Chapter 104 Back In the School

“Sure, I’ll bring you some money after we sell them. It won’t take a long time. I’ll meet you at your house within twenty-four hours,” said Old Peter confidently.

“All right, I’ll wait for you at my house, thank you, Michael and Old Peter. You’re all my good friends,” said Tolly, biting his lips tightly.

“Don’t’ mention it, Tolly,” said Old Peter, “we should thank you for bringing us some good business again. We’ll go to help collect those weapons with our men. See you around, Tolly.”

Tolly waved them goodbye.

He decided to go back to his little house. At the moment, he needed some quiet moments to think about his next plan. But before that, he needed to go back to his school first.

He wanted to check whether his other classmates were hurt or not. He also felt that it was necessary for him to talk to Mr. Brown and Ms. Harmsworth about Sally. He wondered whether they had any good way to get her out of the Pole Cold Island.

Riding on his Sound Sword, he flew straight toward the Wesilver
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