A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower

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A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower

By: Runaway_Cactuar OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A nerdy engineer was brutally murdered with regrets in his heart. When he transmigrated into a magical world of Knights and Mages, he decided to live for himself this time around and to chase after his longtime dream- to start a big family filled with love and lots of kids from lots of wives! In order to protect himself and his loved ones in this harsh new world, he resourcefully forged era-ending weapons never meant to be fired in this world. To the Knights, Mages, Emperors, and even the Gods of this world, he proclaimed, “me transire, si audes! (cross me, if you dare!)”

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  • Christopher 2003


    The book is good. Need more r-18 chapters.

    2023-04-09 08:42:04
  • Christopher


    It is a good book need more r-18 scene.

    2022-11-10 05:38:31
  • Toribio Avalos Mora


    I like it but give me more

    2022-09-01 13:30:26
  • franc wong



    2022-07-26 23:03:53
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61 chapters
Prologue: The Funeral of a Patriarch
A/N: Hello! And welcome to my novel. This prologue is set after the end of the main story, and is not essential to the plot. I included it because it would give a lot of context and characterization I felt an isekai/transmigration novel normally wouldn't have in the beginning of a story. It's recommended to read, but if you don't want spoilers, please skip it and go straight to Chapter 1. My personal writing philosophy has been: if my novel solely relied on shock and surprise to entertain my readers, then I did a piss-poor job of writing it. So even knowing how it all ends, I hope you'll enjoy the heck outta the journey!***Today is too beautiful of a day for a funeral. Not a single speck of white cloud taints the lake-blue sky. The gentle warmth of the sun is accompanied by the occasional breeze from the Fae Mountains. In the background, the mighty flow of the Acheron River roars relentlessly. Dad loved this type of weather. Whenever a day like this rolled around, he'd always drop
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Chapter 1: My (New) Name Is Rummy
I opened my eyes after closing them for what seemed like an eternity. It appeared that I’m laying on my back on top of a wooden cart. My head throbbed in pain. My eyes slowly adjusted to the radiant sunlight under the blue cloudless sky. For somebody who only goes outdoors to reenact WWII battles because the sky in the 21st century was often covered in smog, this was truly a rare and beautiful sight. I died. I know I died. I was shot twice in the chest and thrown out of the window in my office. So where am I?Was this the Afterlife? If so, it smelled like… spiced rum?I got up and looked around. I was laying on top of a pile of busted rum barrels, soaked in said rum. Oh, that might explain the mother of all headaches that I was experiencing. Did I land on this cart? If so, where did I come from? I looked 15 meters ahead of me and saw a crowd of people standing next to a stage in a bustling city square pointing and laughing at me. Hmm, that was odd. I looked down at myself, and then
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Chapter 2: What’s My Dream?
“Back off, kid. This is none of your fucking business.” A man in black t-shirt and jeans with slicked-back hair warned me menacingly. “Never said it was. I was just wondering if I can help you guys resolve this understanding like a good samaritan.” I replied in a faux-cheerful tone. “I don’t need none of that either. This is a private conversation between me and this girl. Now scram!” He pulled out a switchblade from his back pocket to emphasize his point. This greaser-wannabe was clearly a pervert trying to kidnap this petite blonde girl about my age. Now, I wished I could judo flip this scumbag into the trash can, but fun fact: not every Asian-American knows how to fight. Fortunately, I didn’t need to play the martial arts hero. Behind him, I saw a group of 5 teenagers rushing here, probably for her. So all I’ve gotta do is stall.“Great! In that case, maybe you can help me since you seem to know your way around here. Do you know where Fajardo Middle School is? It’s my first day
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Chapter 3: Yer a Wizard, Rummy
Wow, couldn’t believe it’d been half a year already since I transmigrated. As I suspected, I had a much better knack for ranged combat than I do melee. I’d also become a much more capable outdoorsman. And thanks to my “superpower” of >, I had fully committed to memory the “Poisoned- Do NOT eat” list and the “OK to eat” list. And I’d improved so much while staying under the radar- I didn’t make friends (Roshan is an exception), I didn’t try to stand out, and I didn't make trouble. Things were scary at first, but I finally felt like I had my legs under me. I had a much deeper understanding of my new home world after chatting with Roshan and cross-checking these facts with other sources. For example, I surmised that the Holy Artorian Empire had an agrarian-based economy, with an emerging artisan and service industry in cities. Its unit of currency is the crown. One copper coin is worth 1 crown. One silver coin is worth 100 crowns. One gold coin is worth 10000 crowns. Ty
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Chapter 4: So Much for an Uneventful Field Trip
