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"I was born with a taboo bloodline , the heavens wanted me dead , the whole world was against me , I was alone ". Amon reminisced . The heavens deemed Amon a taboo because of his bloodline and he was hunted at birth . Lost his family , friends and master , young Amon who initially wanted to live an ordinary life and seek the path of immortality changed overnight. Since the heavens want me dead , I will shatter the heavens ! . Since the whole world is against me , then I will create a new era !. I will become that existence that will subvert the laws of the world . They called me a taboo , so I became an existence that surpassed a taboo . I became the primodial lord of chaos ! .


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118 chapters
How it all began (1)
Countless of years ago, in the time of ancient past , a tale passed down in many generations. A time when Supreme paragons roamed the starry skies and countless of terrifying beings contested for supremacy , a supreme sovereign rose up and dominated an entire era in the great world of Avaldon. He was a sovereign that subverted the laws of the world . The heavenly law was destroyed by him single handedly and he created a new order . He was unequalled , he was unmatched !. To his friends , he was known as the human sovereign . To his enemies , they call him god of slaughter !. To the entire universe , he was known as the primordial lord of chaos , the being that created the new order . Like any other person out there , he didn't just become the supreme lord of chaos , he had a story to tell. A story that was filled with pain and misery . His journey to supremacy was fraught with dangers and anguish . The whole world was against him , he was deemed a taboo . He was a
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How it all began (2)
Amidst the terrifying commotion , the heavenly law that governed the three Dao laws issued a single degree . "Taboo , kill immediately!!". Those words were filled with ghastly killing intent as the three Dao laws were in complete chaos and nobody could cultivate at all be it in the first , second or third continent . Many powerhouses with earth shaking powers became extremely alarmed when they heard the degree. That type of degree have only occurred once and that was hundred million years ago when the invincible azure god was supressed by the heavenly way and many terrifying powerhouses . Some clans and powerhouses that served the heavenly way all turned their gaze towards the first continent . Except for Supreme beings that have transcended laws , no one can step into the first continent easily because of the restriction of laws. Only beings below immortal realm could step into the first continent and any other person will attract a terrifying heavenly tribulation .
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Life of a green coloured butterfly
It was already six years since the commotion that shook the entire Avaldon world occurred. The mysterious phenomenon alerted countless of powerhouses but it was only the beings at the peak of the world knew what actually happened. Many people speculated that it was a terrifying treasure that manifested while others it was a supreme being that made a breakthrough in cultivation. Many rumours were flying around but soon enough , another word got out that it was a taboo that was destined to bring a terrifying calamity to the world was born. The rumours were rampant in the first , second and third continents. Many people became extremely worried about the rumours while some waved it off nonchalantly. The Avaldon world was the strongest Chaotic world , who could threaten it. Even the invincible Azure god of the past could not . Another event that shook the entire world was the continuous visit of several powerhouses from the other worlds who came to investigate what actually hap
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The start of cultivation (1)
Six years flashed past with immense speed and the Skyblue town was very bustling today because this particular day was the day all the children at the age of twelve will be inducted into their first cultivation ceremony. The induction ceremony was extremely important to the town because it was where the various cultivation talents of the young children could be discovered and the appearance of a supreme talent could attract powerful sects from the nearby areas . If that particular child is lucky to be valued by such a sect then the status of the town will be greatly elevated. The children taking part in the induction ceremony can not pass the age of twelve because it was at this certain age that the meridian point will manifest but that did not mean that one can not cultivate before or after the age of twelve. ***** The town's training ground was vast , spanning hundreds of meters and within the training ground , different stacks containing different mortal weapons could be
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The start of cultivation (2)
According to the explanation of the Grandmaster , the human body had one hundred and two meridian energy points which was used for the circulation of spiritual energy. Instead of having the usual number of the meridian energy points, he had three hundred and sixty. He could sense three hundred and sixty spots of lights that looked like resplendent stars in his inner body. Amon wondered whether there was anything that was wrong with his body . He wanted to call out to the Grandmaster but he hesitated for a moment before he gave up the idea. Despite being so young , he possessed wisdom that was not weaker than that of an adult. What if he was regarded as a monster for possessing such number of meridian energy points and was dissected because of it. Maybe , the number of his meridian energy points might actually mean that he had an incredible talent in cultivation and him exposing it might bring him countless of benefits . The wealth of a man is his downfall ! , he knew the
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Body refining realm
More black liquid were excreted from the body of Amon and very soon , his whole body was covered in those liquid which gave out a very disgusting smell that made many children to distance themselves from the place Amon was cultivating. Washing of the bone marrow and the excretion of waste products ! . This were the signs of a successful advancement to the body refining stage. This stage of cultivation allows one to temper his body and excrete all the waste products that are inherent in the body system . The spiritual energy that Amon absorbed was traveling through the meridian energy points, tempering all his inner organs . His liver , heart , kidney and other organs were completely tempered and their Constitution completely changed from it's mortal status. The absorbed spiritual energy modified the various organs in such a way that transcended the mortal limits. In the body refining realm, one can go a week without eating anything and still survive. Even the waste produ
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What if the whole world is against you?
