Chapter 95 Haunted Warriors
In a few minutes, Cindy had already picked up five warriors of different colors. She asked them to step forward and stood in a line.

Though reluctant to do so, the warriors of five colors had to obey. After that, Cindy turned the cap of the bottle in her hand. Some iridescent gas came out of the bottle and it was breathed in by the five warriors before Cindy.

These five warriors didn’t have any reactions at first. However, a few moments later, they looked like having taken some euphoric drugs, all looking excited, their eyes bigger and their muscles strengthened.

In a flash, they grew one time bigger than normal warriors.

“You’ve already breathed in the Haunted Gas in my bottle,” Cindy said to them, “you are all transformed into Haunted Warriors. Now you can test your powers.”

The Haunted Brown Warrior took out his catapult and slung a brown, round little marble straight at the big, tall tree that could only be hugged around by a few people. When the marble hit on the bark of the
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