Chapter 120 Spirit of Desert

“You mean this is a desert dungeon?” said Tolly while gaping at Luna in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Luna said flatly, “but I’m not sure of it. It looks like there’s no use flying around here. I must walk and find the exit hidden somewhere in the desert.”

“But where’s the exit? I guess before we get out of here, we’ll die because of the heat,” said Peggy while looking at the hot sun in the sky.

“That means we have to act quickly,” said Tolly, “let’s start now! But before we searched for the exit, we’d better not go our separate ways. Otherwise, even if we find the exit, we probably have to start to look for one another.”

“You’ve got a point there, Tolly,” said Luna, “but where should we start?”

“Probably we can start to look for the exit in the direction of the north. The last time we got out of the Reflection Dungeon, the exit was located in the north anyway,” said Peggy.

They started to look for the exit in the direction of the northern part of the desert. Yet, until they were thirsty did not
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