Poko’s Rise To The Top

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Poko’s Rise To The Top

By: josh cifelli OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Many planets exist in the universe, and each one had strong individuals of various races, some of these strong individuals rose above the masses and became a god. However above all gods was the mysterious Creater, no one knew if he was like the other gods but much stronger, or if he was there for the creation of the universe. Perhaps he created it himself but despite the many theories, nobody knew for sure. However everyone knew of his strength and wisdom And it was because of his strength that the realm was mostly peaceful. Creator: “Everyone, I’m bored. I’m ready to face the next thing in life! But if I leave, chaos will reign due to your petty power struggles, therefore I will create a challenge called the tower. You must either give up your power completely or challenge the tower having your memories wiped and your strength reset. The one to reach the very top will gain my strength, good luck young ones.” And so a race began! Although everyone immediately forgot what he said when they entered the tower… but who knows, maybe they can gain back some memory and learn why they are there? Why did they decide to join the tower? Cover thanks to freepik.com

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Chapter 1: The Beginning
"Hahaha I gave that stupid man a funny name, looks like I get the last laugh! Serves him right for calling an angel weak!""Well you did lose to him, is that how you return his favor of not killing you? Not that either of you will remember anyway though. Whatever, go get ready, you'll be in the next batch."Everything is black'Where am I?''Who am I?''My name is poko…''what a dumb name, who the hell came up with that''Why can't I remember anything?'Suddenly everything turns white'Are these my hands? Guess so'As poko looks around he sees other people just like him, confused and looking around. Everyone is spread out seemingly randomly and they go as far as he could see in every direction. The closest person is probably 40 ft away. Someone in the distance yells"HELLO? WHATS GOING ON HERE"And as if to answer, a screen suddenly pops up in front of everyone that reads:[Welcome contestants! You are the first batch of challengers to the tower, your memories have been wiped to make
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Chapter 2: The First Floor
[Get ready to start the next floor in][5][4][3][2][1]A bright light hits Poko’s eyes and as he opens them he sees a meadow with a forest surrounding it, a small creek meanders through the meadow and into the forest. In the distance there are mountains and behind him is a closed door that seems to go nowhere. “CREEEEK”All of a sudden from the thick grasses pops up the ugliest green head poko has ever seen, the head starts to charge in Poko’s direction. As it parts the thick grasses poko sees a small glint of metal in its hand. It’s at this moment that poko realizes that his sword is still somehow shoved into the backpack, sticking out awkwardly, and he has no idea how to cast a spell…‘Fuck!’Poko jumps back and began trying to grab the sword but as he grabs it poko realizes, the backpack would not let go of it! The annoying creature is already upon him, it’s to late now. ‘Well I guess I’ve got 5 lives so…’As the ugly little creature lunges at poko with a crude dagger, there
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Chapter 3: On My Own
Poko left in the direction that the Goblins came from, except he walked along the edge of the forest rather than risk an ambush in the weeds. After a couple minutes of walking he found another batch of 5 heading in the direction of the door. One of the green bastards actually had a sword and Shield.After a quick thought Poko decided to ambush them since they hadn’t noticed him yet. They were walking right towards him as he hid in some brush behind a tree. ‘As long as I can kill that sword guy and get some distance I should be fine. Although it might be better to deal with the easier guys first since he has a shield and could block the blow. I think I can kill two before they respond so let’s try that.’As poko waits and tenses up he regrets not trying to meditate for mana but it was to late for that now. As they walk up to the tree Poko is hiding behind he suddenly lunges out swinging his dagger using piercing stab on the closest creature and swinging his sword towards another. It
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Chapter 4: Exploration
After a little while searching the forest, he made a fire using his spell and roasted some wolf meat. With the extra herbs and an edible root he found, it wasn’t great. The meat cooked unevenly and the herbs were far to hard and bitter but at least it filled him up.‘In the future, I’ll make some gourmet food!’The next problem was his health, although it had been a little over an hour poko had only gained 5 hp back. This was the same rate as mana and would take forever, poko didn’t want to waste his only potion. Given is own chef skills, it would probably be a while before good potions like these become available, unless monsters dropped it. ‘Still 7 health is not a lot… but 12 isn’t to bad, everyone starts at 10 so that’s higher than some people have, in the meantime I clearly need to practice my magic and figure out how I want to fight.’And that’s exactly what Poko did, he practiced with lesser fire, then meditation. After some practice Poko got the hang of it and figured out he
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Chapter 5: Goblin Village
