Chapter 127 Love Bulldozer
“Love?” asked Peggy while gaping at Luna in surprise, “Are you mad, too, Luna? why are you so excited?”

Peggy started to put her hand on Luna’s forehead and felt whether she had a fever or something.

“What are you doing, Peggy? I’m not sick,” said Luna, still excited, a tinge of red suffusing her flawless face, “Tolly’s words just now gave me inspiration. I think I’ve already found out the way to deal with Dagger Mountain before us.”

“Really?” said Peggy, widening her big round eyes. Her lips curving a little bit into a smile, she also started to get excited, “please tell us now.”

“The secret lies in the word ‘Love’. To get rid of hatred, all we have to do is show our love,” explained Luna confidently, his eyes glittering with glimmers.

“Thank you, Luna,” said Tolly excitedly, too, “you’re a prodigy. How can you figure it out?”

“I’ve just said I’ve got inspiration from your words. Only love can melt hatred made from stone and iron,” said Luna, “So I figure probably we have to mak
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