O, Your Holiness!

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O, Your Holiness!

By: Soma OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Langit, an ordinary teacher, died in an accident. He wake up in a new world Valandria, but to his surprise, not as Hero or even as human, but a skeleton. He was reincarnated in a catacombs full of undead and creatures of darkness. The catacombs itself was just a small part of Magna City, a cursed city that become nest for monsters, ghosts, and curses over the ears, as well as the most dangerous place in Valandria. With a guide system he called The Narrator, Langit started his second life in never-ending struggle to survive and to reach the highest level possible. But before that, to celebrate his new life, he changed his name to O. Yes, just one alphabet: O. A letter similar to number 0 (zero); a philosophical symbol that he would start his life again from zero. Whatever happen in this new life, he can't be like his weak, old self. Can O survive in this life, or more importantly, to be at the top of evolution? Enjoy his struggle to become the strongest as he unravel the secrets of the cursed city!

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Chapter 1 : Am I Dead?
[Welcome to Valandria] In Langit’s all-dark vision, the texts flickered. There was no sound, no scent, not even could he feel the tightness of the muscles in his body. "Am I dead?" Langit replayed the last moments that were drawn in his memory. *** Langit has just returned from school where he works even though working hours are not over yet. A letter of layoffs (Termination of Employment) flew to his desk this morning. And that means no more work today, nor tomorrow. “You are fired, Sir. It’s been a pleasure to work with you." "Of course you guys are happy. My pay is no more than a cleaning service officer at the mall.” Langit worked as a teacher in a private school. People thought that the expensive private school fees would definitely provide a large salary for their employees. But in reality, it was not. Langit's wage isn't even worth it. Not only is it barely feasible, it doesn't even obey the government regulations. The workload and working time rivaled that of a u
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Chapter 2: My Name is O
The human nervous system regulates every action and response of the body by exchanging signals through receptor cells. The human nervous system is formed by the brain, spinal cord, and somatic and autonomic nerves. From that part, the somatic nerves function to capture stimuli that are on the outside of the body such as the skin. Therefore, Langit could feel neither texture nor temperature when his hand touched the coffin's lid. He couldn't feel anything, because his current form was that of a skeleton without flesh and skin. "Uwaaaaaaah!!" Langit could not believe what he was seeing. He looked at his hands, then at his feet, then at his body. Everything was just bones. Langit didn't realize that when he waved his hand to erase the flickering text in his vision before. Now, when he realized that his whole body was just bones, he couldn't help but become hysterical. "Uwaa! Uwa! Aaaaa!" ..... ... Langit screamed for more than 20 minutes. His hands already touched every inch of the
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Chapter 3: Before the Adventures Begin
"Hey, Narrator," O called out to the voice in his head as Narrator. Narrator was actually not the correct term, but he didn't care. "Where am I?" ""You are in Magna City, Master,"" the manly and macho voice seemed not to mind being called by the Narrator. ""You are now in the catacombs under the City of Magna."" "Hoo, graves, huh," O stroked his non-existing beard, "So I was reborn as an undead in the city's catacombs." O didn't protest. He had fully accepted his fate. Instead, he showed interest now.In his previous life, O often heard about the catacombs in other countries which became tourist destinations. So far he had only been able to experience it via the internet, dreaming of visiting the catacombs as a tourist. Too bad that his salary as a teacher didn't even allow him to have a nice vacation in his own country. However, take a look now, he was in a real catacomb, not a virtual tour let alone just seeing pictures. O couldn't wait to explore the catacombs where it comes to
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Chapter 4: Chaught off-guard
Imagine that you were fast asleep in your comfortable and tightly closed room. It was already late at night and the only lighting was your fluorescent sleep lamp, adding more comfort to your sleep. Then, you wake up because someone's voice was heard from another room. You were curious and carefully opened the bedroom door; peek through the gap in the door in expectation that the source of the sound was from your lover. But when the door was half open, you just remembered that you had been single for years and you lived alone in that house. Then that thing that made noise in your house noticed you, who were peeking from the bedroom. And it lunged at you ... Would you be scared? Of course, or at least you will be hysterical. That's how O felt as the silhouette at the end of the hall came running towards him with a voice that clearly neither came from humans nor animals. "Aaaaah!" O screamed at the top of his lungs (he didn't even has one) as the silhouette was two steps away from him
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Chapter 5: The First Victory
