Monster on Our Land

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Monster on Our Land

By: slavin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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James Winter originally thought his life was fine. However, after he moved to the town of Landfield to be closer to his girlfriend, James was faced with the fact that he was in the middle of a city full of monsters that attacked and ate humans. How can James survive?

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  • P-End


    reading this feels like watching movie. But the phase being slow in the middle

    2024-03-16 08:28:00
  • Pribadi Prambudi


    good novel

    2023-09-25 01:21:25
  • Furia_Jones


    Love the start and pacing so far. the story is exciting and engaging. feels like a movie. I am enjoying what I am reading so far. Great job writer

    2023-09-24 01:24:27
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160 chapters
Chapter 1: Monsters
"Yes, I'm walking there," said a tall man covered in a thick jacket as he called through one of the deserted, cold alleyways of Lambridge Saint. The narrow street looked creepy and dark even though it had one light. James couldn't help but pass through the street because of a call from his friend John. A man who promised to give him a little money after James' move to this city. James was finally able to move to work in this city, the same city as his girlfriend, after a year of being in different cities. He made a good contract with a motorcycle company, which was not a bad start for James. It's just that James ran out of money while organizing his move, making it necessary for him to get some quick cash. Luckily, his high school friend John was generous enough to lend him three hundred dollars. But still, why walk to his house through a dark place like this? The taxi dropped James off at the end of the street, not wanting to go through Lambridge Saint. Suddenly, James was startle
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Chapter 2 : Girl
James covered his mouth, stifling any sound that might come out. He also turned off the flashlight on his smartphone. The room became dark, only the moonlight shone through the window slits, revealing the silhouettes of those creatures still engrossed in munching on the fresh meat. [Shit! Shit! Shit! What is it?] James' ears perked up, and his hair stood on end. He slowly walked backward from that place. Unfortunately, the door he walked through made a sound, drawing the monsters' attention to him. It wasn't long before the foul-smelling creatures started running toward James. "Damn it!" cursed James as he turned around. James ran as fast as he could towards the exit of the funeral home, not wanting to look back. The creatures' feet chased him, accompanied by groaning noises that sent chills down his spine. "Shit!" James was scared to death. He smashed the funeral home's front door with his shoulder until the hinges broke. He then ran away from the place. When James looked bac
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Chapter 3 : Blade
James was wide-eyed, trembling as he reached for the seat belt locked next to his waist. His hand was suddenly grabbed by Jessica, making him flinch even more. James screamed out loud in fear. "Babe, why are you scared? We're lovers, aren't we?" Jessica smiled sinisterly, showing her sharp teeth. The woman's eyes began to burn red as she stared at James. Her body emitted a foul odor, like the monster's smell at the Visconte funeral home last night. "No! Please! Let go of me!" James thrashed about. Jessica opened her mouth, revealing how ugly she looked. She seemed to be preparing to bite James' body. However, suddenly an iron sword pierced Jessica's chest from behind, blood spurting onto James' face. James screamed in terror. He looked behind him and saw the sword coming from Anne's hand. The sexy woman's hand turned into a long sharp metal. "Hua! It hurts! You bastard!" cursed Jessica while holding the sword in her chest. Jessica tried to remove the sword by pulling it out, but
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Chapter 4 : Explanation
Anne's smile made James cringe. He wanted to get out of the car and run away from Anne, the long-armed creature. Unfortunately, James felt his leg was in a lot of pain, like a broken bone. However, it wasn't. James' fear made him unable to move and also hyperbolized the pain like a broken bone. "Hey, handsome...don't try to run. I'm trying to save you," Jessica said as she wiped the blood that had started to flow from her temple past her right eye. "Y-you're trying to kill me?" James ventured to ask. Anne just gave him a sweet, mysterious smile. The blonde woman raised her hand to touch James' pale, cold face. "You have nothing to fear, dear. We'll be safe." Despite being touched by a beautiful woman, James felt uncomfortable. Anne didn't seem human. James feared he would be killed at any moment by this woman. James' breathing again became short and labored, making him feel claustrophobic. His hair stood up until his ears perked up as well. "Look at Jessica's body, James." Tre
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Chapter 5 : Superhuman
"You just came to this town, right? You look so innocent with everything going on here," Anne said with a mysterious smile. "Yes? I just arrived yesterday." James replied, getting annoyed with that smile. "You're so innocent, handsome." Anne strolled to pick up two canned coffee drinks on a small table. She then tossed one of them to James. He caught the coffee. "Drink up. You've been sleepy since we met in the car." Anne opened the mouth of the can, then she gulped down the liquid inside. Unconsciously, a few drops of coffee flowed from her neck to her chest. James wasn't in a good mood at the moment, but Anne was right, he hadn't slept since last night. He needed something to keep his focus. Finally, the man opened the mouth of his coffee can, too, and started gulping down the black coffee inside. The liquid made him feel more refreshed. James was ready to receive the new information that Anne was about to throw at him. "James Winter, I will start telling you what happened. Bu
