Chapter 119 Desert Dungeon

Tolly shook his head vigorously and was lost for words. Apparently, his new runic formation was so special to him.

“Are you pleased with the new runic formation I’ve made for you,” asked Maria smilingly

Wiping away the ice cream on his face, Tolly nodded with a faint smile, “I have to say you’re a prodigy, Maria. It looks like you have to go to study at Fanta Castle with me together.”

“As you please,” said Maria, “You know I’m tired of my life here in the Wesilver school. I need some adventures, too.”

“Then it’s a deal. When I come back from the Pole Cold Island, you have to go with me,” said Tolly while staring at her flawless face.

“Okay,” said Maria, “I think it will be the wisest decision you’ve ever made.”

Blinking her sloe-like eyes, Maria stared back at Tolly, her lips curving up into a big smile.

“See you then, Maria,” said Tolly, “I think now it’s time for us to go.”

Luna, Peggy, and Tolly waved her goodbye and walked out of her shop together. The wind outside started to blow
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