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A massacre occurred in a demon castle with took the life of the "demon king"...and his family ...and miraculously the son of the demon king "LEO MOONLIGHT' survived the massacre. "You damn demigod I gonna kill you " "I'm gonna s slaughter every one of you " "I'm gonna erase your existence from this world." "And you too###### I'm gonna kill you to just you bastard wait for me...I'm coming for you." This is the story of the demon prince LEO MOONLIGHT who wants to take revenge for his beloved once

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18 chapters
Act 0
Two hundred years ago a war broke out between all races the demons, humans, elves, beasts man, and dwarf races. they hate each other and fought each other for their people and lands. all of the races have the same mindset that they were superior beings and no one can win against them.The human kinds have 10 chosen people by gods they have the power of the gods and they know as "demigods", elves have the power of the "world tree", beast man has their own superior physical strength and dwarf has their enchantment weapons but demon-kind was superior to them all even though all of the race combines their power they won't even hold the candle against demon king "Satan".The war has going on for years After lots of slaughter and casualties. all races have come to an agreement that they will stop fighting with each other and live in peace but demon king "Satan" was against it. He knows that he will win the war but after looking at his people and the casualties his kind has.... he agrees w
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Act 1
Two hundred years later Present year(777-aug-1)After the great war, all races Live in peace and harmony .they traded goods, laugh, eat, and sleep with each other it was peaceful but it was only peaceful from the outside.(Human kingdom capital)In the castle, 10 supreme beings are having a meeting they are the "demigods ". "Our ancestors are fools who thought after the war ended all races will Live in peace and harmony there won't be any bloodshed. what bullshit such morons". A handsome man with green hair and green eyes explodes his intense aura in anger. He is none other than the "demigod Isaac" chosen by the "GOD OF GREED".'Issac watch your mouth they aren't fools they are your and our family. Don't forget that power of yours comes from them. if you are not from their bloodline then you don't have that power. So behave yourself." A beautiful lady with blonde hair and yellow eyes said in an angry tone. she's non other than demigod maria chosen by "GOD OF DEATH".Every demigod p
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Act 2
What.....what's going on I know ... I was dying and losing my consciousness just a few seconds ago....so...why am I still in my consciousness....and...I can move my fingers now....and I can feel someone touching me....its feels. like I'm being carried."Leo quite doesn't understand what's going on with him."And I can also hear someone's heavy breathing".*Huff*huff..**Rustling* Rustling*"Damn, I was too late...when I arrived at the castle...those damn filthy humans, how could they do this to my king...and his family ....they gonna pay for what they have done to us...and to our king."A man wearing a black robe muttered.(Author note: from this chapter to the end of the series it gonna be From Leo's POV)I don't know what's going on but I can hear someone's voice...after hearing the voice I tried to open my eyes. "Oh, prince you finally, woke up. How are you feeling ." A man wearing a black robe who was carrying me in his arms asked."Hmm, I'm alright .....wait! What? Why I'm alright
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Act 3
"I'm your big brother Luther Moonlight".*!?* I was shocked when I heard that."What!? but..."."I know it's hard to believe but that is the truth, prince.""If what you're saying is the truth then why mother and father did tell me about you?""Well, it's because they wanted to hide my identity from the world....and you are still a child so you won't understand even if they say this to you.""But Why did they want to hide you from the world?""Hmm, it's because they have a rough idea if the incident that occurred today...ever happened and something went wrong with them then I the first son of the demon king Armaros will take over the throne and lead the demon kingdom "."So to do that I have to know how the world operates and be worthy to sit on the throne and be strong as our father so. we decided that I will be the demon king army soldier and hide my real identity and then after a few years, I became the Commander of the spies group.""But at that time everything changed when you we
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Act 4
(After 3 months At night time.)Surprisingly I lived for 3 months. I didn't think I will live this long ....but everything has there expiration date and I think today is mine. "Don't cry, little brother... it's not your fault that I'm in this situation...I was the one who hides this from you...I did not want to tell you because the only family that has left with you will gonna leave you soon if you had known that then you can't concentrate on your training ...and I don't want to make you worry about me."I tried to console my little brother who is crying next to me while I'm lying on the ground...on the edge of dying."But big brother Luther if... If you had told me then we can figure out together, how to heal you from your internal injuries... You didn't have to hide it from me.""Don't worry, brother I am joyful that I spent these 3 months with you"."And look how much you have grown now....you are a lot stronger than before....and I'm going to where mother, father, and our little
