A Vampire's Tale

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A Vampire's Tale

By: Chaoswalker7 Updated just nowFantasy

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The world of Norvak isn't for the weak. A land where might makes right isn't for the faint of heart. A land where different species battle for supremacy and the defeated either enslaved or exterminated. The continent of Revix has witnessed the rise and fall of many species. With a relatively peaceful period being established a little over ten thousand years ago. The result of this peace is the separation of different species. The land of humans, Cyntros, covered most of the central part of the continent. The lands in the north, Aterix, gave shelter to the elves and other creatures of light. The south held the creatures of darkness and it's original name, Rimul, long forgotten. A land that the humans had long dubbed, The Darklands. To the east was an endless desert where the banished and hated lay their bones. A place where nature threatens both predator and prey. Yet most feared of all was the west, a land of giants and titans. Where mountains vanish and valleys form from the movements of it's inhabitants. On the edges of The Darklands, the greed of men sends a group of hunters to their demise. The lone survivor, Milas, is turned into one of the ruling species of The Darklands, a vampire. With a past clouded in mystery and an uncertain future, Milas does all he can to survive. With the potential to become more than he could have ever imagined, Milas faces all threats that come his way.

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1 The Darklands
"Catch!" The warning was quite unnecessary as the large bag full of supplies was only inches from Milas' face. Milas closed his eyes and braced for impact but it was all for naught as his body slammed into the ground. He slowly stood up and lifted the bag off the ground and placed it on his back. The movements were smooth and precise as he was very familiar with the weight of the bag. He no longer got angry when this kind of thing happens."Looks like someone is trying to act tough." This comment came from Adrian, a dark haired youth with a handsome face and well built body. Milas walked right past him and didn't even spare him a glance. Adrian was incensed, he hated it when Milas would ignore him like he was an insignificant ant. Adrian tried to trip him but Milas was rooted to the spot. Adrian was about to draw his sword but a large man in heavy armour appeared in front of him. The man was two heads taller than him and Adrian could only stare at his broad chest as he grudgingly walk
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2 Not Again!!!
Milas was stuck in a dangerous dilemma. He knew that he had to move first or else the creature will make the choice for him. He started to back away as gently as possible but his eyes were fixed on the beast too afraid to blink.The beast pounced at an amazing speed but Milas was ready for it. He leaped backwards diagonally which allowed him to just barely avoid the beast's claws. He immediately ran as fast as he could towards the group, determined to increase the distance between him and the beast. He could hear the beast behind him and this only spurred him to move faster. The beast used its paw to hit his leg which caused Milas to lose his footing. He stumbled but miraculously managed to remain standing only to feel something hit his other foot.He fell heavily and his momentum caused him to roll before finally coming to a stop. He tried to stand but the beast pinned him down with his front paws before opening its jaws widely and bit at his neck. A snap was heard as the beast's sh
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3 We Are All Dead
Milas didn't hesitate as he shot up from his position to where the group was. The sound got even louder and more desperate as whatever it was broke branches when it moved. Everyone became alert when they heard the loud rustling of leaves and snapping of branches. The large man put the blood covered crystal in a pouch hanging on a waist strap. He then picked up his axes and took a defensive stance, ready for anything that came his way. Adrian also took a stance with his sword facing the direction of the sound. Jill's outstretched bow had an arrow that was ready to shoot whatever was coming the second it appeared. Milas quickly hid behind the group, not caring if he looked like a coward. At least cowards live longer than those who try to be heroes. The rustling got louder before it suddenly stopped. The silence that enveloped the area was unnatural. Even the constant sound of waving branches blown by the wind had stopped. The group held their weapons even tighter. Milas drew his sho
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4 The Hunter's Demise
A new energy and vitality filled Milas' body as all the previous pain and fatigue seemed to disappear like the memories of a dream. The terror filled Milas with a new will to live and that would only be accomplished if he ran. He got to his feet and ran in the direction that Jill had taken. He could hear the rigorous pumping of his heart as it supplied blood and strength to his worn out muscles. He focused on the traces of broken twigs and branches left behind by Jill's frantic escape. Milas seemed to enter a higher state of focus where nothing else but his escape mattered. If he wasn't so focused he may have realized that he was moving with the speed, agility and grace of an experienced tracker.Soon, he could hear Jill's footsteps and the new hope he received was turned into strength that was fully utilized by his legs. Yet despite the increase in speed, the distance never reduced. Infact, it seemed to be increasing.'Why is she so damn fast.' Milas thought in anger and despair whe
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5 Captured
