The Saint's Extra

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The Saint's Extra

By: Wicked Shark OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After trying to save his young master, Yohan was stabbed in the abdomen and hid in the convenience store toilet. All of a sudden, he heard screaming from the women's toilet next door and was curious about what was going on. Armed with curiosity, Yohan went to the next toilet and saw a high school girl with her body sucked into the floor. There was a large glowing circular symbol on the floor. Yohan tried to reach the girl's palm and help her, but unfortunately, he was also sucked into the strange portal. Damn, what the hell is going on?

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The Portal
"Die!""Argh!""Yohan!"Yohan bit his lip as a knife stabbed into his left abdomen. He held onto it as he continued to posture to protect his young master."Yohan! Yohan!"The eight-year-old boy cried hysterically when he saw Yohan's severe injuries. His tiny palms gripped Yohan's clothes tightly and refused to let go."Listen, young master. You musn't cry. You must be strong." Yohan tried to rise to his feet and protect the child."Just hand over the child and we won't kill you!"Yohan glanced at the three men surrounding him. He found it difficult to fight back because he had to protect his young master. Fighting three men like this would not have been difficult if he were alone, but he had another responsibility to protect the boy. They were all after him, and Yohan was responsible for protecting him.Yohan immediately picked up the boy and carried him away even though his own body was badly injured. The men continued to chase Yohan. He, tired and in pain, entered a convenience sto
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The Other World
"I didn't expect that the saint summoners would make a mistake like this. This man doesn't seem like he should be here."A healer treated the wound on Yohan's abdomen. Alastair Indark, who was assigned to watch over Yohan, kept a close eye on the unconscious man."That wound, did it come from the summoning?"The healer sighed softly. "I am not sure, Captain Indark. Looking at this wound on his abdomen, I'm pretty sure it came from a sharp object. It could be that this person was already injured before coming through the portal."Alastair Indark rubbed his chin with a thoughtful expression. "If he had been wounded this badly before, why would he have entered the portal?"The healer shook his head. "I don't understand. Perhaps the summoners can better explain what happened."Alastair nodded. "So, is she okay?"The healer nodded. "Her body is quite strong. He'll regain his health after some rest. As long as his wounds are well taken care of, he'll be back to his normal self."Alastair no
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Unfriendly Welcome
"Where are you going?" asked Yohan when he saw Alastair leaving. Alastair stopped walking and turned around. "I have work to do. Take a break. As for what you should continue doing here, just wait for the crown prince's decision.""Huh? Wait, am I not allowed to go out?"Alastair shook his head. "For now, it's best not to go out. There are some clothes in that closet, you can change your clothes. Just obey what I say and don't leave this place.""Eh, oi!"Yohan snorted in annoyance as Alastair went out and locked the door. He could hear a soft click from outside. He got off the bed and opened the large wooden wardrobe Alastair had mentioned. There were some clothes hanging neatly in the closet. Yohan felt the fabric of the clothes and felt so unfamiliar. Even the models looked very old-fashioned and strange. He sighed and looked down at his neatly bandaged wound."Ah, never mind." Yohan took off his clothes and replaced them with the clothes in the closet.Yohan stood by the
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Hunter's Headquarters
"Want to join as a hunter?" Alastair asked again."Wait, a hunter? What do you mean?"Alastair's brow furrowed. "You don't know hunters? Are there no hunters in your world?"Yohan immediately shook his head. "That's not what I meant. I know what a hunter is. I mean, why are you suddenly offering that?""There's no particular reason. I saw that you can fight, and you don't have anything to do here either. I want to make you a knight in my division, but knighthood can only be taken by noble blood."Yohan snorted. "If I refuse, will there be any punishment for me?""I don't know. The crown prince just asked me to keep an eye on you. I just don't want to waste my time watching someone who is idle."Yohan sighed. Alastair's words were clearly sarcastic to him. It was only his first day in this strange and magical land that he did not recognize."Is there no chance for me to think about it first?" Yohan asked.Alastair nodded. "Come with me.""Where to?""To the headquarters of the hunters.
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The Saint's Girl
"Wait here."Yohan nodded after one of the knights ordered him to stop and wait in front of a large double door in the western part of the palace. There were many guards standing around in the area. They glanced at Yohan curiously but did not dare to say anything."Come in, the saint and the crown prince are inside."Yohan widened his eyes. "Wait, the crown prince too?"The knight roughly slapped away Yohan's palm holding his robe. "Don't touch me, otherworlder!" he shouted.Yohan raised both hands while rolling his eyeballs. "Wow, relax, man."When Yohan entered, Alastair was also inside and glanced at him. This was the first time he saw the crown prince's face up close. Previously, he had seen his face in the hall during the summoning, but he did not really pay attention to his face."Sit down, otherworlder. What is your name?" the crown prince asked."Yohan Dharmawijaya."Yohan glanced at the high school girl who had accidentally dragged him into this land of nowhere. She had been
