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By: Rachel M Nyambu OngoingFantasy

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Lost and confused, he lacks knowledge of his location, identity, and the circumstances that led him to this mountain. Based on the recurring and distressing nightmares that plague his sleep, he speculates that he may have held a position of power as a saint within a particular world until his demise. In a world overrun by monsters, he must navigate his way towards his ultimate goal through relentless battles. However, everything changes when he receives a tempting proposition: assassinate a woman residing in the mountain in exchange for a chest bursting with golden coins. Yet, he hesitates, for this woman holds the key to his very existence. Will he carry out the deed? Discover from within!

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The Nightmare
"Ouch! "You wretched person, get off me!"Gasping for air, a burly man sleeping on a bed of leaves fought to free himself from the weight of the man sitting on his belly while attempting to loosen the tight grip of bony fingers around his throat. Suppressing a whimper, he endured the taste of the man's salty sweat seeping into his open mouth, accompanied by the metallic flavor of his own blood. Desperately, he tried to use his fingers to press against the man's eyes, hoping to force him to release his hold and allow him to breathe in peace, but the grip only tightened. He struggled to plead for his life, but his voice failed him. All he could hear were the faint echoes of the man's sinister laughter and the wheezing sounds escaping his own mouth.With greater vigor than before, he wriggled his supple body, yet it seemed as though he were paralyzed. He lacked the strength to even open his eyes and identify the identity of the man assaulting him. He strained to recall where he had heard
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"Ouch!" "Damn it!"The exclamation burst from the man's lips as he felt an intense pain shoot through his back, caused by the snake monster throwing him against a tree with its tail. Paralyzed and lying on the ground, he couldn't help but gasp when a tickling sensation grazed the back of his head. With trembling hands, he cautiously made contact with the area, only to curse upon feeling the stickiness of blood. Clearly, he had underestimated the strength of the snake. It far surpassed the beast he had conquered the previous night."Get up, or we're done for."The voice echoing in his head, sharing his deep-rooted fear of death, urgently commanded him to wake up. Attempting to stand, his legs betrayed him, causing him to fall back to the ground, landing on his rear end once again."I hope I don't end up crippled," he muttered, scanning the surroundings for any form of support.Expressing his annoyance with a click of his tongue, he grabbed hold of the nearby trees for stability and m
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A Task
The man, upon regaining consciousness, posed a question to the wolf situated in his mind, "Where exactly are we?" As he attempted to rise but was met with a sharp ache in his head, he winced.Eventually, he managed to sit up, propping himself against the headrest of the bed, and surveyed his surroundings. He found himself lying within a room that resembled a cave. Contrary to the uncomfortable terrain of the mountains, the bed on which he sat proved to be considerably more comfortable. It was crafted from wood and outfitted with a mattress, void of any foliage. Numerous kerosene lamps illuminated the area, casting a reddish hue throughout the space. The man's attention was drawn to an object hanging beside the door, instantly alerting him to the fact that his jacket was absent.In response, he proceeded to retrieve the covers, relieved to discover that his attire remained intact, with the sole exception of his jacket. Placing a hand on his forehead, he drew his legs towards his chest
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Fighting Montenegro
The young man scanned his surroundings, attempting to determine if the river in front of him matched the one described by the wise elder. Upon receiving confirmation from his trusted wolf companion, he plucked a stone from the riverbank and hurled it into the water. A momentary bubbling gave way to tranquil stillness."Without my keen sense of smell, I might have recklessly leapt into that river, unaware of any lurking monster," he remarked to his wolf, who promptly corrected him."Correction, my olfactory abilities are superior. I am the one who possesses the sense of smell, not you," he was reminded, though he likely didn't register the correction. This was often the catalyst for their arguments, leaving both parties frustrated. Slowly, he approached the river and settled down on its edge, fully aware that the monster lay submerged, patiently awaiting his scent. Just as expected, lost in his own thoughts, he was struck by the monster's tail and plunged into the water. Determined not
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The Gold Coins
''He is awake!" Phew!""Thank the Almighty!"Whispers surrounded him. Attempting to sit up, he instead tumbled to the ground. As he surveyed his surroundings, he was astonished by the terror-stricken expressions of the locals. Despite some exhibiting disgust, fear still lingered in their eyes. It had only been a few hours since they had laid eyes on him, yet they were already terrified! How irritating. They had only witnessed him hauling the monster's head to their king; they hadn't witnessed the actual act. What would they do if they saw that? Flee?"Where might the healer be?" he queried the self-proclaimed king, who stared at him in shock. When he had dispatched him to confront that water monster, he had anticipated his demise; he hadn't expected him to return with the decapitated heads of the monster and all of its offspring. They had tormented them for years, and when the monster finally emerged from the river and proposed that if he delivered the monster killer, he would cease
