King Of Altares: The Journey To Eradication

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King Of Altares: The Journey To Eradication

By: Bulanbintang OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The deadly sword that Altares always uses makes him thrown and trapped in the future. His name is known as a CEO and also a ruthless Mafia. By strength he had kept him afloat. Longing for himself as a king makes him return to find a woman who bears a birthmark with the same shape as his sword. But on the way he encountered unexpected obstacles. How will Altares journey in finding a woman who will help him return to his castle? Will he be able and survive against these obstacles?

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11 chapters
1. The World Is Different
Fresh blood continued to flow in the room. It was dark and very humid, not even a breath of air. It is not known how many people died in that room. All of these victims submitted and let their lives be lost in honor of the king of Altares.Stepping with a straight body and his eyes kept looking at the people one by one who was currently bowing their heads to welcome the arrival of King Altares."I want this old woman!" said King Altares as he pointed at a middle-aged woman in somewhat tattered clothes.Meanwhile, the woman raised her head not expecting that she was appointed to be the next victim. "No, I don't want to give my life for the king," he refused as he stood up.No one dared to be as presumptuous as that old woman, the king of Altares stared blankly and his entire face turned red with annoyance.His face looked extremely worn and a cold mist enveloped the entire palace.Everyone's lips and bodies trembled violently feeling how the cold air pricked their skin. Even all the wa
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2. The Owner Of The Fire Tattoo
His eyes opened with pain all over his body, king Altares who was lying on the small bed fell silent remembering what just happened.Damn you damn iron horse he almost killed me he said when he remembered why he was in this place.The King of the Altares looked around him, he was again amazed by the life to come. I don't know where he is now, his face looks confused seeing the machine that makes a strange sound.King Altares got up from the bed “Arghhh… it hurts so much,” he winced in pain in his arm. He saw that his arm had a wound and the wound was covered by a white but slightly fibrous cloth. He quickly took action to heal his wounds using the strength he had. In an instant, his hand no longer hurt."I don't need this anymore," he said and removed the cloth covering his wound earlier. Yes, there wasn't the slightest sign of an injured arm, but it looked perfectly smooth with no scratches.He stepped out to go out, currently, king Altares was on his way to find a place that would h
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3. Middle Of The Forest
His memories muddled, he wonders who the first person he killed and Altares realizes that the person he killed was a strange creature that had been living in the future for who knows how long.Knock!Knock!"Enter!" Altares said to allow someone who knocked on his door to work.Not long after a female employee came into the room with clothes that were so mini. "This is a file that you have to sign," said a woman named Julya, holding out a red folder."Okay," he replied flatly."Master, are you not tired?" asked Julya with a smile that was so sweet.The stupid question his employee asked made Altares shake his head, but Altares knew secretly that Julya was flirting with him."Go away! Don't try to play games with me!" said Altares who was currently holding back his lust. The one who looks so can't stand playing with that woman, huh Altares misses his old self. A king who was always surrounded by women but now he is in the future neither woman sticks to him or maybe he is the one avoidi
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4. Altar's Identity Was Almost Revealed
Takes a woman he found earlier in the forest. He couldn't even teleport because his strength had been drained from taking care of that woman."How can there be a woman in the middle of the forest?" asked Altar to himself, he who found the woman asked with bloody feet, and when he checked the woman's leg there was a bullet. If it wasn't for Altares' strength, of course later that woman wouldn't be able to walk.The two of them were now in the car, Altares not knowing where to take this woman. There was no way he would leave a woman alone in the middle of a forest full of wild beasts.Altares' car drove at moderate speed towards his house. He has long avoided women because his heart was closed after his wife's death.It was a long journey until Altares arrived at his house covered in gold. He deliberately built a house like his kingdom to cure his homesickness. He even made a throne to relax on."This woman's body is very heavy, if she wakes up later I will immediately chase her away,"
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5. Looking For A Bride
His face and whole body were sweating after putting up a fight, but the result was the same. Yes, who would have thought that the dove that had disturbed him was a human? Either stealth or maybe it is a curse."You broke into my house, who are you?" asked Altares with a face that looked cold and fierce."The king doesn't remember me? I am Arga," he replied with a smile."Arga?" said Altares, who was telling the truth that he didn't recognize Arga. "I don't know you, hurry up!" he said angrily because he did not like it when someone disturbed him. Instead of leaving, the man named Arga hugged Altares so tightly that Altares was forced to scratch his dagger on Arga's right arm.Srettt!"Arghhh... why did you hurt me?" Arga is annoyed even though he has worked hard to find a way to the future, but instead, he is the one who gets bad treatment like this."Just now you were being rude, you know that I am King Altares. Why are you still acting like that?" Altares cleans his clothes. He was