AN: Spoiler-free map of the Wilds [https://imgur.com/ptX1v4t]***“You okay?” I offered my hand to Roshan, who is on the ground at the moment with a few cuts and bruises.“Yeah, friend Rummy. I’ll be fine.” Roshan cheerfully replied.“I don’t know how you can still be cheerful after those Yellow Shirt assholes roughed you up.” I said with an irritated tone. “It’s been 3 fucking moons. What kind of moron gang recruits people by constantly harassing them? Forget saving the Empire- I wouldn’t trust these guys to save a drowning fish!”3 months ago, the Yellow Shirts approached me as Roshan predicted. These pretentious pricks called themselves the “Imperial Restoration Society”. Sadly for them, I’m not the naive fool I was in my first life. So I asked how they plan on restoring the Empire- a simple question they should have a rehearsed answer for. Yet, they stammered for like a minute and told me it’s not for a peasant like me to know their grand plans.Yikes. I wasn’t planning to hitch
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Chapter 5: A Brain Freeze to Die for
“You… you’re not seriously considering going after it? Are you?” One of the deadweights asked, completely forgetting his decorum in front of his commanding officer.“Of course we are! We have to track it and evacuate any settlements this monster approaches! Have you forgotten your duties as a Ranger?!?” For the first time in this 2-week patrol, Vinnick showed a displeased scowl. “Ser! No I have not! I… I was merely pointing out that it is better to rush back to the castle for reinforcement!” The deadweight replied in defense, with a slightly higher pitch.“There are dozens of settlers in the Northwestern Settlement and the Logging Camp, and they are doomed if we don’t warn them in time. Do I look like a coward pretending to be a Ranger to you, Mitt?” Vinnick stared down the deadweight with the intensity of a midday sun. “No ser!” The deadweight’s pitch went an octave higher. “I was thinking maybe we should send the trainees back as messengers to the Legate. They’d be useless in a fi
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Chapter 6: Wicked Witches of the Western Wilderness
Time really flies when you’re not fighting a Champion mana-beast to the death. Luckily, almost 3 years passed without any other life-threatening happening to me as I completed my first tour of duty in the Legion. Despite being in a different Cohort, Roshan and I kept in touch. He was clearly being bullied by the Yellow Shirt asshats (who also had the connections to avoid serving in the Ranger Cohort). But he insisted that things were fine and that life is peachy for him. Well, I couldn’t help him beyond teaching him how to at least land a right cross. I may not consider myself to be this guy’s BFF, but he did help me fill in massive knowledge gaps about this world (and basic reading comprehension). So the least I could do was to repay favor with favor. After all, I am NOT those people. I am Rummy of Carnwennan. I would NEVER be an ungrateful parasite who took things for granted. Well, I hoped things would get better for him in the future...Anyways, that epic fight (it wasn’t epic a
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Chapter 7: Welcome to the Big Leagues
After a brief nap, I woke up mildly refreshed and resumed my pursuit. The goal today was to stay around 250 meters away this time. There would be no crystal harvesting this time- after all, I was sure whatever crazy shit I’d see today would be more valuable than mere crystals.How did I know? Because they’d arrived at the east bank of the Acheron River. Vinnick once told me that even if you were strong enough to swim across this torrential river roughly 1-2 klicks wide, the mana-beasts in the river would never turn down a free meal. Fighting aquatic mana-beasts in the water was a fool’s errand. These Witches had to have come here specifically due to some intel, and I doubt that their source was capable of surviving past the Acheron. So most likely, whatever they’re after is somewhere nearby, at the east bank of the river. I put on a sound bootie made of bear furs on my boots to further reduce the noise level. Slowly, but surely, I followed the tracks of the Witches. I was about 400 m
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Chapter 8: The Shame of the Weak
For a person who prided himself as an engineer who could solve any problem, facing a problem with no good solution was literally the worst feeling in the world. Every tactic from the annals of Wikipedia was considered. But not a single one that could decisively tip the scale in my favor due to the massive disparity in power. Every battle plan I could think of relied on the Witches heavily dropping their guard in the middle of this forest, which I just couldn’t see happening based on the skill and professionalism they’d shown thus far. In the end, I decided that since I had no viable way to rescue the prisoner, and I refused to simply walk away from it all like a little bitch, I would attempt a third option, one that would require the prisoner’s consent. Around noon, I managed to catch up to the Witches as they began their lunch break. After making some preparations, I climbed up on a tree about 10 meters tall and 200 meters from the prisoner Elf. With my >, I was able to
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Chapter 9: Attack on Carnwennan
“Honestly, how do they expect me to swing a hammer all day after eating this slop?” I finished my tasteless wheat porridge in frustration. I couldn’t believe I’m saying this, but I missed risking my life in that death jungle- at least I got to eat meat when I killed things. Looking back, the poor kid’s body was pretty malnourished when I landed in it. Thanks to 3 years of constant hunting in the Wild as a Ranger, I was able to fill up my boney frame with some honest-to-goodness muscles. Heck, there were days when I felt like my mana reserve grew to unimaginable heights. I know that’s not physically possible, but it sure felt like it. “It’s not so bad, friend Rummy. I kinda like the simplicity of porridge. Besides, it’s better than nothing!” Roshan, the ever-friendly doormat, cheerfully replied as he got up. We’re just about to be done with lunch in the mess hall. Time to head back to the forge on that 72 hour work-week grind (Can somebody invent Saturday yet?).It had been a quiet 3
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