Son of Night

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Son of Night

By: Ergys Drizi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The world rejects the weak and embraces the strong, how was this fair towards those born with no standing? Raphael a child of poverty refuses to accept his fate born into a impoverished family and seeks to find his true origin of strength.

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PROLOGUE The "NIGHT" is beautiful… yet I fear it more than anything. Maybe it is natural for humans to fear the unknown…but one thing is for certain. I stand alone in the dead of night, pondering my next move thinking all the possible scenarios that I can use on these foolish enemies of mine.   I am… fearful of my own mind or maybe what lies in it. Darkness like no other that can consume a man whole if not careful, yet when I look into my deep consciousness It's comforting knowing that abyss is my sea of thoughts. You are wondering, "who is this man that speaks so highly of himself", well I am "The one who devours".   I feast on the happiness and dreams of the living and give them visions of the dead. I am the one above the "HEAVENS" I am the one below "HELL"   But yet I am weak in the face of the "NIGHT" and for some reason I cannot come to hate it, matter of fact I truly adore it
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The Castle of True Beginnings
"Huff huff"-loud breathing was coming out of my mouth as I ran past the never-ending hallways. "DAMN IT"-I let out a scream of defeat. The only thing keeping me alive right now was the thought of leaving my little brothers alone. Running, I felt my heart palpitating at a frightening rate. My feet were giving in. "My heart will burst at this rate," I said to myself in a husky voice tempered by the sheer amount of running that I had done at that point. "HELP HEELP PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF THERE IS ONE AT THIS POINT, HELP ME, YOU BASTARD" My throat hurts from the screams that I constantly let out, hoping that at one point somebody would hear even though I was alone in this godforsaken castle. With no options left, I had resorted to something so stupid that even an amateur would not do. I could hear them approaching me with velocity. The screams that I let out moments ago had led them to me. "How could I make such a dumb mistake, scr
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Unprecedented Meeting
Clack! The door finally closed, and in an attempt to let oxygen back into my lungs which were expanding fast like I had been drowning, I loudly gasped, "argh." At that point, nothing surprised me anymore. The only thought going through my head was to go home and eat a good meal with my brothers, and there I remembered… we were so poor that my brothers might have starved by now if they had not been consumed by the time they came back from this mission. I was promised a mere ten silver for this week-long mission. I knew I was being ripped off, but I had no other choice as an unlicensed rift traveler. Being poor is for the weak, I had thought. I continuously blamed myself for my brothers, and I had. My father and mother had been killed by my own hands to keep my brothers safe from those monsters. I realized that I did not believe humans had any hope of goodness or…well, humanity in them. All of them are selfish bastards. They were only thinking of gainin
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Coming to Terms
When I got through the door, my eyes caught a glance of a small rift just ahead.Snapping back to reality, I run for it and shove my hand in the rift knowing that might be the only chance I get to run away. A dizzying feeling rushed my body, and in a flash, I was back to the rift departure room, noticing that all the alarm systems were going off and the whole RWC was in a state of emergency."CODE RED!"-I heard one of the rift supervisors yell at the top of his lungs."A 5th class rift has unexpectedly started fluctuating, connecting to a 1st class rift." The supervisor once again yelled at the other soldiers that were on standby. With prior experience in this job, it was the first time in history that this had happened, and when I looked at the clock, it was 5 minutes past 12, which meantI had departed only 5 minutes ago.This was not possible. I had spent more than two weeks running around the dark castle alone. But if I told this to the rift supervisor
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Warm Welcome
I got up from the ground and remembered that I had to be home for my brothers since I had left them nothing to eat. Running home, I stopped along the way to get some bread, vegetables, and a piece of fresh cow meat. That's all that ten silver could get you. Sad that I could not get anything else for my brothers, I ran home and was greeted with two warm hugs and smiles from my sweet brothers. "Big brother, you got home safe again," Rennie said, not caring that they had not eaten in 3 days. "We missed you so much!". Them saying this reminded me that I was not alone. My brothers had been the reason I kept going on missions despite me hating that I was entertaining those such nobles. "I'm gonna make you some stew," I said with a lump in my throat. They both smiled and went back into the house to continue what they were doing. Rennie loved reading and was always so gentle and mature for his age, contrary to Reggie was solemn and calm most of the time. I always mad
