Chapter 100 Haunted Warriors Died
As the leopard man launched his attacks again, Tolly dodged them quickly with the help of the Yellow Tiger’s heart. After all, his agility had increased a thousand times.

Before the leopard man could react, he saw a shadow go past him. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. And in a minute, he fell down, a stream of blood gushing out unceasingly. With two daggers stabbing through his heart, the leopard man said in a faint voice,

“H-h-how could you be so fast?”

With that, he died instantly with his eyes wide open. And the fog quickly dispersed, too.

The veiled lady Cindy was stunned, staring at Tolly in disbelief.

“How could it possible that you have killed my leopard man? You’re just an ordinary alchemist of seven,” said Cindy, startled.

“I’ve told you I have always been lucky,” said Tolly, “to tell you the truth, I’ve taken something amazing to improve my agility. You need to watch out, Cinderella.”

“Call me Cindy, not that damned Cinderella, little punk,” fumed the veile
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