Chapter 93 Still Safe
“Even if we don’t kill you, all of you will freeze to death sooner or later,” laughed Cindy on the Scarlet Saircraft.

The White Warriors kept shooting arrows at the Ball. Since the fire on the surface was put on, all the people inside the Ball felt very cold. River sent more of his vital energy to his hand and once again he pointed at the Ball and said, “Let there be more fire.”

Quickly, there was more fire on the surface of the Ball.

Catching sight of it, Cindy let out a cold harrumph and then said to her White Warriors,

“Come on, let them know the true powers of your weapons!”

With that, all the White Warriors transmitted more of their vital energy to their arrows. Instantly, their bows grew bigger and brighter. A while ago, they could only shoot one arrow at one time. But now since their bows were bigger, they could send five arrows with only one shot.

Consequently, there were five times more arrows that came hitting on the Five Agents Ball. Within a few minutes, the Ball was
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