Chapter 24 Secret Strategy

“Three low-grade feather coins!”

“I can take it for four.”



“Nine! Is there anyone else who can bid higher? Okay, one…two…gone!”

The auction lasted for about an hour and went very well. Michael and his men sold all the animals and the people who participated in it were all excited, for they thought they had picked up some bargains by chance.

Michael and his men were also excited because the animals they had sold provided them with a total of over three hundred low-grade feather coins.

Overjoyed, Michael and Old Peter decided to give half of them to Tolly.

“Here you go! Thank you for your gift. We’re honored to have had this great opportunity to do the job for you.” the old man said to Tolly gladly.

“You’re welcome.”

Tolly was happy, too. However, he didn’t take half of the money. He added,

“I should thank YOU. I really appreciate your help. Without your help, I would have never been able to sell all of these animals in such a short time.”

“Whatever you say, but we’ve b
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