Apocalypse Of Beasts

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Apocalypse Of Beasts

By: BenjiroChiba OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In this novel, humans have been killed almost entirely by the existence of beasts, which are animals that have evolved to the point of resembling demons incarnate in animals. So the food chain has been completely reversed, therefore, mankind has had to hide in a couple of islands in the middle of the ocean in order to stay alive, but this form of survival will not last forever. Get into the story of this dystopian world if you want to read a different survival novel with a darker approach, where the development of the story will be slow but satisfying to read.

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18 chapters
The beginning
For as long as I can remember, animals have eaten humans.Only adults can say that animals used to be peaceful. As far as I know, not all animals used to eat human flesh and were classified as herbivores and carnivores.But that changed years ago, and now those beasts do not rest day and night to devour and kill us.In recent years I have sadly seen how my colleagues and friends are killed by these beasts. Despite living with these cursed beasts for years, we have yet to find a way to eradicate them completely.Their ability to regenerate makes it very difficult to do any significant damage. Also, some of the damage caused by beasts is beyond human knowledge. Therefore, a single bite or blow can cause serious injury or even death.We are called apostles and come from an ancient high bloodline that can use magic. Hence, we have been able to defend ourselves with magic all these years.Magic can be divided into various elements, such as water, fire, air, plants, and earth, to name a few
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A little girl's dreams
At that time... I remember that... I was not yet aware of the fear that the sight of a beast provoked in my body... ....I was so small and deluded......I find myself on the outskirts of the house where I live, beating with a stick a somewhat battered doll of a beast. Which my mother created for me.It is a somewhat simple doll, it is even a little funny.I am only 10 years old, my name is Roxanne, I am very small in stature and I have long white hair, I am the daughter of Elizabeth, a very powerful apostle who is in charge of protecting the city from the beasts that are out there.To be honest... I have never seen any, since I have lived all this time in these islands. Which protect us from those creepy beasts out there.My mother says they are very ugly and scary. She herself even mentions that she is very scared when she sees one and that she usually trembles too much when she has to face those things.The truth is, I can't imagine my mother shaking in front of one of those creat
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Infiltration on the island
The following day...7am...I think I should get up to go to the meeting with the others.First I will take a shower and then I will leave.I must try to be as quiet as possible so that Roxanne and Sophie don't hear me.I'm still sleepy, I'll take a cold shower so I can stay awake....I get into the shower and turn on the faucet, the moment the cold water touches my face, I can notice that I feel a little more active and not so eager to sleep.Being in the shower, it is impossible for me not to think about the talk we had last night with Roxanne.The truth is that I can't allow Roxanne to join the army, it would be one of my worst nightmares.That place is not a place to become stronger and defeat beasts like Roxanne thinks, that place is the real hell on earth and I don't want Roxanne to go through that."I can't allow it..."I find it impossible not to mutter in the shower."I must see to it that I keep them safe, even if it means risking my life..."I can't let anything happen t
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The attack of the beasts
We have to go over the bridge and into the island.We cannot stop now. Even though the amount of beast inside the island is too much.We must wipe these things out as quickly as possible, before they start spreading to the other islands."General Dwight, what's the plan?"I speak to General Dwight, but his face is totally immersed in the death of his messenger.His face is totally off and turned away from the current situation, but. Besides that. A flame of gigantic hatred is seen kindling within him."General, we must move."I tap her shoulder to get her to try to react to the situation, but it's as if she's talking to herself."Elizabeth, stand back. I'll finish off these evil creatures myself."The General reacts, but only pushes me away from him somewhat aggressively.From his back he pulls out a sword. Which he had been holding."I'll take it upon myself to take them straight to hell!"General Dwight, totally losing control. He started running straight towards the beasts located
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The attack of the beasts (Part 2)
As Dwight is hanged, the neck area of his armor begins to break.If the armor breaks, there is no doubt that with the strength that beast possesses. It will be able to effortlessly break Dwight's neck, killing him on the spot. However, the armor that is created to face the beasts can vary between iron, gold and titanium. This does not guarantee that they are completely durable. Since, if we expose ourselves long enough to the force that a beast possesses, it will undoubtedly break it.Hell.... I must think of what to do fast, but what could I do?General Dwight is too exposed to make a direct attack.What do I do?I can't help but bring my hands to my head and start scratching my head, as I try to think of what I could do.My face is totally disturbed and grim as I analyze all the possibilities to do.If I try to attack directly, it is possible that the beast will use Dwight as a shield, on the other hand, it is also possible that the beast is not using its full strength. So that if I
