Harem Ethics 101

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Harem Ethics 101

By: Z.R. Wake Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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After a mysterious woman gives Bryan the boot from his reality, he finds himself in a bit of a predicament: Graduate from Chromaryn Academy or face execution. To make it to graduation and keep his head, he will need to grow stronger with his magic and form a team to help him overcome any obstacle. Strangely enough, except for Bryan, only women join his team... According to him, this is a byproduct of “calculated luck”… Whatever that means…


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01. Do You Wish You Could Start Again?
“Hey, Bryan,” a feminine, melodic voice said. Someone lightly thumped down into the seat next to me in the top row of the university lecture hall. Golden, slightly wavy blonde hair framed the soft features of her face and flowed just past her shoulders. Flawless skin with a healthy tan. A crimson v-neck blouse showcasing her impressively distracting cleavage. Lean legs encased in tight jeans, and judging by those legs, I’d be willing to bet my life her ass was firm, yet shapely. I blinked stupidly at her. “Uh, hi?” The corners of her lips curled into a coy grin, her pale green eyes snagging my attention. “You look bored…” I’d been fantasizing about cannonballing out the nearby window the past hour to escape yet another rant about the importance of heat expansion when designing a house. You don’t know the half of it… “You got me,” I chuckled. Ordinarily I’d be more interested in why a random stranger knew my name, but I decided to make the very dignified decision of putting th
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02. People Have Been Disappearing...
I had no idea where I was, my dick was still rock-hard, and everyone around me was either fleeing or shouting at me in a language I didn’t understand. Five men in brown leather armor with swords at their hips cautiously crept forward and started fanning out around me. They each wore a patch emblazoned with the black and white profile of a woman’s face over a sky blue background. I backpedaled and raised my hands in what I hoped was a calming gesture. A few sets of eyes flicked down to the bulge in my pants before giving me a grimace. One of the men pointed at me and shot out a string of heated, foreign words. My back thumped against the door. “Hey, guys, I’m just as confused as you are.” Their aggressive postures didn’t relax and no comprehension showed on their faces. What the hell are you doing? They clearly don’t understand you… One of the men barked something and was answered with the rasps of swords being unsheathed as the men drew their weapons. Flight won out over fig
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03. I'm a What?
“Huh?” I stared blankly at the elf. “I’ll take that as a yes…” “Y-you speak English?” “I don’t know what that is. We’re speaking Lyrian,” he said in a detached matter-of-fact tone. “I… are you sure? I’m no–” Impatience leaked into his voice as he cut me off and pointed to the band of iron around my finger. “The ring translates your speech into Lyrian and allows you to understand it. It also filters your perception so you hear yourself and others speak in your native tongue.” A hot woman appears out of nowhere, does weird mind control voodoo, drags you to a bathroom, and shoves you from the doorway of said bathroom into a place with elves and magic. The machinery which governed my view of what’s possible broke down, its inner workings becoming a mess of dysfunctional twisted metal. I decided to just roll with it and worry about the busted thing in my head later. If I was dreaming then that’s cool, I’ll wake up eventually… And if I was going crazy I might as well hang out wi
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04. Me, Myself, and I
I’d spent the next three days in a barred wagon with a thick, black cloth tarp firmly fixed in place over it. The obsidian fabric had let just enough light pass through it to dimly illuminate my surroundings, but wasn’t sheer enough to see outside. Inside the cage, there had only been an itchy straw mattress and a bucket. And my only contact with any other people had been when the same three guards delivered my ‘food’ each day. One with the tray while the other two pointed spears.I’d mentally named them ‘Bitchy Spice’, ‘Garbage Spice’, and ‘Martin’. Bitchy Spice because he’d constantly bitched about everything, Garbage Spice because he smelt like garbage, and Martin because he just looked like a Martin to me. All three had one thing in common though: No matter who brought the tray, it’d always ended up ‘accidentally’ falling to the floor, sending most of the ‘food’ splattering across the planks. All three men had cackled each time as though they were comedic pioneers fine-tuning a
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05. Welcome to Stone Lock
My nerves flickered into fascination as I took in the young woman who opened the door.Messy black hair flowed just past her shoulders and looked like she rolled out of bed moments ago. Impenetrable darkness covered the entirety of her eyes, not a hint of color or white sclera to be seen. Flawless, smooth skin the color of unblemished paper. A face composed of elegant, sharp facial features completed by inviting lips of an extremely light gray. Long, elven ears poked out from her mane of soft hair. A pale shoulder peeked out from a loose-fitting scarlet sweater, while the tips of her toes were just visible from the baggy midnight-blue pants. Both garments were made from a thick fabric that looked soft to the touch.My eyes dragged momentarily as I noticed the vague outline of her breasts and slender hips.It was as though she were a monochromatic inked illustration that’d come to life before donning the uniform of one on a mission to eat ice cream and binge a show they’ve seen a m
