Roshan dragged the beast he had killed to his home following his home to lead him into the right path.

His body worked tirelessly until he perceived an unfamiliar scent, followed by the scent of smoke coming directly from where his home was.

He knew there was trouble.

Dropping the carcass of the beast, he ran forward to find the house on fire.

He walked in surprised, his heart beating louder with every step.

He looked everywhere for his parents only to find dead bodies of people he had no clue about.

The strange unfamiliar scent got stronger and he ran to the back of the house.

What he met there scared him to the bones, he could see a creature

“What the hell is that” He said as he took a step back.

He immediately saw his mother get killed in front of him and his world shook.

His knees wobbled as he hit the floor miserably and tears started flowing uncontrollably.

His loving mother was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. He was just too weak to do anything.

He watched in horror as he saw his father fighting with the creature, looking at the pool of blood under his father, he realised that he would be gone too.

The fear and anguish made him bit into his lips without realising it and blood flowed

He hated himself for being this weak, he cursed himself for doing nothing.

He had run to his father’s side and had held him before he finally disappeared

He swore to himself that he would fulfill his father’s wish and become stronger.

Walking to the spot his mother died, he gathered the ashes and wept. He cried and cried

There was no help for the dead.

He was lost and alone

Lost in his misery, he noticed a chain on the other side of the the ashes.

“At least, I have something to keep them closer to me” He said when he found out the chain was actually a locker.

Carrying a part of his father’s ashes, he mixed it with his mother’s scooping up a little bit and placing in into his locket.

He dug the ground and layed the ashes down. He stood over the grave for some minutes

“I’ll miss you both and I won’t leave this world till I become the strongest man alive”

He had made up his mind and there was no stopping him.

He walked into the house. He was tired

Part of the house was ashes while the other part was broken. At least he still had some clothes that survived and he found his father’s sword but as he tried it out.

He felt like his arms would fall off

He went out and brought in his catch and decided to eat but as he stirred at the food. The house became more silent

He clenched his fist around his spoon. All of a sudden, the plate of food went flying outside.

“Arrrrghhhh” He yelled. How could he even eat!!

He walked outside in the middle of the night and sat near his parents’ grave.

Sitting down quietly, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He had to move on.

A Familiar sound in his head


It was his system

*Large amount of energy detected*

*Would you like to absorb*

He thought about where this certain energy was coming from and he looked at his parents' grave.

Of course, they were powerful people, did that mean they still had some left over energy.

He walked over to his house and stayed there a while before answering

*I would like to absorb energy*

He waited for a second until he finally got an answer

*Energy not detected*

He was right.

He moved to his parents grave and said the same words, almost immediately..

*Energy absorption initiating*

He felt a nice calm in his body. It was so peaceful he thought he would sleep off

After a few minutes, He felt a bang on his head.

He held his head and shook in pian, it was excruciating

The pain moved all over his body, and his breathing became shallow

*Host’s body cannot contain energy*

*Energy bar is filled up*

*Level up initiating*

*Host has entered Level 3*

*Energy Absorption Initiating*

He began to feel better but he realised he need to calm down. He sat up immediately and began to take deep breaths, distributing the absorbed energy around his body.

He didn’t know what to do at first but as he closed his eyes and tried to detect the so-called energy in his body.

He discovered a white flame moving peacefully at the depth of his soul.

He watched it as it danced peaceful until few moments later, it began to rage and he started to feel a huge pain in his head. He took deep breaths to steady the pain and slowly began shifting parts off the flame to other parts of his body.

The white flame mixed with his blood and flowed around his body.

Circulating from his heart and back to his body and vital organs.

His shallow breathes became calm.

He opened his eyes. Beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead

*Energy bar filled up*

*Host has successfully levelled up*

*Level Up Initiating*

*Host has reached Level 4*

“Phew..” He breathed out at least he got through this one less painfully.

Though his mind fell like he could collapse any minute because energy distributing had taken a huge toll on his body, soul and mind.

*Energy Absorption Initiating*

“Again….” He was starting to not like this process

Once again he assumed his mind state and did the same thing

*Energy Absorption Complete*

*No Energy detected*

*Level Up Initiating*

*Host has successfully reached Level 5*

*Rewards were given for each Level Up*

Roshan didn’t even finish reading his notification when he immediately collapsed.

All he could hear were the multiple dings and rings in his head.

His mind had been exhausted and he fell into a place of darkness.


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