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The attack of the beasts (Part 3)
James positioned himself in front of Charles. To receive the bubble of acid that the beast threw. So he totally ignored the headache caused by the blow, on the other hand, he completely disregarded the blood that was still aggressively dripping from his nose."I only have a second to pull this off!"James shouted that, while on the features of his face you can see how he is still in complete pain, as if his head is split in 2.It makes perfect sense that James is still in excruciating pain. For, Charles' hand was quite thick. So that with his fist he was able to cover more than half of James' face."Stone Barrier!"James, shouted that and consequently pulled the shield from his back at full speed, standing firm at all times without succumbing to panic, while at the same time maintaining an attacking and totally cold gaze towards the attack that threw the beast.Then, James buried the shield in the ground. So that on the orders of those words he said, a gigantic stone wall began to eme
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Thread trap
The beast, wounded by the explosion caused by the fire arrow thrown by Charles, began to fall directly and at full speed towards the beast that still holds Dwight by the neck.As the beast falls, it tries to open again its tailpiece to be able to fly and stay in the air as it was doing before, but it is impossible because the fire has already burned them completely. So, the only thing that comes out of the area where his gualeta should be, is blood. Also yellow in color."Garrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"The beast begins to make totally terrifying sounds of complete disgust as it falls, it is even possible to notice its desperation as it shakes its whole body uncontrollably to try to find some way to save itself....On the other hand, the beast still choking Dwight. He begins to slowly look up to the sky, only to see his colleague fall, covered in flames, as if it were a ball of fire.The reaction of the beast was completely abnormal and unfeeling. So it just stared at the whole situation without
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Sea of blood
Both boys prepared to fight underwater against the beasts.The combat scenario is not at all favorable for them. Since, being under the sea we lose much of the mobility, on the other hand, as James mentioned, these creatures can move especially well both at sea and on land.This can go very well, as it can also go very badly."Haaaaaaaaaa!"Without a second thought, the short-haired boy used his wind magic to give himself forward momentum and deliver a surprise and quick attack on the beasts."I'll finish this in the blink of an eye!"The boy, the moment the momentum carried him to stand in front of the beasts, shouts that, while raising his sword.In the process that he raises his sword, a white aura begins to spread from the sword, causing its size to increase by at least 3 times.I see...The plan that the boy has, is to use that move to finish off the 4 beasts at the same time."Wind Stretch!"The boy shouts that, at the moment the sword already reached a considerable size to perf
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Sea of blood (Part 2)
I have to continueI have to go onWhere the hell are you?"Froilan!""Froilan!"No answer at all.I hope he's all right.I'm trying to move as fast as possible with my magic underwater, but it's impossible to be able to see anything at a great distance.If I continue at this speed, it's very likely that I'll end up coming face to face with some beast.I can use the ocean currents as momentum to go much faster, but it's totally exhausting all this."I must think calmly."I stop instantly and start looking around to try to visualize which direction Froilan might be heading.It's impossible to see anything, I'll have to use my magic.If I use my water magic, maybe I can disperse this area of blood.I raise my wooden staff in a forward direction and take a deep breath.I must channel the full power of my magic into the ocean currents. So that with the sea's own force the red zone can be moved to another location."Sea pulse..."I mutter that, as the tip of the wooden staff begins to glow
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Sea of blood (Part 3)
"What was that?"Surprised and worried by the cries of pain heard in the distance, I try to make out what is happening in the still existing sea of red."It must be the screams of that boy with the hair..."I start biting my lower lip the instant that thought crossed my mind."Why did that boy go off in such an aggressive manner?""It was obvious something like that was going to happen.""He shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him like that."Trying to make out what's going on in the depths of the sea of blood, I begin to picture worst-case scenarios in my head."Damn...""I couldn't do anything."I try to pull again on the threads that have me trapped to check if I can free myself.But it is again useless.As a reaction, I lower my head in disappointment as I look at the beasts in the depths. They still remain as if they were statues, while holding the threads...."FUSSHHH""What is that?"I raise my head instantly as soon as I hear that sound coming closer and closer
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