The Supreme Ruler of Spirits

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The Supreme Ruler of Spirits

By: Eroellesi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a world filled with magic. Humans were automatically forced to increase their spirit power. Everything aims to get a better life and protect themselves from other races. Julius is a poor young man, aged between 18-19 years with a low spirit level, he lives alone in the city of Redflor. But his determination to become the strongest never died. His life begins to change when he obtains one of the legendary spirit inheritances. A rare treasure and fortune. Relying on his new power, Julius who has always been looked down upon continues to step forward to fulfill his dream of becoming the strongest master, and avenge the death of his parents who died in a war with other races.

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10 chapters
001. Julius is hunting in the forest of Solus
In the afternoon, at a depth of 10 kilometers in the forest of Solus, a youth between the ages of 18-19 ran through the forest in pursuit of his prey.The young man's name was Julius, he wore brown clothes that were a little shabby, had a slim build with a height of 1.8 meters, long white hair with a bit of black mixed in the front, and bright blue eyes.“Checkkk... Shit! Damn it! Where did that red flame-tailed fox go?!” Julius clucked in annoyance, his heart was beating fast and his hands still had a slight tremor.He had just found a high-value, super-rare game, but his quarry was fleeing like a ghost."No other choice, I have to use the technique now!" Julius clenched his teeth in annoyance, it was because the technique he was about to use could drain half of his spirit energy, however, right now he had no other choice.To get something big requires a big sacrifice, but Julius still believes in his luck.He took a long breath of air, trying to calm himself and take his focus, close
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002. Get lost in a mysterious tomb
“Red flame-tailed fox! No more mistakes!" Julius's eyes filled with hunting intent and without caring about anything else, he immediately shot into the darkness of the forest to catch his prized game.“If I can catch him...!” Julius's face turned red and a greedy smile endlessly formed on his mouth, he immediately circulated even more spirit energy towards his feet.A white aura formed on the soles of Julius' feet, and his speed instantly increased drastically.He had lost his prized game before, and he didn't want that to happen again.However, the speed of the red flame-tailed fox was not to be underestimated in the slightest, and after a while, Julius started sweating out of exhaustion from the constant use of his spirit energy. Furthermore, he started to narrow his eyes restlessly."It is not good! I have to do something!” He muttered, he had entered the forest deep enough, and that certainly added danger to himself, especially at night.He realized the target's speed wasn't bad, J
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003. Obtained the legacy of the legendary black lightning spirit
“This must be a mistake, how could such a weak being be the inheritor of one of the legendary ancient spirits!” The beautiful red-haired girl sneered.Her face was clearly showing ridicule at Julius. But one thing she did know, luck doesn't see who's strong and who's weak.On the other hand, Julius who had almost resigned himself started to reminisce about his past life as if that was the only thing he could do before death."You can do it, nothing is impossible!" Pieces of wise words made Julius aware, they came from his father's words in the past."That's right, I can't die before becoming a master like my father!" Julius gritted his teeth, trying to conquer his fears.He raised his bow with trembling hands and took out 2 arrows at once.“Even if I die, I at least die with honor!” he muttered determinedly. "Hoo, that's fine!" On top of the 10-meter-tall tower, the red-haired girl sat cross-legged, smiling crookedly when she saw Julius' courage to raise his weapon.Most people at the
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004. Alice the guardian of the legendary black lightning spirit inheritance.
…"Father, how can I become a powerful magician like you?" A 10-year-old boy asked the white-haired man whose face was faintly visible.The boy was none other than little Julius, right now he was dreaming, more precisely memories of his father in the past appeared in his dream."There is no other way, you just have to train hard to death, you have to make every inch of your body feel pain, only in that way can you grow into a great magician." The middle-aged man replied in a gentle and deep boy voice.Hearing that, little Julius' eyes immediately lit up, but a moment later he looked dim and sad, he lowered his head withered."Aren't talent and luck also very important, I was born with a white-colored spirit which is the lowest level, how can it be possible to become a powerful magician just by training hard?!” Julius grumbled to himself.He began to think, his father's answer was just to cheer him up.You're right, talent and luck can increase one's chances of growing strong faster, b
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005. Exit the mysterious tomb area
"Good choice, it's a spirit lock arrow, if you can bring out the best in it, almost no creature can avoid it." Alice smiled lightly, sharing her bit of knowledge about the spirit locking bow that Julius had chosen. “As the name implies, the spirit lock bow can lock the target's spirit when the user reaches a certain level,” she added.Hearing that brief explanation, Julius couldn't help but be stupefied, and looked at Alice in disbelief, how could there be a physical weapon that can lock spirits, isn't that too much?Of course, that was because Julius' knowledge couldn't match Alice's.But he didn't want to think about it too much, then immediately asked how to take it, at this time the bow was stuck to the wall of the room and was covered with a faint black aura.“That's easy, you just need to place your palm on the arc barrier, then circulate your spirit energy into it!” Alice answered lightly."Fine, I understand!" Julius didn't think long and immediately did as Alice said.“Whoos
