Rise of the Useless Young Master

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Rise of the Useless Young Master

By: AFM31 OngoingSystem

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Warrick Rauveron is always seen as a useless young master, causing disgrace to his family. Not only his in-laws but also others hold him in contempt. Little do they know that his apparent weakness and foolishness are merely an act, serving a specific purpose. [System host has been found...] [Requirement: Maintain a weak image for 10 years (completed).] [Congratulations! The Gods' Blessing System has been activated!] [Goddess of Fortune invests 'One Unlimited Black Card.'] [The God of Time and Future blesses you with the ability to 'Foresee Potential Investments.'] [The Goddess of Medicine grants you 'A Pill That Can Cure All Illnesses.'] [The Guarantors of Torture and Vengeance provide you with the 'Ancient Books of Magical Martial Arts.']

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  • AFM31


    Story outline spoilers! Don't read this if you don't want spoilers. I will give you a story outline of seasons 1 + 2 to make it easier to determine if this story is your cup of tea. Spoilers in the comment reply >>>>

    2023-12-20 21:39:54
  • AFM31


    Add this story to your library! I'll update everyday ~(^◇^)/

    2023-10-10 23:17:19
  • Tammie Lanier


    This story is good. The way the main character suffered and now is out to correct his image is like an action movie roller coaster. He is slap happy.