An hour later Poko was slowly, stealthily getting closer to the settlement. At this point Poko had 12 health again although his wounds were still sore and stiff. Dusk was going to set in in about an hour and poko was determined to not get caught today. Unfortunately hide wasn’t a very powerful skill, it only passively helped him hide, mostly when he was sitting still. But he still used this advantage to slowly get closer and closer to the settlement, keeping low and in the thicker grasses when he could. As another hour passed and dusk settled, Poko’s health reached 17 making him feel much more comfortable. The encroaching darkness also helped him blend in as most of the goblins returned to the small village. As poko got closer he heard all sorts of occasional fighting, even witnessing a small child goblin being killed and the two adults laughing. But that wasn’t it, in the center of town was a big fire with a pot which they threw the body into. The goblins later ate out of that pot
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Chapter 6: BZZZZZ
'Hmmm unfortunately my current mana didn’t go up when I upgraded it like my health did. I hope meditation won’t disturb the guy… it probably will I’ll just wait an hour, two spells should be good.’After an hour passed Poko tried meditation but as expected, as soon as he tried it the bear snorted and seemed disturbed. Before it could fully wake up Poko started casting lesser fire and finished as the bear opened its eyes.(SWOOSH)“RAAAAWWWRR”The fire lit up the bear as it roared in pain but soon it died to the fire. “Guess you couldn’t Bear the flames hahaha”‘Phew good thing my stats got a bump, now let’s see what it drops.’The bear dropped a chest piece of thin leather armor. “Of course I get chest armor after getting stabbed in the chest twice yesterday, speaking of which how is my body so sore? This HP bar is bull I don’t feel at 100%! I would take a day off but then all my first kills would be stolen. The question now is where should I go. There’s the mountains to the right,
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Chapter 7: Another Boss!
Poko ran quicker than a babysitter’s boyfriend when the car pulls up. He got to the nearby river and dives straight in. After about 20 minutes of only coming up for air he finally leaves the water. Taking a total of 2 damage from the stings.“This honey ingredient is a trap! Damn you ingredient knowledge! Never again! How did the bear do it?? Did he pick the right one or maybe they can’t pierce its fur? Well I’m not touching them anymore!!”Poko slowly went to the shore ready to cast lesser fire, flinching at the sound of buzzing nearby, ready to cast the spell while jumping back in at a moments notice. Suddenly Poko realized, their were bear prints along the river. And these bear prints were bigger than the other bear. Poko curiously walks in the direction the prints came from while watching the trees and looking for plants. Unfortunately he lost the trail quickly but keeps walking in the general direction.About an hour and a half later of carefully walking along Poko finds a gi
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Chapter 8: An Eight Legged Monster
Poko followed the cave for about an hour before finding a separate path to the right, compared to the straight large corridor this path seemed small and dug out slowly.‘Ugh finally! Guess I’ll try right then.’About 20 steps in there is a small cavern, only this cavern is filled with some white stringy substance. Upon touching it Poko found it surprisingly sticky and tough. He tries putting the torch up to it and it burns pretty well but with how much string there is, it would take 10x as long to walk through an area. Although that definitely is the way to do it if he wanted to go through here.Poko slowly makes his way through the cavern, on the sides of the cavern are packed with little white balls. There are so many that they look like they are stuffed in with no extra room. These balls look fluffy and about the size of a human. ‘Hmmm what the heck are these? None of my knowledge skills are triggering on this. After the blue ball incident… fuck it if I burn it right away, nothin
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Chapter 9: Fourth Boss Down!
“KHKHKHKH”The worm gives a weird cry in pain and charges. Poko decided to step into the big room since he did not want to get trapped in the long corridor with that things mouth behind him. When the worm gets close it opens its mouth and Poko does not wait to see what it’s doing. Using quick steps Poko increases his speed as he feels a bit of energy drain from him. He rolls to the side just as tiny pointy rocks fly from the worms mouth, hitting the other side of the corridor. ‘This thing definitely can’t turn well.’Poko runs behind it, giving the worm a wide berth. He starts to cast lesser fire and surprisingly the worm rolls to its side and whips its tail right at Poko. He uses his shield to block and gets whipped to the side, taking 3 damage and breaking his concentration. The spell fizzles and Poko loses 5 mana. The worm turns its head to him and poko uses quick steps again just as the cooldown resets, dodging another breath attack. This time he goes a bit further away, makin
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Chapter 10: Selling My Goods(Why Are These People Poor!)
A few minutes through the forest and the group sees a clearing ahead along with the faint sound of voices and movement.In the clearing the grass has been cut and some trees and branches have been set around as a rough barrier. People are drinking from up the stream and washing clothes or themselves down the stream. There are a few campfires getting started as it’s approaching dinner and It seems some people have been hunting as well. Abby: “Welcome to our home! It’s not much but at least we have some shelter from the weather and monsters.”Oko: “It looks nice! I’ll probably hang around for a few minutes and try to sell some stuff but then I gotta go to the next floor.”Abby: “Oh right you left before we found out about the door! If you walk up and put your hand to the door there is another menu that pops up, there is a store and a couple upgrades you can get but it’s all very expensive.”‘Huh guess I found out what the money was for, good thing I didn’t leave it behind.’Oko: “What
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