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06. So... It's Just Us Here Then?
“Fifty-three years!?” I sputtered. I’d had the impression that outworlders weren’t super common, but isn’t this a jail or something for outworlders? And there hasn’t been one to come through in at least fifty-three years? But also… “There’s no way you’re a day over thirty…” I said, unable to hide my mixture of surprise and suspicion. Her attempt at professionalism cracked as she snickered. “I’m a shadow primal and am magically gifted, I age slowly.” “Oh…” I said, “What’s a shadow primal?”“My… aren’t we curious?” she teased, seeming to grow more relaxed as she tentatively let her tone thaw into something less coolly detached. “A shadow primal is the offspring of a human or elf and a shadow elemental.”“How does that work?” I asked, the image of a dude unsuccessfully trying to bang a shadow cropping up in my imagination.“I think I’ll decline on explaining the finer details about the coupling between my parents…” “Fair enough.” I chuckled, pleased that she seemed to prefer a more c
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07. Strip, Mr. Northgate
She drifted forward languidly and sat on the bench a few feet from me, her inky-black gaze never leaving me as a light pink rose in her cheeks. “Is this a recent policy…?” I asked. “It is… But within these walls, ‘policy’ is whatever I see fit.” Her lips curled into a coy smile. “And right now I find it prudent to verify you aren’t bringing anything dangerous into my prison… Now strip, Mr. Northgate.” The gym had been one of my favorite ways to alleviate some of the dread I felt while at university because it had always been as though I were physically pushing out my worries with every rep. But the other benefits were all I cared about at this moment. My aroused grin matched hers as I pulled off my dirty t-shirt to reveal my toned torso. The way her eyes hungrily roamed my chest told me everything I needed to know. Looks like it's not just outworlders who haven’t visited in fifty years… She’s so pent-up, I wonder how long its been since she’s had sex… Her attention slid towar
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08. Alright, Hit Me with the Exposition...
An hour later, I descended the stairs leading to the ground floor of Stone Lock, my body clean and my mind clear once again. Warden Coal was draped gracelessly across one of the couches, reading her smutty novel. She snapped it shut and sat up as I approached. Her solid black eyes turned to me and her mouth curled into a knowing smile. “What took you so long?” “I had some frustration I needed to vent…” I parked myself on the cushion beside hers and leaned back with a satisfied grown as I let my relaxed body slide down. “It’s been forever since I had a chance to sit my ass down on something not made of wood.” “I’m glad it’s to your liking,” she snickered. I rolled my head to the side to look at her and offer a grin. “So, what now?”“Now we talk about magic.”“Finally!” Giddy eagerness filled me in a way I hadn’t felt since I was a kid and found out where my parents hid the Christmas presents. I sat up and repositioned myself to face her more directly.A warm smile formed on her lip
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09. There's Only so Many Slimes in a Forest...
“Relax,” she giggled. Her snow-white fingers closed around the worn leather wrapped handle as she pulled the knife free. The blade was about eight inches in length and made from a dull silvery metal that didn’t reflect the light of the crystals illuminating the room. Its razor sharp edges were symmetrical, elegantly curving towards one another to form a lethal point. “This is a ‘breacher’,” she said as she casually flipped it in her hand to catch the flat of the blade before offering me the hilt. The grip felt as it looked against my fingers: Thoroughly used. The relatively small weapon was also heavier than I expected. “Why’s it so heavy?” “It’s crafted from a dense metal known as anmian; a favorite among alchemists due to its durability and suitability for enchanting.” The strange metal pulled my gaze as though they were oppositely charged magnets. Not a hint of texture stained its smooth surface and no matter how I shifted it, not a drop of light was caught in the flat silvery
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10. A Bit More Complicated…
The warden's palms came up in the universal pantomime for ‘slow down, buddy’. “One at a time, Bryan,” she laughed. “No, it's not possible for someone to gain more fate aspects. There are seven fate aspects and nine divine aspects. I’ve got books for you to look at later outlining the different classes. As for getting divine aspects… that’s a bit more complicated.” “What do you mean?” “The way most of them get one is by being granted one by a god. This usually happens when a god takes an interest in someone’s birth for one reason or another and blesses them with the divine aspect associated with their domain when they’re born. For instance, the goddess of fire would give the flame divine aspect. However, gods have also been known to grant a divine aspect when someone impresses them somehow.” “How so?” “Oh, it depends on the god. The god of light might grant his divine aspect to someone who makes a great discovery, the god of earth might bestow one to a person who tends to a forest…
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