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The First Expedition
After Yohan confirmed his participation as one of the hunter members, he began training together with the other hunters. Yohan had acquired the skills of a bodyguard before. Physical training was not new to him. Yohan's stamina was also quite good. He was used to relying on his own stamina, so even hard training was something he could do well. His only weakness was magic. He did not have magic like the people here."You're doing great, Yohan. The physical training of hunters is usually a nightmare for new members, but you are able to follow it well until the end," Ancel said happily.Yohan smiled. "Yeah, thanks. I'm used to this kind of thing.""Uh, what do you do in your world?" asked Ancel."Bodyguard.""Bodyguard? You mean like those guys?" Ancel pointed at the group of escorts who were patrolling around the hunters' base.Yohan laughed amusedly. "More or less, I'm confused about how to explain my job to you because our worlds are completely different. Let's just say it's the same
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Dragon's Saliva
When entering the Nox area, Yohan did not hesitate to grasp the sword he was carrying. The sword belonged to Alastair. He lent it to Yohan because he had just become part of the hunters and did not yet have his own weapon. Normally, a hunter who had just entered would not immediately be invited on an expedition to the Nox area. But Yohan was different. Just a day after he agreed to Alastair's offer to join the hunters, he had to join the expedition to the Nox area."Are you okay?" asked Ancel with a worried expression.Yohan laughed softly. "What? Does my face look really scared?"Ancel shook his head. "It's precisely because you look so normal that I'm worried.""Take it easy, Ancel. Dealing with death is not something unfamiliar to me. At least, in my world, I've also come close to death many times. It's just the way it's done that's different from here."Ancel smiled. "No wonder Captain Indark recommended you to become a hunter, you already have a lot of experience in your world. I
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First Fight
Yohan was surprised. "No, no way."The dragon had stomped two of his comrades to death in a gruesome way. Ancel turned his face away. He quickly pulled Yohan's arm away from the area."Hold on, we'll escape soon."Yohan pulled his arm from Ancel's grip. "I won't just let that thing live."Ancel was surprised. "What do you mean, Yohan?""I'll kill it."Ancel gaped. "What? What are you thinking-eh, Yohan!"Yohan ignored his comrades' calls and ran forward toward the rampaging dragon. Ancel and the rest of the hunters wanted to help, but they were all terrified beyond belief. They were used to dealing with the deaths of their comrades, but the grief of losing friends did not dissipate that easily.Yohan looked down at his own arm. "If the poison in the dragon's saliva doesn't kill me, then I have a chance to defeat the dragon," he muttered."Roooooaaarrrr!"Yohan jumped up and held on to the dragon's leg. The dragon flew up and kept moving its legs violently to make Yohan fall down. Fort
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The Talented Alchemist
After Yohan gouged out a few of the green dragon's scales and then took a few drops of its blood, the dead dragon's body suddenly shattered into flakes of ash. He crouched down and touched the flakes. It felt very smooth, almost too smooth when compared to the ashes left over from burning wood. He also sniffed the aroma, and there was no burnt scent at all from the smooth flakes."Would a dead dragon disintegrate like this?" Yohan muttered. He went back to check the dragon scales he had taken and they remained intact as they should. The blood he put into the bamboo container was also still safe.Out of curiosity, Yohan put some of the soft flakes into the leaf container he had picked up carelessly nearby. Perhaps he could study the item later. Who knows if the flakes were as useful as dragon scales or blood?After an expedition, hunters would usually be given two or three days to rest and be free from training. During this time, they will normally use the time to sleep and restore the
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The New Magic Weapon
Yohan was surprised when he saw the alchemist's strange expression. He stared at the dragon's ashes like a psychopath who had successfully minced human flesh. He did not know, maybe Yohan was just overthinking it. Yohan quickly turned his face away and left the place. Whatever the alchemist did was none of his business. The important thing was that the weapon he wanted was made well.Yohan parted ways with Ry that day. The girl said that they should meet again sometime. Yohan agreed. He did not think too much about it. Maybe they will meet again in the same place, or who knows? They were not that close to each other to begin with. But Yohan was very grateful to Ry because the girl had brought him to the alchemist. At least, he would have his own magic weapon and no longer need to borrow Captain Indark's.In accordance with the initial agreement, Yohan returned to the alchemist's place a week later. The difference was that Ancel accompanied him this time. When he told Ancel that he had
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