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Chapter 6 : Autopsy
The sexy woman grabbed James' wrist, forcing him to stand up. Anne didn't give James a chance to think bad things. "What's wrong, Anne?" the confused man asked."Saving you. We haven't taken care of one thing yet," Anne said as she pulled James' hand out of her room.James was resigned to what was going to happen. He realized he was helpless out there. Like it or not, James needed to follow the orders of this woman he just met to face all the dangers.They went back out of the house and got into Anne's car. A silver metallic luxury car. Anne held the steering wheel while James sat next to her. The woman was driving with great focus. James sweated, looking at her beautiful face, worried about what would happen. His heart felt uneasy, he felt like every place was becoming unsafe."Where are we going?" asked James."Where to? To Jessica's place, of course. She should still be at the hospital," Anne replied, keeping her eyes on the road."Jessica?""We must ensure everyone doesn't find
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Chapter 7 : Lisa
For about two hours, Lisa thoroughly examined Jessica's corpse. She examined the body parts from wounds, hair, skin, legs, and others. From all these examinations, Lisa came to several conclusions. First, this corpse died not because of an accident but because of an element of deliberation. The hole in the chest was obtained twice: a stab from behind and a stab from the front. Seeing that Anne was sitting in the back of the car before the accident, Lisa suspected that Anne was the one who did the stabbing from behind, using her metal hand. Then she received a stab from the front. The second fact Lisa discovered was the appearance of several scales on Jessica's body. Humans are not supposed to have these. However, Jessica's body seemed to have a layer of hidden scales.From some of these discoveries, Lisa is sure that what she autopsied this time was not a human being."Monster...this person is a monster..." she trembled. Lisa sat limply in the chair, knowing a very impossible reality
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Chapter 8 : Monster on Our Land
A day had passed. James started work at his new company. James couldn't do it well. From the moment he started working until his lunch break, he couldn't focus on what was in front of him. James repeatedly entered the wrong data, so there was some commotion. But eventually, James got over it.Now James could only sit listlessly in the office cafeteria, looking at the cold pasta. The soda still looked fresh, with water spots on the glass.He realized that the existence of monsters was messing with his mind. Fear after fear kept appearing, even the delicious food in front of her could not make her appetite."Haaah... I'm really messed up," James complained. He picked up the glass of soda and took three sips. The bubbles popping in his mouth did little to whet his appetite.James had no appetite, but saying he wasn't hungry would be a lie. Finally, he picked up a fork and rolled the pasta in front of him, starting to chew on the noodles.It was bland. James couldn't taste anything from t
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Chapter 9 : Parents
James carefully looked to see who was knocking on his door at this time of night. He peeked through the door hole. Finally, James could breathe a sigh of relief because it was his own parents. They stood up while carrying some things. It looked like it was a gift for him.James constantly opened the door, seeing the two people he had missed for so long."Mom, Dad!" said James as he hugged them." son!" James' mom replied."Are you all well? Let's go inside!" James invited.They walked into the house. James invited them to sit in the living room. After locking the door, he quickly walked to the kitchen to prepare Cappuccino, his parents' favorite coffee.About five minutes later, James entered the living room and placed two cups of coffee before his parents. They immediately took the cups, blew on the coffee, and then drank a little." still tastes the same. You're the best when it comes to making Cappuccino, my son," James' mother praised with a smile.James sat up and
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Chapter 10 : Monster's Son
James trembled in disbelief at what he saw. A second ago, they were good people, the parents he loved the most. But now, their appearance was entirely like the creatures he had seen at the Visconte Funeral Home."M-mom, D-dad, a-what happened to you guys?" asked James as he began to tear up.The two creatures before him smiled broadly, showing their pointed teeth."My son, what do you mean? Don't you recognize your parents? I gave birth to you. Didn't I, Daniel?" James' mother smiled at her husband."Margareth is right, James. You are our son. We took care of you from childhood to the adult you are now," James' father said.James felt suffocated after hearing that fact. He clutched his chest tightly. He felt cold on the tips of his hands and feet. The man was transfixed, silent amongst the horror of what was happening.James' father stood up and walked behind, holding the dark-haired man's shoulders. He then brought his mouth to James' ear."What is it, my son? Why have you become sil
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