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Andrey Makiya finds himself unknowing of who he is, barely conscious and on the verge of death. A death certain were it not for the passing soldiers of Wartair. Though, what seemed to be saviors turn out to be the people locking him behind bars, accusing Andrey of being an enemy spy. There he laid jailed, still famished and forgotten, but that all changed thanks to the mystic touch of a gentle sorceress' hand which recovers his lost memory. Now, confusion sets in. Andrey has fallen into a world full of new physics, magic, and war, unknown to anything in his previous life. As he finds more about his connection to this realm, he may discover his own powers, but may he ever truly find a place where he fits? Across dimensions, he is forced to seek answers about his past, the truth of his birth, his real identity, and what purpose he serves to the new world. Becoming a traveler through dimensions and worlds, as well as a battle-mage with great ambition, Andrey must grow to overcome the rulers of these planes, less he wish to have his tale misconcluded.

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  • Daniel Georgiev


    Author here. I am very grateful for all of you who still keep on reading “Makiya” even if it was marked as a complete story long ago! It is thanks to you that I keep writing new books and believe in myself more! <3

    2024-02-28 08:05:35
  • Daniel Georgiev


    Guys, author here. It seems that the app doesn't always display italic and bold fonts. Using a Web browser/laptop/pc will enhance your reading experience!

    2022-01-14 03:57:00
  • Darrell Beam


    Halfway through and I’m hooked! Great read.

    2023-06-13 09:21:01
  • Hiraeth Faith


    This book never ages! I’m back here again reading it!!

    2023-01-22 12:08:21
  • Cizzi


    Minor grammar and some tense slips. I thought I would really enjoy this story as it has a good plot, but The writing style wasn’t to my liking, info dumping and detailed explanations removed the tension of the story for me.

    2021-12-07 20:54:31
  • InspireMiya


    i will surely read this until the end...

    2021-12-07 09:55:21
  • Sunshine


    I was never a fan of fantasy genre but this work is so outstanding and especially easy to imagine the scenario!

    2021-12-06 10:00:01
  • Daniel Georgiev


    I'm seeing some really strong contributors in the gems section. Thank you so much for supporting me <3

    2021-11-05 14:26:30
  • Gideon Johnson


    Oh my my. This gives me a vibe of the medievals. Like I'm watching an epic movie wheres that's not the case. I'm fuvking reading this one! Good job...

    2021-10-17 22:31:33
  • gwICEyneth


    I like how the story started! Can't put it down! ^-^

    2021-10-16 11:10:38
  • Vanq Stefanova


    Outstanding story. It starts so small, but It grows on you the more you read!!

    2021-09-17 19:32:40
  • Authouress preshy


    I just finished with the first chapter and I think your book is going to be wonderful. I'm not much of a fan of war but I give five stars because of the composure of the book and the grammar .........

    2021-08-28 11:06:50
  • Илияна Сотева


    When are we getting new updates? I love this book

    2021-08-14 03:12:43
  • Mark Francis


    I like the story the way you wrote the story made easy for the ordinary readers like me to grasp. It made me felt thrilled day by day as I read it. Well done, author, such a great story👍👍

    2021-07-09 21:52:55
  • Gret San Diego


    Congratulations on this book! You were doing really great!

