Dead Soul Exorcist

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Dead Soul Exorcist

By: Ciara Moire Lorna CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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In the wake of a devastating plague that claimed the lives of 95% of Umbravale's inhabitants, Kieran Nyxshade returns from his grandmother's house to a city in ruins, his parents among the casualties. At 17, the time has come for Kieran to awaken his magical powers, but instead of a blessing, he is bestowed with a cursed ability—the power of a Revenant. Haunted by loss and fueled by a desire for justice, Kieran discovers the orchestrator of the mysterious plague. Determined to vanquish the restless souls and confront the cruel princes of Valorthorn Kingdom, he embarks on a journey where alliances are fragile, and the line between darkness and heroism blurs. Can Kieran harness his newfound power to reshape the fate of Varidianth Kingdom, or will the shadows consume him in his quest for vengeance?

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  • Narceesa Veelachou


    I never thought that I would wait for Elios and his maid's part every day.

    2024-02-09 23:11:53
  • Narceesa Veelachou


    Nice story. I wish Dravon and Kieran could be friends again, though....

    2024-01-26 12:29:22
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138 chapters
01 | The Cursed Child
The manor appeared to swallow Kieran in darkness. He could feel the dampness of the carpet beneath his shoes. Dark spots adorned the thick carpet lining the walls, and red stains marred the family portraits. The metallic scent of blood lingered in the air.The creaking of the wood from the family room fireplace only reminded Kieran of how silent the manor was. He promptly ascended the stairs, trying not to dwell on why the banister felt rough and dusty in his hands.Then he saw the family room door wide open. A small fire in the fireplace greeted him, along with his parents' clasped hands as they leaned back in their comfortable chairs.Kieran breathed a sigh of relief. "Pa, Ma, I brought a souvenir from Grandma's..." He pulled out a box of cookies from the paper bag he held while briskly walking towards his parents' warm chairs. His words were interrupted as the connection of their clasped hands broke, and they slumped lifelessly. Kieran's gaze lifted, noting his mother's excessively
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02 | After the Darkness
One year ago."Kieran Nyxshade. You are the cursed child!" The shout merged with laughter and children's chatter in the corridor, but Kieran heard it crystal clear.He halted and turned, causing his friends to follow suit. His gaze directly met the green eyes, hidden securely behind the broken-framed glasses. A week ago, those eyes used to sparkle while looking at Kieran. But today, the gaze was filled with profound hatred."You should address him as 'my lord,' Dravon!" Billy, one of Kieran's close friends, scolded Dravon before Kieran uttered a word. "Commoner scum.""Oh my, I can't stand his foolishness. I wonder why he got the scholarship instead of you, Kieran," Emma retorted."Let it be, Emma. Without the scholarship, he wouldn't manage to attend school here.""Guys!" Kieran muttered briefly, silencing his friends. He walked towards Dravon, who looked small in the donated orphanage sweater. "What do you want, Dravon? You don't need to act this pitiful to be my friend.""Be your f
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03 | Bloodthirsty Revenant
Kieran drew his dagger. This time, he wasn't as confident as before when he fought against Dravon. Uncertain of his ability to defeat the invisible monster with a dagger, he hesitated. Nevertheless, facing the creature with the hiltless swords he carried was not an option he favored.Somehow, Kieran could sense the hunger and hatred of the monster. He could feel the dark cravings of a dead soul. In an instant, the creature arrived before him, claws digging into his shoulder, causing Kieran to wince in pain. His hand trembled as he gripped the dagger. Hatred and anger erupted within him as despair and past grievances seized control."You killed my parents," Kieran whispered. He closed his eyes. If he couldn't see the monster, then he didn't have to see. The monster swiftly moved past him. Kieran's body spun, his dagger slashing in a clockwise motion. As the blade's tip hit something soft, Kieran's lips curled into a heartless smile. He focused on his sense of hearing and touch. His bo
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04 | Cold Throne
In his fifty-year career, General Griffin had never felt the central palace walls as cold as this. He strode down the corridor, unconsciously observing every portrait of the royal family hanging on the walls and the vases of flowers supposedly personally chosen by the late Queen. Griffin had fought in countless wars throughout his life to defend the country, yet he had never felt as ashamed as he did now, having failed to preserve the warmth and security of this nation for his queen.Upon reaching the study room of the palace, Griffin knocked on the door twice. Only the anxious exhale from inside was heard, which Griffin interpreted as a response. He promptly opened the door and strode confidently past bookshelves, sofas, and a desk to reach the crown prince leaning by the window. His sleepwear, made of ivory-colored satin, appeared remarkably wrinkled on his frail frame. His hair was tousled, with dark circles beneath his eyes."Forgive my tardiness, Your Highness," General Griffin s
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05 | Ploy of the Princes
