Monster Girl Ranching in Another World

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Monster Girl Ranching in Another World

By: Magic_ OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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[Dear Readers, this book is slow paced, but it is worth your time!]Zack "Kazz" Foreman once was a human from the earth when humans went through a dramatic change because of an event. This forced them to evolve into energy-based beings but was sucked into another dimension.Forced to start living out lives on random worlds in a fractured dimension, Humanity is placed on the path of complete extinction.This is controlled by a demon king at a place called The Center of Everything.Kazz made it to that point once, but was tricked, refused entry to the tournament because he had been offered a place one of the gods of the worlds.Refusing to give up, Kazz goes back to the beginning to start again.Hero, a person Kazz knew but was not friends with, followed him to help but was lost from him. Upon meeting Kazz, Hero offers him the Hero System to help him advance in this new world.Kazz refuses after trying to get to the top and failing to use the easy route. This starts a series of frustrating events for both Heroes, but they learn to work as a team over time.Kazz will meet misbegotten monster girls and demons that he agrees to take care of in this world, using the Ranching System. It only gives bonuses to the girls and skills to help raise them, but he will also learn to control the Elements with Shamanic abilities.Discord:


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375 chapters
Cheating, Worth It Till It's Not
"Kazz Formen says here that you were supposed to be a pro athlete; what happened there?" The recruiter asked me as I sat across the desk from him.The office was hot even with the windows open and two fans, and the man was showing it. I was fine, and I wasn't really in the mood to talk about that."I wanted to help out and serve for my country," I said, thinking that was what every gung-ho recruit said that walked in the door.Just as I had thought, the man gave me a wicked grin that said I had no idea what I was in for. Maybe, but I just wanted to get out of here and off the continent."Fine, everything looks good, and we have no reason not to take you if this is what you want. Be back here at O-six-hundred hours, and I suggest that you come early, or you will have a very long first week," The recruitment officer told me, and I nodded to him respectfully and left the room.After leaving the building, I went over to my old Ford Tempo and got inside
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The Easy Choice, Without Cheating
I was already walking down the stairs, and the place smelled old and musty, like walking into an abandoned house. There were no bugs or cobwebs, which didn't really make much sense considering the layer of dust on the stone steps I was stepping on.I was leaving tracks, and maybe it was just the light that was making the bugs stay away. I had already walked about three flights worth of stairs, and the tunnel was curving as I went."What am I doing?" I said to myself as I stopped.I needed to get back to the house and eat and get to bed. I had made my choice, and like the man had said, I didn't want to be late, but there was that little part of me that just had to know.I couldn't come this far and not take a look, and it had just dawned on me that the light was being impossibly shone all the way to my house. That didn't make any sense, and when I turned around, there was barely any light for me to see behind me.I decided to keep going, and at this
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Jilly, The Thirsty Oomukade
I poked my head around the corner to find the woman that turned out to be a busty redhead, but I could only see her from the breasts up. Her heaving melons and erect nipples were barely covered and bulging out.Pointed golden yellow tubes she wore to cover herself left nothing to the imagination, and I was starting to get hot and bothered from just looking at her. For just stepping out of a hole in the ground, this was a pretty good start.But just where the hell was I? I was looking up, which meant she was like two hundred and fifty centimeters or so tall. This woman was a monster, but tall chicks weren't that bad.Still, I wasn't here to fraternize that could come later, and she had that hungry woman look. I didn't want to just leave her, but I also did want to get caught up in whatever mess she was in if it wasn't life-threatening."Hey, sorry just got here, and didn't want to interrupt your little meeting, with… what was that thing? I heard win
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Rock Man, The Bad Acting Monster
Finding the centipede woman and whatever little winged demon was could only mean one thing. If there were two monsters in this world, that would mean there would be more, and that made me smile.I was hoping that most of them were as hot as the bug lady was. If it hadn't been for those creepy legs, I would have beat that bug girls kitty like a red headed step child right now!I really didn't want to have to kill girls, that wasn't something I could do. I mean, I was in a new world, and I was the odd man out from what I understood, but I would have to find ways to deal with them if I had to without hurting them.Maybe I was being stupid for being this way, and it was a dangerous attitude to adopt when I knew the world would be filled with danger. I already had dropped the chance to have the easy way, and now I was saddling myself with more personal restrictions.I had to look at it in the way of just giving myself a handicap in this new life, especially af
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Blind Mary, The Medusa