    2023-11-14 12:52:19
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124 chapters
1. An Unlimited Black Card
"Don't you have a brain? Everything you wrote in this report is wrong!"Warrick Rauveron closed his eyes as Jeff, the sales team leader, threw the report document in his face. Everyone in the room immediately turned their heads, gasping in shock. Everyone in the Republic of Radix knew Rauveron, one of the most powerful conglomerate families. And Warrick was the Rauveron family's first son. Unfortunately, Warrick was disregarded by his family because he was not a genius like his stepbrother, Zayden Rauveron.Everyone recognized Warrick as a weak and stupid young master. Because of his low status within the Rauveron family, he stuck as a salesman, whereas Zayden rose to the position of Chief Financial Officer."Do you want me to report this to your father?" Jeff threatened, his arms crossed across his chest. "N-no, I don't. Please forgive me," Warrick finally said something. His hands were trembling as he continued to beg Jeff. It was an open secret that Ernest, the head of the Rauv
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2. Donating to an Orphanage
The quest from Goddess Axara left Warrick wondering what he should buy. He wanted many things, but he did not know which one to buy first. "Well, I guess I'll buy some food first." Warrick put on a black mask before going to a fast food restaurant. He still did not fully trust the black card given by the system. If the card was fake, Warrick had planned to run away, and people would not know his face since he was wearing a mask. The people at the fast food restaurant paid no attention to Warrick despite his shabby appearance. Anyone could go for a fried chicken or a hamburger as the food was not too expensive. However, everyone's eyes were immediately drawn to Warrick when he pulled out a black card. Instead of being amazed at the card, they assumed Warrick was a scammer. "Look at that guy over there pulling out a black card! Is that real?""I don't think so. It's just a regular card and he bought a black card case, lol." "That's hilarious. He's trying so hard to look rich but
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3. A Deadly Blow
Warrick was excited at the thought that the Goddess Axara could bring him many benefits. But getting people to believe in the gods was not easy."What are you thinking about?" asked Brenna, confused by Warrick's sudden daydreaming. "I'm thinking of ways to get people to believe in the gods again," Warrick answered honestly, knowing Brenna could help him. "That's difficult. But I suggest you go to people who are in crisis and help them while telling them about the gods. You can also go to orphanages that have a religious background like this one. But don't pressure them to believe you."Warrick's cell phone suddenly rang, so he did not have time to respond to Brenna's suggestion. He asked permission to pick up the call. A puzzled frown appeared on Warrick's forehead as he saw the caller's name. "Aelish? Why is she calling me at this hour?" A man's voice was heard as soon as the call was connected. "If you want your wife to be safe, come to the abandoned bridge on the border of Co
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4. Warrick Goes Mad
Aelish worked as a craft service. Her job was to prepare food, drinks, and other necessities for the comfort of the film crew. Actually, Aelish had what it took to be a producer. She was a top graduate of Film and Television major. But Evie, her stepmother, did not give her a chance because she was the daughter of a mistress. The film crew often treated Aelish harshly on Evie's orders. Evie did allow Aelish to work at CFT Entertainment, but her real goal was to humiliate Aelish. "You're ten minutes late," Marvin, the producer, glared furiously at Aelish. "The whole crew is starving because of you!" Aelish frowned, surprised. She was sure she was not late, but she could guess that Marvin would continue to blame her. Therefore, she had no choice but to give in. "I'm sorry. There were a lot of people at the restaurant so I was a little late." "You're useless, just like your husband," mocked Lauren, the production accountant. The rest of the crew responded to Lauren's words with lo
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5. Avenge the In-laws
"What did you say, buying clothes?"Aelish thought she had misheard, so she repeated Warrick's words. Her husband's salary had always been spent on debt and food.There was no way Warrick had the money to buy clothes for the orphanage children. If he had, he would have bought clothes for himself since he had not bought a new one in months. Warrick had expected Aelish to react like that. "I got a bonus for meeting the sales target. And I want to give a lot of new clothes to the orphanage kids."Aelish was suspicious since Warrick never got any bonus from his job or help from his family. But she ended up following him because he seemed excited. They both arrived at CT Mall, aka the biggest mall in Cordyline City. Aelish was hesitant to enter because she had heard that this mall was favored by wealthy youngsters.The vehicles in the parking lot appeared expensive, confirming the rumors. Only Warrick's motorcycle was different; his old bike seemed to be an eyesore."Are you sure you wan
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6. Drama in the Jewelry Store
Emerald Bank would investigate anyone who used a deceptive black card. Aelish was aware of this and worried about Warrick. Like everyone else, she did not believe her husband had a black card. As far as she knew, Emerald Bank would only invite customers with a minimum spend of $250,000 annually. Warrick's salary as a salesman was doubtful as it depended on sales targets. Aelish knew for sure that he could not possibly have $250,000. Aelish wanted to prevent Warrick, but she was too late, as her husband had already approached a helper. "Can you tell me about this bracelet?" asked Warrick, pointing to a rose gold bracelet with an eagle engraved on it. Eunice, the helper, believed there was no use in discussing the bracelet's value because Warrick was unlikely to buy it. But to maintain her professionalism, she was forced to explain the bracelet."This is an 18k rose gold bracelet from last year's Winter Hawk Collection. It is set with diamonds and the chain is 110mm long."Warrick
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7. The mother-in-law's lies
Warrick noticed the fear in Evie's expression as he mentioned her name to customer service. Immediately, he learned that his mother-in-law was lying about knowing an Emerald Bank executive. "Why must you panic, Mom? Is it because you don't have any connections at Emerald Bank?"Evie became nervous as people stared suspiciously at her. Stammering, she replied, "D-Don't talk nonsense! That's slander. You have no proof of your accusations!""I only did what you did to me," Warrick shrugged. "In case you forgot, you also accused me of using a fake black card."The people who had been silent began to whisper, talking about the problem between Evie and Warrick."I know that woman. She's the wife of Chafort Entertainment's owner. And the girl next to her is Jane Chafort, a new actress known for working on films with renowned people.""Huh? But as far as I know, the Chafort family has no connection with Emerald Bank.""You're right. Emerald Bank is owned by the Nerelart family. My friend is
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8. Zayden is Furious
Gossip about Warrick having a black card had spread in some wealthy circles. People who saw Warrick at Hawk Jewelry Store always brought up the incident to their close friends.Tonight, Zayden met his friends for dinner at a well-known restaurant after finishing all his assignments. That's when he heard the gossip about Warrick."Hey, Zayden," Corine spoke when she saw Zayden finishing his beef steak. "Do you know anything about Warrick?"For a moment, a tense expression crossed Zayden's face. He thought Corine raised that question because she heard the news of Warrick's death.'Good, that idiot is finally dead. Kaden did his job well.' Zayden was happy within. But in front of his friends, he had to put on a worried face.With a stutter, he asked, "Wh-What happened to Warrick? Did something bad happen to him? I don't know anything because I came straight to meet you all after work.""A friend of mine said she saw Warrick at Hawk Jewelry Store," Corine replied, making everyone there c
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9. A Mysterious Quest
Aelish gripped Warrick's shirt tightly, staring fearfully at the mysterious men. She could not see their faces because they wore masks. "Are they sent by people who want revenge on you?" she guessed, remembering Warrick getting into trouble with three film crew members. Marvin did not come from a big family. But his parents were wealthy and well-known, so it was no surprise that they took extreme ways to beat up Warrick for touching their son. "I have chili spray," Aelish remembered the chili spray she always carried. "It might come in handy. I'll give it to you."Warrick stopped his motorcycle. He motioned for Aelish to stay where she was. "Keep the chili spray for you because it won't be useful." Aelish nodded. What Warrick said made sense. The chili spray was useless in defeating seven tall, muscular men."I'll beat them all, so I don't need to use your chili spray." Hearing Warrick's words, Aelish's eyes bulged in shock. She knew her husband had grown bolder since the Finch E
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10. Steal CCTV Footage
'My workplace?'Warrick almost forgot about his job because many things happened. He had been fired, but the system instructed him to create chaos in his workplace.Now, he was thinking about it. Surely, everyone would mock him upon hearing that he had lost his job."I need to recover my reputation," Warrick said, gritting his teeth as he memorized the mistreatment he endured at work. "Alright, I'll accept that quest!"But what should Warrick do? He did not want to create chaos without reason, as it would further damage his reputation.After careful consideration, Warrick finally finished drawing up a plan. He was fired for a mistake he did not make.If he had evidence of his innocence, he could cause a commotion at the workplace. He would not let go of Jeff, who had treated him badly all this time."I've made a decision. Tonight, I'll become a burglar!"Warrick left the house after taking the items he needed. He had a mask over his face, showing only his eyes.His destination was Ori
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