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Act 5
I don't know what to do with this baby so I bring her along with me...And I even gave her a name."What will I do now?"I muttered to myself while pulling the check of the baby who is sleeping quietly on my arm."I put a sleeping spell on her that my big brother taught me."I have no idea what to do with her. I think she is the same age as my little sister.We have a long way ahead of us...I assume it will take us half a month to reach the northern continent. While walking alone in the woods. I take a rest for a while on the riverside.I put the baby underneath the tree...and started to do some training .with the sword that big brother Luther gave to me.I swung the sword the way my brother taught me.Upward⬆️ downward⬇️ right↗️ side left side ↖️and thrust↔️.I repeated it multiple times until I ran out of breath.After that, I sat down next to the baby and closed my eyes, and, gather mana little by little from our surroundings at the center of my body.We demon kind can easily gather
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Act 6
After leaving the village we again entered the woods. I left the village cause I had to go to the Northern continent as soon as possible."Looks like the sun gonna set soon.""I better hunt something to eat for the night ."I tightened the baby on my back with the scarf that I got from the village. And put a sleeping spell on her."Let's go deep into the woods to hunt down something." When I went deep into the forest I heard lots of animal noises coming from every direction.But I had some uncomfortable feelings...cause I feel like something is watching over me from the woods."Oh, A deer!!"When I spotted the deer I approached slowly to it without making a sound.And when I get closed enough I dashed toward it and with help of the sword, I slice its head. I did not even give it a chance to react."Well, you gonna be my meal for two days."*Rustling * Rustling* "What the!?""I think something is approaching us." I tightened the sword in my grip.*Whoosh* *BOOM* "_"*Growl*Growl*
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Act 7
When magical beasts wing "Serpent" and "Wolf "gave me the eggs they left this world by trusting their babies to me.*Phew* "Why am I always stuck in this kind of situation?.""First I have a human baby on my back and now it's two eggs.""Well, I don't mind taking care of them. but I can't do some training."*Wah*Wah*Wah* "Oh, you woke up?? I guess you're hungry now right??""So let me first feed you some milk and then I will cook the deer that I killed before meeting Wing Serpent and Wolf ."I take out the milk from a small bag that the village chief gave me with a scarf and milk.Then I feed her milk from the bottle...I slowly but surely put the bottle tip in the baby's mouth....that way she can drink it well...I don't wanna spill the milk all over her face.After being full by drinking milk she fell asleep. And then I put her into the ground next to the two eggs...and I make sure to put some big leaves on her back so that way she can sleep comfortably on the ground.*Sigh* I sigh
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"Damn you, don't be full of yourself, Prince." While saying that, the soldier dashed toward Leo.The soldier who has a sword in his hands swings it at Leo. But Leo dodged every single swing without any trouble.*Ack* Leo thrust his sword at the soldier. Then he turns and looks at the remaining orcs and soldiers. There are still lots of them left.*Phew* "I have to end this soon. The baby is hungry. I have to feed her.""Let's warp this up!" Leo closes his eyes and concentrates his mana flow, then covers his body with the mana.*DOOM* When Leo opened his eyes, which became the serpent's eyes, everyone flinched when they saw Leo's gaze."D-Demon !? "He is really the son of the demon king, "Amarros,"!" the fearful soldier muttered, looking at Leo."Let's end this."Leo again rushed toward the soldiers and swung his sword.*Ack**Arghhhh* Leo was so fast that the soldier's eyes couldn't even keep up with his speed and he died in the blink of an eye."Now you're the only soldier left..
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Act 9
When I followed the lady, we arrived at the small cottage made of bamboo on the small riverside."So how was the house?" I told you that it was not that big, but you guys can stay here as long as you want."Hmm, your house is beautiful.""Hehe, you don't have to exaggerate it. You can be honest.""No, it's really beautiful even if it was made of only bamboo."Well, actually, I'm not lying about it. It was really stunning. I've never seen a house like this. It's my first time seeing it. Even the chief's house was not that good."Hmm, thank you then, anyway, let's get started.""O-okay!!"."Mama..you..came back!" when we entered the house. A little boy came running at his mother."Oh, honey, how many times... I have to say, "Don't run inside the house; you will get hurt!""Okay!" the little boy raised his hands in the air."Hmm, Mama, who are they? " The little boy looked at me while clutching at his mother."Oh, they are our guests; why don't you greet them?""O-Okay.!!""Hello, I'm Kai
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