Chapter 32 A Son and Three Grandsons
“The dragon-like body flew together with Tolly on the Sound Sword here and there, which made it impossible for Andy and his men to have a clear vision of it.

Before he stopped flying on his Sound Sword, Tolly quickly put the dragon-like body into his Infinite Space Pack again. It was nothing but the body of Bineonate.

When it had been demonstrated in front of Andy and his men, the wind blew through it and made the dry and shrunken body of Bineonate look bigger and stronger. At the same time, the wind, mixed with the toxins in its body, blew hard on them, who all had breathed in the deadly Rotten Throat Wind.

“Did you see that just now, my big brother Andy?” Howard asked in shock.

“I saw a big dragon flying in the sky a while ago. Unbelievable!” Larry said while he was sweating buckets.

“Me, too.” Andy said, stunned.

“Ha-ha, see? That’s my secret weapon, my Golden Dragon. Was it big?” Tolly said proudly, “I’ve told you that I could summon my dragon.”

The silence reigned among the
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