    2021-06-27 22:32:51
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268 chapters
Dear reader! Before you start reading, I would like to thank you for your time and investment in my book! You are great! Quick instructions about reading this book. All text written like this (in italic) is the current character's thoughts. They are not spoken out loud but are in the character's mind. __ Some chapters contain illustrations drawn by me or someone else who has willingly contributed to the book. The name of the author would be found right underneath the picture. These images display content from the chapter it was inspired by. _ One more thing! Please, do not forget to leave reviews of the book, as it means really much to me and inspires me to write even more! I am very thankful for this and makes me love you even more so! <3 ______ In the wild deserts of Wartair, it was often that the armies of Batua Lurrak would fight the sand storms. In this wasteland, you could rarely find any water and food, so if you haven’t come prepared you will definitely be feeling and
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1. The beautiful lady
Princepsius was a gigantic city. The capital of Batua Lurrak. It had an enormous population, and even though not very often, there still were robberies. Sometimes food was stolen, sometimes clothes or weapons, but definitely the most stolen thing was food. They caught very easily the wrongdoers and with incredible haste. When they were taken in, they would be led to a certain place. Beneath the city. When the king had an opportunity, they faced him and he delivered his judgment. Even though rules were really strongly followed and the law was always executed righteously at first glance, there was one exception. Exactly, it was Andrey. He wasn't given the chance to stand around and wait to see what's going to happen. The moment he regained consciousness he was sent straight to King Goodlie, and the decision was to isolate him in a cell beneath the castle as his accusation was espionage. The cell was dark. There were three walls and their base gray color was hidden either by blood or so
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2. The duel
Nyadzel, Andrey, and the blue-eyed woman went out of the tunnels filled with prisoner cells. What awaited outside was nothing else but the glorious castle of King Goodlie. The green grass was trimmed, and you could spot the path carved with gray and yellow tiles. They were mixed in an odd way, which is why in the distance they would appear in different colors, even though they weren't. It was all thanks to the specific light of the big blue star in the sky.After the strong sound of the tolling bell, the woman said, "Nyadzel, you and Andrey will have to wait outside. The king desires that I report alone."Nyadzel didn't mind this but still asked, "Okay, then what do I do with him?""Take him somewhere for a walk. I won't be long." She said as she turned her head towards the green park nearby.They didn't walk for long. Andrey was inspecting every detail. He was getting accustomed to his surroundings. There were statues of warriors fighting, holding swords, hammers, shields–all this spo
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3. The basic training
It was morning and Philius was shining with the blue-white light high in the sky, and Andrey was making yet another set of crunches. Under the close watch of Nyadzel for already a month they had trained together every morning, every evening and the rest of the time Nyadzel would teach Andrey this and that.This practically was pretty similar to the life Andrey had lived until not long ago. He used to go to school every morning. Though this time it was a bit more complicated–there were harsh training schedules, which were transforming him into one of the heroes, who he had read about in the books, saw in the movies and watched in anime.At start Nyadzel wasn't very kind to his partner, but over time with everyday training and time spent together they became friends. From the moment Andrey started to actually last throughout the entire training schedule, his trainer raised his opinion about him and that led to an enormous improvement in their relationship.Nyadzel's house wasn't too big
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4. The beauty would bring tears in your eyes
Three months of training had rewarded well. Andrey could now hold the two-handed sword without dropping it easily. This was actually only the beginning of his real training.It was early morning. Time for training. Nyadzel opened the door as if thunder went inside Andrey's room. Then he stared at him for a while."Morning training time. I'm ready, are we going?" Andrey asked, feeling the silence awkward as he stretched his jaw to the side."Yeah. We're going, but not the usual place. Follow me!" Nyadzel replied harshly, and they both walked out of the house.Andrey thought they were starting training at the lakes today, but turned out not. They went in a completely different direction.Princepsius was full of people this early in the morning. Everybody had a job or just had some errands to run. This grabbed Andrey's attention. He hadn't been going out much. After all, he was like under custody throughout these three months. Training, studying, training, studying. This time it felt like
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5. To Mage-Mountain
Nyadzel explained yet again what the young man had to do to succeed in his training. Andrey didn't really need to listen to this over and over again, but ‘I guess he is worried’ he thought to himself.Andrey had a black cloak, his two-handed training sword, a small sack with clothes, food, and water for a day, along with a book which his master said is a must-read during training.All packed and ready, the young man was ready for a real adventure. Nyadzel walked him to the beginning of the mountains and wished him good luck. This wise cross-scared face tried to hide, but only unsuccessfully that he was worried for his pupil. Andrey didn't fail to notice this, but all he did was send out a little joke, "The teacher-student bond is a thing here too, eh?"It was surprising that Andrey had so much luggage and turned out he had so much to walk. Until now his master was carrying his sword to help out, but now that they were departing the adventurer had to carry all his luggage. "Oh, come o
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6. The first real threat
After hard training and all the effort of making a shelter, Andrey had fallen asleep in wait of the next day, expecting to continue his adventurous harsh-dangerous training in Mage-Mountain.Tired of walking, training, the stress of the whole situation, and the melody of the unknown to Earth birds accompanied with the backing symphony of the waterfall, led Andrey to feel so calm he had completely blacked out. But this "black screen" he had been seeing in his sleep was suddenly over by the sparkling image of a glowing tattooed female arm, suddenly waking him up. He opened his eyes frightened but calmed down quickly when he saw everything around him was the same. He could see the waterfall sparkling under Philius' blue dimmed light, the melody of the birds. After a long deep sigh, he closed his eyes again.Laying on his back in silence and breathing calmly, he tried to use his concentrated hearing. Earsight - he called it this time. He thought this is a reasonable name as he could as i
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7. Earsight
Eyes as if sparkling. Breath as heavy as after a fight with a beast. Muscles and veins popping. Teeth grinding hard. This was what described Andrey best as he was fighting the current of the waterfall, climbing the rocky mountain, following the bird that pierced through the waterfall. The strong and cold current, the loud noise of gallons crashing and forming a lake, the water in his eyes - it all felt like a living hell to him. This torture was so strong that his face enraged as he wanted to scream, but he would then get plenty of water in his mouth and ruin his breathing tempo. It took only as much as thirty minutes to climb to the middle of this man-destroying beautiful nature’s phenomenon. Right before giving up, Andrey focused all his remaining force in this last rush up. He hung his head down and screamed as he tried to pull himself up so fast that the rapid burst of strength would allow him to succeed in his endeavor. Soaked to the bone, he had entered the cave behind the w
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8. The transformation
Lightness. Deep, calm sleep. Birds singing. Clouds. Brightness. Deep blue sky. No ground. Floating. “Is this heaven?” The bright scenery was suddenly ruined by darkness. Voices repeated, “Ambition. Lust. Anger. Power. Strength, yes, more strength. Domination.” Such were the dreams Andrey was having while a watchful bird stood next to him while a beautiful lady was looking after him. In a small house made of clay, the beautiful aroma of flowers didn't allow the fresh cold air to leave. Gentle green flowers had grown on the walls as they formed the circle-shaped roof that was protecting the few residents from the rain on cloudy days. In such magically mentored nature conditions, Andrey woke up to see Dea'n'ha watching closely over him. "Good morning, Andrey" Dea'n'ha greeted him as she smiled and continued the romantic atmosphere that was already in the house. "Good morning." he replied while getting up. "Do you feel anything different?" she asked. In that moment, Andrey q
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9. "Not everyone walks side to side with the king"
Legba. That's how the bird's species was named. They would always fly somewhere near their holder or stay on their shoulder. It seemed to vary on the individual. Legbas appeared to be very well orientated and could serve as a navigation system. They just need to have been at the target destination or to be able to see it.When Andrey first entered Mage-Mountain he wondered how he would go back when the road-walk was gone and he couldn't see the city anymore. Well, now it all made sense. It would appear that this adventure and its outcome were more or less predicted. The young man had his sack with books and food for a day conjured by the mages. The conjured robes were comfortable after some time of wearing them. However, the most useful part of them was that they made carrying the black blades easier. They were sheathed and were hanging from his waist.The legba Dea had been leading the way to Princepsius. Andrey expected that he would be having a sleepover in the forest again, but ap
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