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By: John Parrish OngoingFantasy

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“Deucalion stop! you don’t have to do this, it’s me you want” yelled Bobby as Deucalion raised his claw into the air and almost rips Charlie throat. “So now the almighty Bobby Thompson begs, is it because he is your son? was my son not worth it?” look me in the eye and answer me! roared Deucalion. Looking defeated, Bobby stood up “he crossed the line Deucalion you know that he involved people who weren’t involved in this, my daughter! And I didn’t kill him.” Deucalion now surprised, itching “who then killed Steele?” he asked Deucalion still strangling Charlie who was almost unconscious now. “Well, I suppose it will be me”, an unknown figure walked from the darkness into the light. “I am not your enemy here, I am just a necessary tool that will help you to achieve your revenge against your enemy, so do you want avenge your son or do what is right?” he said as he looked at them grinning.

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  • SummerInk


    nice I love this book. the pacing is well and I love deucalion

    2022-08-16 17:28:17
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chapter 1
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLD CREEKBY JOHN PARRISHCHAPTER 1: PILOTOn a rainy night on mile 22, the loud thunderstorm muffled the sounds of screams of the young female teenager which echoed throughout the woods as she was been chased by an animal that she couldn’t see. With every step, she took she could hear its rancid breath down her neck. Terror and fear took control as she scurried down the woods and kick a climbing root and fell. she quickly tried to get up and turn around to check if it was still chasing her. she couldn’t see anything; instead of her being comforted that she was safe, she was more afraid now.She then heard a wolf howl which echoed everywhere, she couldn’t figure where exactly it came from as the sound came from everywhere and it was all quiet now the cricket stopped chirping, the winds stopped bellowing, the owls and the forest became quiet now then it leaped as the lightning struck and, in a flash, she was dead. THE NEXT MORNING“Good morning c
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Chapter 2
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLD CREEKBY JOHN PARRISHCHAPTER 2: PREDATORBobby and Klay had a quiet journey home, and talked very little which Klay noticed and asked Bob what was wrong? Bobby shrugged it off saying he felt kind of sick being there, after all, he was Ethan’s boy scout leader when he was younger, and they had some kind of bond.While it was true, Klay knew that bobby was bullshitting him because he had that kind of look as if he was caught with his pants down. While bobby kept checking the time on his watch. Then he highlighted at a nearby café and called his wife that they had a lot to talk about.Catherine, Bobby’s wife came to the café. In the café, they met each other for the first time and always celebrated their wedding anniversary. She stared at the signpost hanging overhead in front of her with little bright lights blinking around the name ‘marina café’ she went into the café and greeted the owner Sherilynn who have managed the café for the past years succe
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Chapter 3
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLD CREEKBY JOHN PARRISHCHAPTER 3: PARA BELLUM“Charlie! Nathan! John!” Shouted Mr. Bobby, minute by minute they all trooped down to the living room where they saw their parents waiting for them eagerly.Charlie whose heart was racing thought it was about him not setting a perfect example for the twins to follow wanted to speak up but he was hushed.“Well, your cousins from Mallane county will be coming to visit us during the weekend and I want all of you on your best behavior especially you John.”“Dad the last time it was” ……” keep quiet boy thundered Bobby you set his sleeping tent on fire while he was sleeping, you could have killed him. well, that’s all or is there anything I should know about?”Charlie thought hard about whether he should tell them about Steele then he decided against doing so they all replied in unison no.As the boys left Catherine looked at bobby shocked” why didn’t you tell the boys about your findings?” that you know you ar
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Chapter 4
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLDCREEKBY JOHN PARRISHChapter 4: CALL 911Bobby went to the county police station to see his friend Klay to know if he had got any breakthrough with the case yet only to get there and see Klay hadn’t reported for duty yet so he decided to wait a little while looking at the chart board on the wall with ribbons pinned on them and a big question mark at the center of it.After thirty minutes of waiting for him, Klay ran in quickly to his desk, coffee in hand and donut in the other hand files folded under his arm, Buttons not properly buttoned sat down and greeted Bobby.Bobby looking at klay asked “don’t lie to me man when last did you sleep?” klay taking a sip of his coffee leaned across the desk towards him and said “he hadn’t slept for the past three days”“Yoo! klay face help me with that stapler and pins mines not working” asked Davis“here replied here it is ”klay said as he tossed it to Davis. He then looked at Bobby who was relaxing in his chair
