Chapter 31 Dragon-like Body
Chapter 31 Dragon-like Body

“Do you know why I make you lick Howard’s shoes instead of mine?” Tolly asked with a sneer.

The scar-faced man didn’t respond, but Larry and Albert asked in unison, all their eyes turned into signs of big question marks.


“Well, your big brother or whatever, has got a smelly mouth, so it is surely going to contaminate my shoes. Even my shoes have a better smell than his mouth.”

Andy’s men wanted to laugh, but they did not dare to do so. They had to contain themselves, or Andy’s Thousand Chance Beat might be on them first.

“As for letting you crawl through under Howard’s crotch, I’m sure you are not going to give him a Tiger Grip, are you?”

Another fit of raucous laughter burst out.

Andy was so furious that he felt a bit dizzy, all his hair standing up on end. He looked like a hedgehog ready to sting anyone at any minute.

“Is it true that the little guy before him had some sort of secret weapon?” Andy wondered.

“Don’t be taken in, my big brot
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