Chapter 12 Back to His Hovel
‘Huh, what's that?’

Tolly gasped in surprise, noticing that there were now two little shiny white things in the place where the dead body of the two-headed snake had been lying. When he got closer to them, Tolly saw that they were actually two egg-shaped things.

'Hmm, could these be the eggs laid by the two-headed snake? Well, if so, I should collect them, too. I guess I might be able to hatch my own spiritual pets with them in the future!’ Tolly muttered to himself.

Quickly, these two snake eggs were also put into his Infinite Space Pack.

“Wow! The pack is too good to be true. Unbelievable!” Tolly exclaimed excitedly.

Even though filled with a lot of stuff, it wasn't heavy at all. Tolly could not even feel its weight whatsoever. it was indeed a precious item to him, so Tolly thought he should keep it from others. He simply could not let others know it, for he knew very well that the world of Goldearth was not peaceful at all and the powers of darkness and evil were running amok.
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