Roshan picked the book and looked around it, he tried to open it but nothing was working, he even used his dagger to pry open the book but nothing worked however as he tried using his dagger, the knife slipped out of his hand and grazed his finger causing a small drop of blood to fall on the book.

Immediately the blood fell, he heard a monotone voice

*Bloodline recognised*

«Bloodline?? What the hell was that» Roshan thought but before he could think of anything else, he heard another statement

*Roshan Talon*

*Would you like to access the System*

«What kind of name was that? The person who made this thing must have been really boring» Roshan thought to himself. He actually wanted to know what was in the book but he felt like he needed to show his father before he did anything because this object was really strange

His Curiosity took the best of him

“Yes, I would like to access the System” It felt even weirder saying it

A bright light was shown and immediately the object disappeared from his hand. Where was it? Damn, he should have just kept it for his father instead.

Then a sound echoed in his head


*Roshan Talon, you have successfully gained control of the System*

Before he could even react, a screen appeared in his head

* Host Level: Level 1

* Current Ability: None

* Strength: 10

* Agility: 8

* Speed: 9

* Stamina: 7

‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 0

* Magic Ability: None

* Mana control: 0

HP: [10/10]

Exp points : [0/10]

Quest: Kill a Level 1 beast

Quest Reward: Instant Level up

He ran through all the message, each one of them shocking him as he couldn’t even understand. He had a lot of questions running through his head at the moment.

 He was least surprised at his mage status because he knew he wasn’t meant to be a mage, he was impressed at the creator of this System but what exactly is it.

His eyes went to the screen in front of him and landed at the quest in front of him.

He had yet to kill a Level 1 beast, he hasn’t even fought one in order to gauge its strength. He was wondering if he could actually do it, immediately looking at the possible reward his eyes glittered in the dark.

What would be the possible reward if he is was to level up instantly. The curiousity gave him a new resolve and he climbed out of the ditch, he could see it was already very dark. His parents must have been worried, he realised that they still had a little food enough for just the both of them and if he came back with a Level 1 beast meat, that would mean that they would have enough for two months and even more.

This was a good opportunity, he thought as he smiled.


He took his dagger and ran off deeper into the forest as he noticed the foot prints of a beast, from its size, he immediately knew it was the beast he was looking for and judging from the fact that it was the only footprint. It was a lone wanderer.

He immediately ran in the direction and saw the beast laying down on the grass as if it was ready to sleep. This was his chance, would this day be any luckier he thought as he smiled.

Stealthily crawling up to the beast, he saw by the look of it that it was a Dim Dog.

Dim Dogs were the weakest of the beasts, they mostly travelled in large group as a result of their weak strength. A hundred Dim Dogs were enough to take down a level 30 Human Soldier.

The Dim Dogs were led by their King, the strongest of all and it was at King tier, A level 30 beast. With that power, it could command thousands of Dim Dogs.

Seeing that this one was alone, it was obvious that it was separated from the herd. The softest part of the Dim Dog was its neck.

He drew closer and slammed his dagger into it’s neck, out of shock the Dim Dog eyes flew open and it started running, squealing and Roshan knew this would bring him a lot of trouble if the herd were to hear one of their member’s cry.

He was already on top of the Beast as he dragged his dagger out of its neck and slammed it onto the beast head, it was too short to go any deeper and he needed to affect the brain.

He took out the dagger and kept stabbing it and he went deeper. The Dim Dog didn’t know why it was feeling this unbearable pain as it kept jumping and howling.

Seeing this, Roshan stabbed the sides of the beast with his legs as dived deeper with the dagger till the beast suddenly stop and fell down unmoving.

Roshan heaved a sigh of relief as he couldn’t hear any signs of approaching beasts. He climbed down the beast and felt proud that he actually killed a Level 1 beast.

The Dim Dog flesh was very nutritious and tasty and it would make his parents proud. As he started to savour this victory. A ding echoed in his ear


*Quest completed*

Now was the time for his rewards.

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