Dravon removed his estate cloak, draping it over his arm as he entered Duke Zephyr's warmly lit manor. A maid approached, walking alongside him."How is the little girl?" Dravon inquired. They strode confidently towards the western wing of the manor, where Dravon's prepared chambers awaited."She has just fallen asleep, Your Highness," the maid replied with a peaceful smile, one of the reasons Dravon preferred this manor over his own in Central Palace. Here, the maids didn't harbor undue fear of their master.Arriving in the cozy room with a large canopied bed and a flickering fireplace, Dravon stood by the bedside. He observed the peacefully sleeping two or three-year-old girl, hands resting beside her head. His gaze softened as he noticed the pendant with the name 'Lunabelle' around the little girl's neck."Your current fate is similar to what I experienced in the past," Dravon whispered faintly. He then smiled at the maid. "Please keep an eye on the little girl every two hours. I'l
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06 | Whispers of Uncertainty
Even the fire in Duke Zephyr's manor living room couldn't thaw the icy heart of the crown prince. All the servants had been awakened, lining up on the side of the room unseen by Prince Vikrant. It was an open secret that he regarded the servants as pests, unwilling to lay eyes on them unless necessary.Dravon could only remain silent, observing his older brother sip the oldest wine owned by Duke Zephyr. He remained huddled, leaning his back against the chair occupied by Will. Since earlier, Will could only bow his head, unable to assume his father's role as the host. Dravon understood the simmering anger within Will upon learning that Lunabelle was a legitimate daughter Prince Vikrant refused to acknowledge. All sensible men in Valorthorn desired to marry and bring joy to Princess Silvanna, but Vikrant refused solely because their firstborn was a girl. What Dravon could learn was this: the more he knew his older brother, the deeper the disappointment he acquired."Your Highness," knee
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07 | The Blurred Distance Between Good and Wicked
Lotus Palace, two years ago."Kieran, don't embarrass me at a time like this," The reprimand was nothing more than a whisper, yet it felt like a slap to Kieran's feelings.Kieran placed his fork beside the slice of strawberry roll cake he couldn't indulge in. The silent gesture oddly caught the attention of Princess Silvanna, seated at the edge of the table, causing her to pause from her meal and glance in his direction. "I told you I couldn't accompany you today, Pa," Kieran whispered to him. "Today is crucial for me.""What activity could be more important than accompanying your father to learn the actual duties of a Duke?" his father retorted angrily.Seated across from Kieran, William Zephyr wiped his mouth with a napkin, looking sour as if witnessing something inappropriate. This intensified Kieran's anger, prompting him to groan and push his chair back. He left the dining hall of the Lotus Palace abruptly, disregarding all the important figures present. Suddenly, Kieran just wan
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08 | Darkness Devourer
"As always, you remain unchanged, Dravon," Kieran grinned as the pain in his lower back subsided. He set Lunabelle down in the train staff's exclusive changing room and told the girl, "Close your ears, Lunabelle. I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear ... how your uncle stabs his enemies from behind.""I wouldn't mind stabbing you from a different angle," added Dravon, playing with his dagger in hand.Kieran responded with a brief and dry laugh. Deliberately slowing down the door's closure, he observed the presence of six knights surrounding him from the corner of his eye. They all wielded swords with handles made of silver and shimmering gems. As the door closed seamlessly, the knights moved in unison toward him. Kieran swiftly swung Eliora's bow horizontally, tripping the legs of three knights at once. They fell immediately, mingled with Dravon's angry shouts.For a moment, Kieran regulated his breath. Without pausing, he drew an arrow and shot the shoulder of one knight. As the knight
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09 | The Girl With Scythes
Two weeks later.Darkness had imprisoned Umbravale in the shadows of fear for too long. As dawn approached, the city felt frigid, echoes of claws on walls and roofs, accompanied by the sounds of children's fearful moans. Valorthorn's cruelty took on new forms in maintaining their newfound city.A figure cloaked in black ran swiftly through the cobblestone streets. His raven-blue hair gleamed under the moonlight. Portraits of his face adorned posters distributed throughout the land of Valorthorn, yet no Umbravale resident dared to venture out at night, never discovering his presence in the city.From various directions, the dead souls began to pursue him like piranhas. The figure unsheathed a gleaming sword in the darkness, creating distance to assess his adversaries. As the dead souls swiftly attacked, he swung his sword, slicing through two at once. A chilling aura erupted from the fallen, sending shivers down his spine. However, he started to relish the sensation.Moving forward, he
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10 | Form of Revenge
That evening, like countless others, the Nyxshade family Manor stood deserted and desolate. Contrary to the circulating rumors, the Nyxshade Manor had been left abandoned after their legitimate heirs were ousted, and their titles unrecognized by the Valorthorn kingdom. Now, Kieran returned to that home with a heart deeply wounded. Thick carpets, antique paintings, chandeliers of gold and diamonds, grand vases crafted by Varidianth's finest artisans, weapons—all of it had vanished, looted by thieves and smugglers. But that was only the surface of the lost treasures.Kieran walked calmly on the dusty marble floor. His mind echoed with memories of a time when servants would clean the manor, exchanging jokes and gossip, always taking a moment to inquire if Kieran needed anything.However, in every pleasant moment, it only served to remind him of the time when Kieran, along with the few remaining residents, toiled all day burying the entire population that succumbed to the plague. Later, t
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