O stopped all his movements and pretended to be dead (even though,techincally, he was already dead). This creeping zombie must had moved here because of the noise from his struggles a while ago. O tried to find a way out in this tight circumstance and time. Opponents surrounded him from the front and the rear. His weapon was still far away, and O wasn't sure what resistance he could put up with his condition now. ""Danger alert! Your left calf has been fractured. The damage rate is getting higher. Assimilation rate used to restore to perfect state: 0.03%."" O didn't have time anymore. Act now or die in vain. If he fought back and died, at least he tried, right? O collected all the information he got so far. First, these undeads were aiming for him, but they couldn't distinguish the vital parts. This was proven when the zombie that O first encountered did not specifically target the core crystal, but the closest body part. Second, these undeads could see and hear their prey, but la
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Chapter 6: Into the Magic?
grAh! GRrggh! Strange voices echoed from behind the darkness at the end of the hall. Behind that darkness, there was still a room or whatever that must have accommodated more zombies.The noises from the batlle a while ago had disturbed the undeads. O was fortunate that no zombie came running in as there was no more lamplight beyond the point where he now stood. "We'd better back off. Restrategize.” O voiced his thoughts. He did not realize that he started to have a new habit. He immdiately rushed to safety in the room where he came back to life. “Narrator, display the skill list!” O felt like he immediately became good in using staff for no reason. O turned to the third page of the list and found the answer to his guess. ~List of Passive Skills~ Magic Mastery (Lv.1) Staff Mastery (Lv.1) Mace Mastery (locked) Shield Mastery (locked) “Oh, no wonder I can swing this club like a pro fighter.” Apparently, O's passive ability to use a staff-type weapon had been unlocked. O rememb
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Chapter 7: New Skills
You guys might be wondering ... how was it possible that O, a (former) teacher whose job is to educate the nation's young generation, keeps on cursing?Well, at first, O wasn't like that at all. He was an innocent person inside and out, even to the way he spoke.However, time and circumstances changed him. In his previous life, people tended to be unable to differentiate between innocent and kind; good people were too often associated with innocence, sincerity, and patience. In other words, good people were often people who didn't fight back; a weaklings.O realized it at the last few years of his career (as well as his life). So he fought. He refused to be the one who was always wronged, the one who always made the sacrifices, and the one who always gave up. When people gaslighted him, O would respond by swearing. Of course, with a graceful style such as the use of irony and satire. After all, as a teacher, O still had to maintain the image of an intellectual, right? However, there
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Chapter 8: Investigation Mission (1)
O began to open the door with his trembling hand. If he had sweat glands, his whole body would be wet by now. A growling sound from behind the door traveled through the air, reflected off the walls of the room made of hard and compacted earth.Have you ever been to a safari park and seen a male lion roaring from your safari car? O have experienced it. The iron bars and thick glass of the safari car that ensured his safety could not prevent the lion's roar from shaking his guts. This time too, the sound that came from behind the door was like the roar of a lion, even more sinister than O could remember. Behind the door, O found a large passage. This passage was exactly like the first one he had entered after returning to life as a Lich. O thought, if every area was made with a similar architecture like this, the existence of a map probably wouldn't help him at all ...But O kept going foward anyway. If the architecture of this area was the same, then after the dimly lit large hall, th
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Chapter 9: Investigation Mission (2)
The roaring sound really came from a beast. A huge, scary beast. O's vision of a male lion came true, many times over. The monster in the room took the form of a white lion and had a pair of wings of the same color. The monster's size was so big that the huge room was almost full. Even scarier, the monster wasn't really alive … Part of the flesh on the monster's body had fallen off, revealing its pale white bones. Even the monster's organs were bursting out; his intestines blurted across the floor; its collapsed lungs dangling; its torn hull dripped with acid that made the hard ground puff out smoke. One wing was broken and the tip was dangling, while the other wing only had a bit of skin and a few long strands of hair. Part of the monster's face also fell off. His golden yellow eyes spun wildly like a pair of googly eyes. On the monster's forehead, a purple-black magic circle glowed. In that state, the monster was still howling and struggling. The monster seemed to be trying to bre
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Chapter 10: Investigation Mission (3)
O panicked. He was trying to break free from the cage he had created himself, meanwhile the magic circle underneath his feet grew brighter as if it was about to explode. “Aaah! Wait! Wait! Ceasefire!"O managed to escape from the stone cage and ran towards the door. However, the circle didn't stand still, but followed his steps…“Shiiit! This is not fair!"The light from the magic circle grew brighter, making O's tension and panic soared to the sky. In that state, O remembered his crazy idea: separate the crystal core from his body.O's still intact hand reached into his hollow ribs and reached for its thumb-sized core crystal. He threw the core crystal towards the door, while his body turned around and ran towards the monster instead.“To hell with the rescue mission! I don't want to die anymore!” O lunged at the monster, right at the head where a black-purple magic circle glowed. If this holy magic was fatal to him, it must be the same for this undead monster in the form of a winge
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