perhaps what you’ve said is true, but this is the crime that humans committed in the past, but now we talk about environmental protection. On Earth, we not only protect animals but also plants and flowers. We have changed for the better.” Tolly retorted.

“Bullshit! What do you mean by Earth? I’ve never heard of it before. Stop fooling me again! Killing all you humans is the only way to be truly environmentally friendly.”

Tolly had only a few decades of life experience even if two of his lives were combined together. As eloquent as he was, Tolly was still lost for words when confronted with the two-headed snake who had already lived tens of thousands of years.

Realizing his doom would soon come, Tolly squeezed his eyes shut and waited for the vicious Bineonate to end his life.

"Alright, no more nonsense with you. Before I eat you, I can grant you one request. This is my last mercy on you. You can think about it."

Tolly's eyes opened again and there was nothing he could do but stare at him sternly.

"Okay, let me think about it," he said in a weak voice.

After about thirty seconds, the two-headed snake grinned, showing its thorn-sharp fangs, saying,

"Time's up. Shoot! "

"Okay, promise me, please don't kill a girl called Sally if you meet her. She’s my best friend in this world and she is always kind to me. I hope she can lead a happy and secure life. This is my last wish before I die. Please do keep your words.”

“Hahaha… you’ve been taken in. After I kill you, the first person I want to kill is the girl called Sally.” Bineonate shouted, throwing back its head and roaring as if it was turning itself into a furious dragon.

“You…you evil beast! Even if you kill me, I swear I’ll turn myself into a ghost to haunt you to death.” Tolly couldn’t be more furious. At the moment, he was so exasperated that the volcano inside him erupted violently. He even wanted to spurt fires through his eyes, which he hoped would burn the ferocious two-headed snake into ashes in a minute. However, he couldn’t.

“You’re right. I AM an evil beast. But you humans are even worse than us beasts. I simply want you to experience the awful feeling of being betrayed and fooled. I just lied to you, little idiot, ha-ha…”

Bineonate tossed back its head in a howl of berserk laughter. Suddenly, it gave Tolly a vicious look, roaring,

‘Just go to hell now!”

With that, it swept Tolly up into the air with its long tail. At the same time, it opened its bloodcurdling jaws, ready to swallow him alive.

All at once, Tolly felt dizzy and his vision began to blur. He could see nothing but darkness.

Apparently, he was swallowed into its stomach by Bineonate.

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