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6. Swimming Pool
His eyes widened when he saw a woman who was currently in front of him. Yes, Altares still remembered that woman's face. She was the one Altares threw away yesterday, and how could being here even want to propose to be a bride-to-be for Altares?"Sorry, we can't accept you," Altares replied flatly and now he looked at Arga to drive the woman away."Why? I want to try, do I not fit the criteria? But I'm sure I will be a good wife."That answer made Altares chuckle. Where is the good wife from? Just yesterday that woman had troubled Altares. After all, that woman can't be the woman Altares is looking for. Because Altares believes that the woman he is looking for is strong and brave.Altares went back into his house, while the woman was still stubborn and kept begging."You have to go, we can't accept you!" said Arga grabbing the woman's hand roughly.Expelled by force but not making the woman give up, she kicked Arga in the shins and ran into the house."Shit... that woman," Arga mutter
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7. Altares House Intruder
Altares was shocked, but what surprised him was Arga's arrival because he was sure Arga would talk nonsense about himself with this woman."Get out of here Arga!" The Altares is angry with Arga's arrival.And with a smile, Arga left Altares' room. "Have fun you guys," he said with a smile."You have to stay away from my body, ckkkk... it's very heavy," said the sullen-faced woman after Arga left. At first, she appears to admire and like Altares but changes when she learns of his attitude when he was kicked out earlier.Altares suddenly stopped freezing, yes he should have stood up earlier. Until finally he stood up and left the room and the strange woman.While outside the room, Altares was surprised by the presence of Arga, who did not leave."Altares why did you leave, weren't you two in the room currently....""Watch your mouth, want me to cut off your head?" said Altares who stopped his steps and glared at Arga.Arga chuckled, the king looked embarrassed to admit it. "Then what ab
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8. The News Made My Emotions Rise
Back doing the same activity, Altares was currently working in his office. Within three months the company was well-known and even growing very rapidly. He still didn't expect that being in this future would be so easy even though he still had the help of the power he possessed.The altar should be at home right now since he was back on a mission regarding the woman born with the sword's birthmark. But he left all that trust in Arga, while he was in office.While working on his laptop, suddenly heard the sound of knocking on the door many times quickly. I don't know who bothered him.Knock!Knock!Knock!"Hurry in!"A woman wearing glasses enters the room. Seemingly frightened for disturbing Altares with the sound of the knock on the door he just made."Sorry sir I have disturbed you, my purpose came to show this to you," he said while handing over his cell phone.Altares frowned at the employee's worried behavior what had his employee's cell phone been given to him for? But without f
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9. Confinement
Having no heart and sympathy even if someone is crying blood Altar of course remains silent if it is that person who is at fault. However, if the guilty person is different, he will be responsible for his mistakes."Turns out you're not just a coward, you're a madman who dares to play hands with a woman and you know why I said you were a coward?""I don't care," Altares replied, slapping the woman's cheek again.Plaque!"Argh... it's because you don't dare to show your face, you're hiding a fool!"Altres' hands clenched, not that he dared not show his face. He was afraid that something would happen that would require Altare to erase the woman's memory, whereas he could no longer erase the woman's memory because he had already done it."Arga... open the cover!" Altares ordered who didn't like it when the woman said bad things about him.The veil had been opened by Arga, and Altares smiled evilly but sweetly looking at the woman who was currently looking into his eyes sharply."I alread
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10. News and Videos
The two argued, yes Arga was annoyed because he was blamed for the incident earlier even though he didn't know anything."This altar is weird, I've been guarding and watching in front of the room," Argo said defending himself. Indeed, the scene of the monster being in this room looked strange, even though he and the other guards had not taken a single step away from it."Then how come they can enter stupid?" Altares' question after hearing Arga's defense."Just ask that strange woman, maybe she knows!" Arga pointed at a woman who was scared and Altares turned around. He saw that the woman was shaking with fear at what was happening, her eyes had been filled with tears since just now.He stepped closer to the woman, before asking Altares to correct her original position since previously her chair had fallen over and his too because the two of them were tied together. "Hey... how did that monster get in?" asked Altares flatly to the woman who was currently in front of him.No answer cam
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