Milas walked towards the fallen Adrian with steady steps. His right hand covering the bite on his left shoulder. The bloodstained sword left an inch deep grove as he dragged it behind him. He finally got close to Adrian who had pulled himself back till his back hit a tree."Do... don't hurt me, Milas. I wasn't gonna hurt you before, I swear. The creature is dead now so please just let me live. I'll give my share of the payment. I'll give you anything you want just let me go." Adrian begged with tears rolling down his face. His voice had lost its previous confidence."You tried to feed me to that thing!! Do you really expect me to let you go. You can keep your money!!" Milas yelled, the anger in his voice was clear as day. He held the sword with both hands and lifted it above his head. "I going to kill you!!!"He was about to bring the blade down when he made eye contact with Adrian. The look of hopelessness accompanied with the reflection of Milas himself deep in those eyes dissolved
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6 Enslaved
Constant chatter was the first thing that Milas heard when he regained consciousness. His eyelids felt heavy but he finally managed to open them. The first thing he saw was a handsome face staring back at him. Milas didn't know where he was or who this person was but his instincts were warning him about something. His mind tried to find the danger that triggered his instincts but all he saw was the man. The room he was in looked like a dimly lit cave as the light came from a glowing blue rock. His eyes kept scanning the cave till manly yet melodic voice garnered his attention."Hey." The man said as Milas finally focused on his face. The man's eyes glowed a mesmerizing red and Milas felt woozy. "Sleep." That was the last thing Milas heard before his eyelids became too heavy to stay open.Milas woke up from his dreamless sleep only to find himself in pitch darkness. The silence that accompanied the darkness was unnerving. His heartbeat became louder as his senses frantically searched f
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7 Freedom
"Its been so long but maybe it hasn't. I have no way of telling time in this wretched place. Strangely, the more tests I undergo the better I feel. I am physically and mentally superior to my former self but what good is that. I am just a slave whose worth is determined by the tests I survive. I'm sick of this. I will get out of here eventually. My story will not end here." Milas thought for what was probably the thousandth time since his capture.Time flowed like an endless river but ever since the day of his enslavement Milas felt lost in its turbulence. The one thing he was grateful for was the mere fact that he was alive. At times Milas felt like his slaver was not doing any experiments but outright trying to kill him. Despite these obstacles, Milas knew that the tests were improving him. Light pierced his eyes as the door to his cell swung open. The most painful thing was that the door was never locked. The figure just tells him to go sit in his cell and he becomes powerless to r
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8 The Turning
His steps were slow and heavy with disbelief. Freedom came too easily for Milas' liking. He was wary as he walked through the hallways that were once dark but had suddenly became bright as day. Milas was back in the white room and a wide pool of blood was the only thing that provided some color to the room. He ignored the sickening smell of blood and picked up the thin knife that the prince had left behind. He then walked through another hallway with the knife held in a reverse grip.A thud came from the hallway he was in which later turned into a constant banging. His newly gained night vision allowed him to spot a door in the distance. He looked closer and saw a figure sitting down with his back against the door. Milas saw a black mask on the figure's face but a wide crack was on its surface. He could hear the laboured breathing of the figure. He cautiously neared the prince and he spotted the handle of a dagger sticking out of the figure's chest. Milas got closer and put his kni
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9 The Mines
A group of guards marched into a large hall with their hands resting on the hilts of their swords. Their single file march stopped and split into a triangular formation. The guard at the front moved aside letting another guard with a whip stand at the front of the formation."It's time for you to head to the mines so all of you stand up. Make a single line and follow the night beside me." The guard said as another guard on his left turned around and walked towards the open door. The formation split apart leaving a path that led to the door with guards on both sides. The people with metallic collars followed the orders and walked towards the door.As expected, not everyone followed the orders as some new arrivals refused to stand. One guard stepped forward to teach the nearest one some manners. "Crack." "AAAHHH."The guard was a meter away from the sitting man when the crack of a whip followed by a pain filled scream resounded. The guard was frozen as he stared at the screaming man be
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10 A New Hope
Milas was frozen as he stared at the drop of blood on his palm. He stood there till everyone else had drunk theirs and returned the flask. Milas saw that some of the guards were staring at him weirdly. The realization of what he had to do made his stomach growl in protest."Why are you savouring it when your stomach is growling in hunger." One of the guards said, mistaking the growling for hunger. Milas brought the flask to his mouth and chugged the content quickly to avoid tasting it. Fortune didn't allow it as the liquid touched his tongue. His taste perceived the taste of the red liquid.Delicious!!!The liquid was the best thing he had ever tasted. The feeling of rejuvenation that accompanied it was dozens of times better than that of the mana crystal. Milas was now torn between the pleasure obtained from the blood and the feeling of disgust from the thoughts of having to drink blood. He continued contemplating his next move as a cart was brought into the tunnel. The lid was lift
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