"Damn ! , that man is really brutal !!". Amon complained loudly as he walked towards his house with grievance written all over his face. He was currently topless and long lines of sweat was running down from his forehead to his chest. His long black was wet and was sticking to the forehead. His long black trousers were covered with smudges of dirt and his long black boots had dust and grim all over it. After his progress to the body refining realm in the morning , he proceeded to wash the excreted black substance off his body and was them summoned by the grandmaster to the training ground . In the name of consolidating his newly promoted cultivation , the grandmaster had to subject his to several degrees of torturous methods. Huge iron balls smashed into his body , he was soaked in a hot herbal liquid , he was ordered to punch a wooden puppet a thousand times. Amon doubted whether an average first layer body refining realm cultivator would have actually survived those horri
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Peerless combat instinct (1)
After the induction ceremony , the news of Amon opening fifthy five meridian energy points immediately spread throughout the whole town and Amon was quickly tagged a peerless genius . No one with such number of opened meridian energy points have appeared in the town before so the appearance of Amon caused a huge commotion . It couldn't be helped because Amon was destined to become a powerhouse at the core formation or above stage in the future providing that nothing happens to him. The town only had peak spirit refinement powerhouses as their top experts and if Amon eventually advances above the spirit refinement realm , the town will inevitably have another backer. Apart from that , the chances of him entering a top rated sect was incredibly high and the town will benefit immensely if he succeeds in entering such a sect. Aina was another phenomenal genius that opened fifthy meridian energy points. Although inferior to Amon , was still regarded as a genius level figure. T
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Peerless combat instinct (2)
Rudger erupted with more terrifying speed and let series of punches which turned into several afterimages and bombarded Amon. Amon calmly dodged all the punches and not even one could touch his cloth. It was as if he could predict the trajectory of the punch. The various children were all amazed at the reaction speed of Amon and the outcome of the fight immediately became unpredictable because of the prowess Amon had shown so far. "Do you only know how to dodge like a coward". Rudger who was getting frustrated because of all his missed attacks taunted Amon. "Initially , I did not want to defeat so badly because it might hurt your ego but now , I have changed my mind ". Amon said slowly as he decided not to hold back anymore. "Baseless boasting !!". Rudger sneered while punching out again with fierce momentum . A loud booming sound echoed in the air as the force of the punch smashed towards the face of Amon with terrifying might. If such punch lands unhindered , Amon migh
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High mountain range
High mountain Range was the name of the forest region that many demonic beasts dwells in. The length of the forest was extremely large that it ran across the entire sage domain , spanning an unimaginable length. It was rumoured that beasts with immortal bloodline resided there and they had the battle prowess of immortals . The high mountain Range was one of the forbidden places in the sage domain. The danger in the place was extremely high because demonic beasts dominated the whole place and the humans have never been at good terms with the demonic beasts. Many years ago , before the rise of the sage empire , the demonic beasts in the high mountain Range ran rampant in the entire domain and countless of lives were lost . The demonic beasts dominated that era and no human powerhouse could stand up to them at all. Aside from their terrifying cultivations, the outstanding bloodline of the demonic beasts gave them certain advantages over a regular human powerhouse at the same le
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