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Chapter 5
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLDCREEKBY JOHN PARRISHChapter 5: VULTURESBobby and his partner Ranger Dwight McGee patrolled the woods with their all-terrain four-wheel-drive jeep stopped near a little pool of water and contemplated on whether they should call it a day.Bobby's hand on the jeep window looked into the horizon blinded by the sunlight got out of his car and called Dwight. “Hey man, come see!” Dwight using his left hand to shield his face from the light reflecting from bobby's watch asked “what is it?” as he moved towards him.Look over their bobby said 400 meters dead ahead of us as he pointed to the sky. Dwight looking up blinded by the sun dipped his hands into his pocket and got his sunglasses and wore it quickly“I don’t see anything” said Dwight looking at the sky! Bobby shouted “it's just vultures’ man nothing else.” Bobbie looking at the rookie ranger shook his head saying “when vultures are gathered like that, that many something is amiss, and it's worth a ch
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Chapter 6 : the memorial and the hallway
Chapter 6Charlie and Chris noticed it was a gloomy day while they walked to the school hall where they held a memorial for Ethan and Dorathy. Dorathy graduated from the school five years ago. Mason, his brother was present with his parents they all wore lack colored clothes while his mother had a veil on hers.The principal walked up to the podium and adjusted his tie walked with authority to the pulpit.“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, it is with great regret to meet under these circumstances. Ethan was a good and vibrant kid who was very loving and caring. He treated everybody with compassion. He didn’t discriminate between people of different races or religions he was just free.”“He was a good boy” he said.Mr white dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a handkerchief and sniffled his nose. He then took off his glasses and told the students to” hold a minute silence for Ethan and Dorathy” while he struggled to hold back a tear. Chris looking at Abby who entere
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Chapter 7
THE HOSPITAL Chapter 7 The middle-aged man shoved bobby and held him to the wall. Bobby seeing that shit had hit the fan quickly pushed the man off him and made to run only to be blocked by the other lady and Deucalion. Deucalion who was in his hospital robes saw bobby and quickly flared up shouting "you want to complete what you started. That he survived the attack on his life." Bobby now shocked from hearing the "attack on his life "quickly surprised him with a blow from the middle-aged man Hector who was of Mexican descent to his right jaw. Bobby staggering fell on the water dispenser machine which he knocked down spilling water all over the flow. The middle-aged woman Veronica used a Zimmer frame that she got from Deucalion hospital room and swung it across bobby who evaded it with the agility of a circus performer. Bobby seeing that they want to back him to the wall fully experienced went straight for hector with a left hook which made hector bring his guard down by protecti
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DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLDCREEKBY JOHN PARRISHChapter 8.“Hello, uncle bobby it’s me troy …. hello? Ummm dad I think networks out.”“Shit!” muttered the elderly man wearing a folded long sleeve looking out his window into the woods thinking how he could forget the address.“Language dad!” he said he pressed his phone finding cell coverage. “Well, we can always drive into town and find the police station and make a call. My uncle Bobby is a ranger so I think the policemen ought to know him after all it’s a small town.”Troy’s dad Lucas seeing the sense in what his son said started the ignition and the car picked then he drove past the sign “Welcome to old creek “population 2000…“it’s a small town” he said to himself as he turned the radio searching for a song.“Carry on my wayward son!”“There will be peace when you are done”“Lay your weary head to rest”“Don’t you cry no more…. blasted through the speakers as he nodded his head in nostalgia. Lucas looked at his son Troy wh
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Chapter 9
DEUCALION AND THE WEREWOLVES OF OLDCREEKBY JOHN PARRISHThe history lessons.“Well during my recruit days in the council back in the 90s. I was part of a group called VB111 in the army. The government created it, especially for special humans who had altered DNA which gave them enhanced abilities that could be used on the battlefield.” “Strength, speed, agility name it they all had it. With rigorous training, the government tried to add tactical and weapons training to the training which looked crude to them. We were the idea of the ideal or perfect soldiers.”“We were taught advanced courses on foreign languages like Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and any other major language name it, we had an idea.”Bobby adjusting in his chair continued “we were around fifty to sixty people said bobby looking at the ceiling.”“We were yelled at, tortured,” said bobby“Tortured!” Lucas looked at him surprised.They said “it was advanced training to see our individual pain threshold Bobby l
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