Chapter 122 Purple Berry

[Name: Universe Golden Cauldron]

[Owner: Tolly McCoy]

[Level: 8 as an ordinary alchemist]

[Vital Energy: 4780]

[Spirit Heritage: High-grade Level One but upgradable]

[Main Art Owned: Energy Absorption Techniques, complete]

[Layer 1 at Stage 4: Red Lotus Leaf Technique, complete]

[Notice: Red Lotus Leaf Technique is an art handed down from generation to generation since ancient times. It’s been said it has long been lost. Practitioners who have gained the Red Lotus Leaf will absorb the vital energy of their enemies and transform enemies’ attacking powers into their own use.]

Tolly was amazed that he had already been an ordinary alchemist of level eight.

‘Fantastic,’ thought he, “I’ve never expected that I can upgrade so fast.’

Looking at the points of his vital energy, he discovered that he still had 4780 points, which meant he could consume more to break through to another new level.

Without any hesitation, he closed his eyes again, trying to meditate and let the vital energy inside h
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