I wasn't big on monsters, but I was sure that I should be a statue right now—snakes for hair, snakes body from the… hips down. I looked back up into Medusa's gray eyes, still not getting stoned… was she blind?"Umm, hellooo?" The cute Medusa asked again, and I finally spoke up."Yeah, I am right in front of you," I said, not really sure what to say at this point.How was she still alive? What kind of Monsters survived if they couldn't do what they were supposed to?"Ooo, what are you?" She asked, slithering forward.I didn't move, but I didn't let my guard down either. That would be a great end, killed by stupidity."I am a man, just a human man. Can I ask how you are blind and how you survive while being blind? You are blind, right?" I asked as the cute girl ran hands over me, not seeming to mind the fresh gore or the old crusty stuff."I can be pretty good at avoiding getting in trouble, and my lovelies can smell
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Kazz, The Had
"So, we just keep going this way… we turn here, then we just have to go this way for… I think we turn here," Mary told me as she dragged me into a big circle around the inside of the cannon area we were in.Never once did she try to make a left turn to leave the canyon, and she looked so cute wandering around that I let her do two laps before stopping her. As adorable as Mary looked, wandering around, we were literally going nowhere, and it was getting hot out."Mary, are you sure you know where you are going? I don't mean to sound like a drag, but we have been walking circles," I said to her as I pulled her to a stop.I could smell the thickening blood, and flies were starting to gather around the monster I had killed. I wanted to get out of here before the smashed head started to stink, and the smell of blood should attract other monsters, I think.I wasn't sure how to take this world with Mary's revelation that not all the monsters in the
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The System, Not Done With Me Yet
"You two aren't related, are you?" I asked as Mary hugged Jilly's abdomen.I shivered a bit as all the little golden legs braced Mary, but she was giggling from it. I was still keeping my distance; I didn't like to be tickled."No, this little blind vagrant is just someone I see quite often in these parts. I have tried to eat her numerous times and almost was killed each time by freak accidents. So I decided to just leave her be; I also suggest not trying anything that she doesn't like," Jilly warned me.Interesting, so Mary had some kind of protection thing that made chance work in her favor. That would explain how a blind, cute, and defenseless monster has survived so long in this world.Jilly had also just confessed to trying to eat Mary on numerous occasions like it was nothing. Looks like there were conflicting views here.On one side, there was Mary, who couldn't see the world and all of its ugliness, but she assumed that most people were goo
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Gods, What Are They Good For?
So, whatever was over lording this world seemed to have the ability to give out systems as he chose. I don't know if I would call this cheating now that these two miscreants were part of my party, but I was paying for every advantage with attempts on my life so far."Sorry, I guess I can't kill you either with that little snake of snakes wrapped around you. Well, we have the wood, now you need to pile it! Also, are you going to burn that Troll or not?" Jilly asked me with impatience."Umm, if you can help me out, I can start the fire while you pile the wood unless you know how to cook the meat?" I questioned Jilly as I watched the hard hat slide off the top of her head and rest on her bare back just below her neck."What'sss going on?" Mary hissed up from my arms."Uck, fine, but this better be worth it! Stupid man, can't even kill him! Probably would just leave me wanting more after anyways!" Jilly grumbles as she starts to rip the planks off of the grou
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The Blade, Not The Right Tool For That Job
I got the fire started with minimal risk to my life being applied. Jilly had thrown a couple of the long boards at me, but they went wide, completely missing me."Look, the more you mess around with your vain attempts to kill me, the longer it will take to get the meat down," I said as I walked over to the fallen Rock Troll that I had killed."Mmm, maybe, but you have yet to show me anything that would make me less likely to want to eat you," Jilly said while looking at me hungrily and licking her lips.I ignored her; I was already having enough trouble as it was concentrating with Mary on my back. She had started licking the back of my neck, and I was having trouble staying focused as I walked over to the corpse.This was the hard part now, and I needed to get the meaning of this thing quickly before Jilly decides that she doesn't want to wait for the meat. This woman was getting worse and worse as time went on, and I didn't want to keep relying on Mary
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Unique Requirements, But Did I Have A Choice?
After having to hold Mary under my arm and fend off Jilly with the fire sword for about fifteen minutes, turning them once, they were done. The smell of the meat was quite good, and it filled the air, so I could see why it had to keep the girls back.This was probably the best thing that either of them had ever smelled. The bit of human in each of them yearned for the complexity of flavor.Eating fresh meat was probably second nature to them and every other monster. If they could all eat it raw, why would they try to cook?Now, I grabbed some burnt point short spear that I used to skewer the steaks. I was tempted to give Jilly hers right away in payment for trying to kill me, but instead, I spent five minutes running around waving meat sticks around while holding Mary off.I was trying to cool them off, but Jilly took it as me running away. Instead, being the intelligent centipede, she was had decided not to chase me. Instead, she grabbed one of the hot s
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