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006. Sky level weapons
Whereas Ken and Helen could only stare at Julius and Alice seriously, they didn't dare to do anything.The four adventurers then discussed amongst themselves with mixed emotions.Meanwhile, Julius and Alice were still sprawled out not moving an inch.“Heh, what's the point of having a high level if it ends up being a corpse, really useless!” Gori sneered mockingly."Looks like your mouth should be washed with poison!" Noel took out a vial of purple potion and was ready to pour it into Gori's mouth.Seeing that Gori could only shudder and spontaneously cover his mouth."They just fainted!" Helen immediately darted to appear next to Alice and Julius to check on the two of them.Julius's body was a mess and a little red, when Helen tried to check the pulse on Julius' wrist, she accidentally saw a black arrow symbol that filled the back of Julius' hand.“Sky-level weapon!” Helen glared and immediately froze when she saw the black bow symbol on the back of Julius' left hand.“Sky-level weap
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007. Participate in an adventurer group mission
“Please take me to see her, I just want to make sure how things are.” Julius gathered his strength and tried to get off his bed. "Damn, damn body!" Julius cursed himself for being so weak, somehow he couldn't move his legs.Noel certainly realized that, "You better eat first, it's for your good, don't push yourself too hard." Said Noel sincerely, she felt a little sorry for Julius."Fine, I'll pay you when I have enough money!" Julius said suddenly, he felt in debt.Then he sat back down on his bed, he didn't force himself."Haha, don't think about it too much, you'd better recover first." Noel laughed, then smiled faintly, she didn't expect the young man in front of her to say that.Meanwhile, in another room, Alice was still lying motionless, 3 doctors in white robes were treating her.Two people placed their hands on Alice's injured left arm, while one person was in charge of controlling the healing magic items in the room."What kind of power made this girl to be seriously injured
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008. Black hell group
After all, right now they were fighting in a mountainous area, on one side was a 10-meter tall cliff, and on the other side was a hundred of meter deep abyss. The walkway was only 3 meters wide."Hehe, looks like the issue has been exaggerated, they are all only at level 1!" Gori licked his lips, taunting the robbers.“Don't talk too much, finish them off quickly and we can go home early!” Noel shouted angrily at Gori who looked like he was just playing around.Seeing Noel's sharp gaze, Gori couldn't help but snort and fight more seriously. “That bitch underestimated me too much! If it wasn't for her having big boobs, I would have kicked her ass already!” Gori grumbled angrily at Noel.Gori and Noel's strength is almost equal, but Gori is always helpless when he stares at Noel's large chest compared to other girls her age.Meanwhile, Helen attacked while observing the scene, “This is a little weird! How could a tier 4 mission have this kind of power!”On the other hand, Julius himself
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009. Strong opponent
The bald man felt an immense pressure that made his body tremble, and his feet began to sink several centimeters into the ground. Without waiting for anything, Ken immediately increased his strength quickly.In an instant, the bald man's body collapsed half on his knees, and vomited blood several times. The ground where the bald man was kneeling was slightly crushed and hollowed out.Ken raised his sword and replaced it by releasing a straight kick at the bald man.The bald man was limp and injured, he didn't have a chance to parry or dodge the swift kick.The bald man received a heavy kick right in the face, sending him flying off the cliff. The bald man was sprawled in a pool of blood, but he was still conscious and trying to get up.Ken didn't care about the bald man and darted back toward his friends."Everyone back off!" Ken shouted in a loud voice. Gori and his two female partners were ready to fight the three cloaked figures.“Retreat? What does it mean?" Gori frowned in confu
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010. Friendship bond
On the other hand, Mr. Kross also saw what was happening, he was a little interested in Ken's decision to be willing to burn his life energy to save his friends.Julius saw this opportunity and secretly took the bodies of his three unconscious comrades.Ken saw what Julius was doing, "Julius, thank you very much." Ken nodded lightly, then turned his attention to his opponents.Julius was supporting 3 people at once, but his physical strength was very good, and he didn't have too much trouble.After reaching a distance of about 200 meters, Helen suddenly coughed and regained consciousness.“Drop me here? I have to save the chief!” Helen said in a weak voice."You realize what happened?" Julius asked in surprise, as far as he remembered Helen had been unconscious since she was hit by the purple fireball."That's not important, now quickly let go, I have to save the chairman!" Helen struggled a little with her remaining strength until she managed to make Julius's body wobble and fall.Hel
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