Chapter 65 Translucent Detector

“Okay, let’s go.” Luna seconded.

With some words mumbled in his mouth, the Nine-Tiger Staff in his hand quickly went back into his Infinite Space Pack.

“Where’s your Nine-Tiger Staff?” Luna said, looking straight into his eyes in surprise, “Have you placed it somewhere on the playground.”

“No,” Tolly said with a mysterious smile, “I’ve already placed it back into my pocket.”

“Are you kidding me? How is it possible?”

“What if I’ve got an Infinite Space Pack that can contain almost everything in it?” grinned Tolly while his eyes were crinkling.

“Impossible!! It’s been said Infinite Space Pack is an ancient magical pack. I’ve never seen anyone have such wonderful stuff before.” said Luna with great skepticism.

“But I’m telling you the truth. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”

Tolly wanted to show his Infinite Spack Pack to her, but it was now on its own Invisible mode, so he finally decided not to show it to her.

“Where did you get it then?” Luna asked with a grain of salt.

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