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story about war. much people dying, nothing can runaway from war and bad day. Destiny only support they who dare fight.

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A Bringer Victory
A loud boom was heard from the south, freezing everyone's gaze in fearful silence."T-That!" The guard on duty couldn't believe what he saw.Every pair of eyes standing there trembled uncontrollably, sweat dripping, touching the fear within their bodies.A cavalry unit moved in the same direction, waving familiar flags."Those inside the fortress must be terrified of our presence!" muttered Termolo, the proud general of the Kingdom of Gimoro.Clang! Clang! Clang!The sound echoed like lightning, shattering every eardrum in panic. One by one, they questioned the meaning of this. They found no answers except for the screams of soldiers continually warning them to stay away.Strange sounds echoed amidst the footsteps and panic. Those who paid attention widened their eyes as they saw strange objects falling from the sky, fatally piercing anyone below with their deadly thrusts.Indeed the fortress was not very high, and even a single soldier could easily climb it. The soldiers stormed in,
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I Can Decide
I could feel how they looked at me with great cynicism, but there were also those who looked at me with hope, or rather something deeper than that. My gaze tried to survey the surroundings.In the left corner stood a woman with an innocent face, her eyes fixed deeply on me. I quickly averted my gaze, as if everything was just a hallucination."Garlan!" Alfred exclaimed firmly.My head suddenly lifted involuntarily, and the old man's eyes filled with hopeful anticipation were directed towards me."Yes?""As a token of gratitude for what you have done, I will grant your request," he replied with sincerity, devoid of any deceit.My face lowered again, but I had to make a decision. The growing aura was making it difficult for me to control my breathing.Finally, I found my words, "Alright, I will ask for the agreed-upon reward. Here, I request 1000 gold coins!"Some people showed different expressions, their eyes glanced at each other as they whispered softly. I tried to ignore it all; th
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I Still Ready To Do This
The sound instantly brought an awkward tension between them. Gean casually urged his horse towards them."What are you two doing? It's completely pointless!" he reprimanded firmly."Ugh... Here you come again!" Gobil muttered, glancing to the side.Reval didn't blame the reprimand; he agreed with what was said. His gaze then focused on Garlan."You two not worthy of confusing Leader Garlan. It's clear here every step he takes is the right thing to do. There's no need for unclear comments!" Gean asserted firmly.It wasn't just them; no one understood what was going on in Garlan's mind.The horses' hooves continued to tread until they reached the green field. It was beautifully vast, tempting someone to fall into a deep sleep beneath the dark light sky.The bonfires that emerged in the middle of the night added warmth to their bodies. One by one, their mouths told stories of their recent experiences. Forty people sat together with joyful faces, some face fading from memory, eroding the
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Stay Away If You Want Life
As planned, a beautiful morning led them toward Garvaran's region. It was an unexplored territory, but bits of information had already spread here and there, reaching their ears.The two men were also discussing what awaited them in Garvaran. With his characteristic tone, Gobil exclaimed, "I can't believe we'll be going to the enchanting land of Garvaran! I've also heard the women there are very beautiful!"Their companions couldn't contain their lustful excitement, their faces filled with great anticipation that echoed in their ears."These guys are fools!" muttered Gean from a distance, but his eyes were fixed on Garlan up ahead.To his left stood a horse pulling the cart that accommodated the two men from the previous night. They were grateful not to be surrounded by the faces of warriors thirsty for anger.Garlan's eyes appeared flat, gazing silently at the green earth trampled by the horses' hooves. The flowers along the road seemed to welcome their presence, swaying in the gentl
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How This Is Just Empty Glass
A soldier ran hurriedly, every clink of his armor sparked curiosity towards Castelo. His ears were tired of hearing information that only brought evidence of impending defeat each time."What do you have to report, soldier?" asked Castelo, although that soldier's face seemed to carry bad news, he didn't want to hear at all."T-There's a force trying to block the enemy, but their attack has now ceased due to their movements!"His voice became a thrilling melody, his heartbeat quickened, sweat trickled down, and his trembling eyes gazed at his pale empty palms."Which troops do you mean?" He asked loudly."We don't know, but they bear the symbol of the black dragon's head!"From this explanation, someone could already deduce what was happening. The current topic of conversation among many people, the fear it evoked made it difficult for him to breathe steadily."Is this a miracle? Are they truly here to help us?" Castelo's footsteps forced him to show the scene that was unfolding before