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Tapping Into Potential
A week had passed since I returned from that nightmarish place, and I was still in disbelief that those events had happened. I could standhere and ponder, but I had to get ready to work again to put food onthe table for my brothers.While chopping some wood for the furnace that I'd made a while backI felt some light tapping on my back; it was Rennie. "What can I help with, big bro."-his eyes gleamed at the thought of being somewhat of help around the house."It's okay; you can go in and study with Reggie again"  I let out a sigh thinking they hadgotten too attached to me. "Time is going to come, and you won't have me there,I'm going to die someday as well!" trying to be strict, I thought of getting themto know the world better."Y…You'll leave us too, brother?" he asked me with tear-filled eyes. I could not bearSeeing him cry as I loved them so much. Hugging him tightly, I started to pat
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Unfolded Truth
We walked back into the house happier than ever, and I made a mealfor all of us to celebrate the hope that these following events had given us.Talking with my brothers under the moonlight was the only light source, just like the castle that I was in, discussing how we would live ina better place with better food and three rooms, three beds. Just whatwe always dreamed of, an everyday life. For the first time inmy life, I shut my eyes, barely waiting for tomorrow.Rushing to get an evaluation tablet, I completely forgetthat it costs 100 silver. Being more broke than ever right now, I started thinking of ideas of earning enough money for it. Making some breakfastquickly with what was left, I rushed to train our basement at theback of our house. I had never gone in it since it was locked, but a while backI found the keys in a box my "parents" had in their room and some old photos of a noble couple. I had no i
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Pieces Coming Together
Frozen, I stood in front of the drawer. I just got those lettersFrom not knowing what to feel anymore since I had been lied tosince the day I was born.  It felt like I had a  concussion. My head was spinningand I gather enough courage to read through the other letters thatwere left from there.The following letter was a reply to my parent's letter and read asfollows: "We cannot express how grateful we are to know thatour son is safe. Our only way of showing gratitude is through theseLetters and little monetary support that we can send to you in our bad conditions.The DracoFist family is currently under attack, and the prominent family is the onlypart left of what the DracoFist were; we are sorry to say that the only thingWe can hope right now for the survival of Raphael DracoFist, the heir tothe DracoFist family. Lastly, we want to know our son's condition afterthe seals
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The Ways of The DracoFists
Why was this only resurfacing now? This wasn't a coincidence since it happened whenthe markings showed up on my body after going through a couple of oddly suspicious flashes ofmy past. It was impossible…and to add up to that, only a week before the rift incident took place,Which almost looked like a fever dream or more close to a nightmare.The pages on the book felt brand new even though They had been there for more than seventeen years,I felt a strange aura that resonated with me coming from the book. It was weird but comforting. Never had I felt anything close to the ambiance in my life since my innate talent had not awakened yet.The pages contained so much information on the possibilities of what my innate talent could awaken as. Still, most importantly, I had more to know about the family that I came from. They were the first rankedamong the five powerhouses: The House of Angels, Fiend Famiglia, The House of Blue moo
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Revenge, the only option.
Furious from what I'd seen until now, I got up, walked into our house to change, and started thinking about how I could take down this filth that put itself so high. The main target is the House of Royal Angels, followed by other big families. I was still disgusted by the previous encounter in those visions. Taking out a bunch of herbs I used as painkillers. I got a bunch of old blank papers and started writing down what I needed to do to resurrect the DracoFists.The main reason I was even alive was by sheer luck or coincidence, definitely not skill. "I should get myself some good armor." The only issue is the lack of money. I really needed a TEC(Talent Evaluation Card), which you could only get from being a part of a family or a branch of the big family. I did not have the luxury. Unfortunately, I had to resort to using my undeveloped powers.A wave of fatigue hit me like a truck, and the main reason was that I had stayed locked up so long by myself. I needed some re
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