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The Hidden Kingdom
The warriors' attention had been successfully diverted by his wolf, causing the slayer to chuckle. Their attire, consisting of heavy skirts, metal caps, and swords hanging from their backs, led him to assume that they were indeed warriors. Seizing the opportunity, he rushed into the bathhouse. Inside, he encountered an elderly woman whose displeasure was evident upon laying eyes on him. However, he managed to persuade her to grant him access to a bath by waving gold coins in front of her. He was then shown to a room with a door crafted from pure gold. With a press of his palms, he opened the door and stepped into a scene of numerous beautiful girls, merrily laughing and swimming in the hot water pool.The warmth of the pool embraced his skin, prompting him to close his eyes and surrender to its soothing effects. Suddenly, a sharp and irritated voice interrupted his tranquility."What's this freak doing here?" Annoyed, he sighed, pinched the bridge of his nose, and retorted with equal
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"What on Earth!" Inquired the slayer with a growl, his gaze fixated on what was behind him. Upon pivoting to exit the premises, the office door unexpectedly became stuck, emitting a cloud of crimson dust before vanishing from sight. Now trapped inside, this predicament arose because he had refused the king's proposition to eliminate the woman residing in the mountains."What is happening here?" He addressed the woman, whose eyes now glowed in a fiery red hue, bearing a devious smirk on her countenance. Advancing towards him, her steps were deliberate and enigmatic. Before the slayer could prepare himself for any potential danger, he found himself forcefully pushed against the walls while the woman clutched his neck, strangling him."Are you still refusing?" She inquired, effortlessly lifting him into the air as if he were weightless."Yes... I am not willing to kill a fellow human," he gasped, struggling to breathe."Do you comprehend the consequences of rejecting my offer?" Her smile
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Meeting the Saint
The slayer, plagued by the incessant arguments of his wolf companion, embarked on the path towards the towering mountain. As per the voice's instructions, he believed that all the answers he sought awaited him there. Moreover, he had been informed that the woman he would encounter held the key to his home. With this realization, a surge of urgency propelled him forward. He desired to meet her as expeditiously as possible, for remaining in this realm was no longer his wish. Such was his mindset. However, the enigma that confounded him was the reason behind King Zane and Heldah's determination to eliminate the woman. What could she possibly be on the brink of accomplishing that they were so vehemently opposed to? Nonetheless, he deemed it unnecessary to rack his brains any further in search of the answers. Perhaps the woman would divulge everything once they were united at the mountain's summit. "We are uncertain of the identity of our imminent encounter." "It could potentially be ano
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Leaning against the cave wall, the slayer slumped onto the ground. The old lady, whose name he had not known, was now deceased and her skin had already lost its warmth. Because he had arrived late, he couldn't gather enough clear information from her. All she had mentioned was that he should seek his path home atop the mountain. Which mountain should he go to? Was there a portal there that would transport him back or not? According to the enigmatic lady, the mountain could be found at the eastern edge of the city, but which mountain specifically? To his understanding, the eastern edge of the city housed countless mountains, all inhabited by bloodsucking creatures that forever denied rudiments of sleep whenever encountered. It was rumored that these monsters were disgustingly hideous, with their long hair acting as snares, faces smeared with mucus, and nails harboring live maggots.When men from King Xavier's entourage from the western edge of the city seized him, he overheard their co
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When the monster successfully trapped the slayer with his long hair filled with bugs that tore his skin apart and sucked his blood, it dug its nails into his chest, aiming for his heart. The slayer knew there was no need for him to fight for his life, because even if the monster wasn't trying to kill him, he would die of hunger and thirst in that dark cave. When he closed his eyes, waiting to hear the rapture of his own chest as his heart was pulled out, a banging sound arose before them. He turned his head to look at whatever has done that, deep in his heart thinking that maybe it was another of those types of monsters that was rushing in his direction so that they would share his heart, but something else caught his eyes. From where the banging sound had come, a small crack big enough for a person of his size to pass through had made its way. Behind it, there was a bright greenish light, which in his blurry sight he made an old woman out of it, who was calling out for him. The woman
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