Chapter 133 General Cowhead

“We should thank you, Princess Nicole,” said Tolly.

“No sweat, follow me,” said Princess Nicole, floating in the air, “I’ll guide to the door that can help you back to the surface of the plain above.”

“I want to join you,” said General Raymond suddenly, “I don’t want to be trapped here all my life. Can I go with you?”

“Of course, General Raymond,” said Tolly excitedly, “Let’s get out of here together.”

They followed Princess Nicole to go up to a new floor. Nevertheless, as soon as they passed through the door of the new floor, they quickly ran across a monster with a human face and a cow head.

“Who are you?” said the monster furiously, “Stop there, or you’re cruising for a bruising.”

“I think you’ve forgotten who I am,” said Princess Nicole in an authoritative voice, “Look at me closely, General Cowhead.”

Tolly thought the name ‘Cowhead’ was quite fit for the monster before them. The monster quickly cast another glance at Princess Nicole. Identifying who she was, he quickly knelt down
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