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Not Only You Afraid
Garlan's POV:The silhouette I see before my eyes seems to lead me toward a path often referred to as the realm of the afterlife. The gaze it carries is just like most, filled with a sarcastic air laced with a vengeance."Your Majesty!" The man in front of me kneels, his back showing utmost sincerity as he dares not lift it. "I have returned!""Oh... Prime Minister Gizor, I've been waiting for you!" Castelo said, his gaze filled with delight.He instantly looked at me with hope, and I couldn't understand why everyone who saw me would display this."Who is behind you?" Castelo asked curiously.Gizor stood tall, stretching his hand towards me and said, "Your Majesty, allow me to introduce him. He is the leader of the Black Dragon, Lord Garlan!"A name that terrifies some people. I could hear them whispering various things, strange incantations weaving foreign words. I tried to maintain a calm expression, ignoring what was happening here."Mister, are you truly Garlan, the leader of the
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A Plan With Big Scale
Garlan walked towards the room where his companions were located, his footsteps echoing in the beautifully marbled palace corridor. The price of every visible shape could be guessed, and Garlan's eyes couldn't focus, even if he tries to ignore it, on a painting on the wall—a white horse ridden by a knight in white armor.The epic impression was so powerful it took him a few seconds to move on until he reached the room.Garlan's head lifted slightly due to the strange sounds. He slowly opened the door, and bright yellow light dazzled his eyes, revealing the scene that unfolded.Everyone was filled with warm smiles, thanks to the abundant feast laid out before them. Beautiful women passed by serving food, and every gesture captivated the desires of those men.Gobil raised his eyebrows, his eyes constantly glancing toward a girl pouring wine into her cup. Her body's scent combined with her enticing curves. His heart raced without pause."Here you go, Sir!" The woman said before moving aw
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If Everything Happens
The soldiers always stood watch on top of the fortress, keeping an eye on everything around them. Even the movement of a wild horse would be considered suspicious."What is that?" asked a soldier, squinting his eyes and blocking the sunlight with his fingers held above his head.Indeed, a single horse would be seen as ordinary, but what if the number of horses coming was more than a hundred?And that's what made those soldiers' feelings fill with astonishment. One by one, they shouted to alert that the enemy was approaching.Clang! Clang! Clang!Even the bells rang to support this declaration, and everyone who heard the sound became aware that something was happening. One minute later, panic ensued. The residents couldn't enjoy the sunlight anymore; fear was the only thing that drove them to hide."What's going on?" asked a large man, sitting and enjoying his wine. His face looked annoyed when a soldier approached in distress."The enemy forces have attacked the fortress!" He exclaime
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A Great Skill From Person
The information always said he is an intelligent and tough man in combat, and now those who observe from afar can only can silent, gazing at what he will do.Garlan gives orders to the entire army, but the form of the command is silent, only a simple nod. One by one, the horses' footsteps move quickly, spreading in all directions.Above, arrows rain down relentlessly, and those present there continue to focus on calmness."Leader, I know you are the one who is most reluctant to interfere, but if we don't stand by your side now, we won't willingly die!" muttered Gean, lifting his sword.Those soldiers mercilessly face the relentless attacks with high speed. They clash one by one, competing to achieve victory. The sound of their swords fills the air, reaching the ears of those standing in tension.Awareness of the situation causes the troops to surround Garlan and his soldiers. They gather in the middle like ants in large numbers, the sharp fangs of every weapon painfully piercing to be
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Long Process
In an instant, the winds of change swept through everyone present on the battlefield, one by one falling to the opposing side and kneeling in submission.Pedro and his troops still struggled to catch their breath, their hearts pumping rapidly. His eyes scanned from west to east, observing the rows of kneeling soldiers. Each one stared at the ground, lips curved and wrinkles deepening.Accompanied by Felius, Pedro advanced step by step toward Garlan. His heart trembled with each passing moment, rejecting the unfolding scene.Garlan's gaze slowly turned towards him for less than a second before returning to the front."I never expected you to do this so easily, even before the reinforcements arrived!" Pedro swallowed his saliva, resulting in a pause for a few moments.The passing wind echoed in their ears, and those two men's eyes remained fixed on the motionless Garlan. Slowly, eyebrows narrowed, and jaw clenched, ready to shout."Now, this is just the beginning!" Garlan replied curtly
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