Chapter 60 Got More Money

“Next time tell me the most important information first. Do you understand?” Tolly said, giving him a hard glare once more.

“Understood, my dear daddy,” the scar-faced man Andy nodded.

Looking around, he found there was no one else nearby, so he quickly leaned forward and whispered something to Tolly.

“Really?” Tolly asked.

“I promise everything I’ve said is real, daddy, or I’ll die of Rotten Throat Wind,” said Andy with a bow.

“Nice! You did a good job.” Tolly smiled, “That’s something new. And it’s important to me.”

“Thank you for your compliment, my dear daddy, so when can I get my antidote to Rotten Throat Wind?” Andy asked, still keeping his head low in front of Tolly.

“Take your men there three days later. If you do a nice job there, you all will get your antidotes on that day.” Tolly said in a quiet voice, “Of course, you should be all armed. I guess it’ll be a tough day.”

“Understood. Is there anything else you would like me to do, daddy?” Andy asked. At the moment he looked l
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