Levelling Up The Weakest System

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Levelling Up The Weakest System

By: Matthew Harris OngoingSystem

Language: English

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🏆["Silver Medal" in Sci-Fi Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 With a scourge of magic-eating creatures ruled by an evil demon king sweeping the land, the Royal Defence Corps are the last thing standing between the Drasini Kingdom and destruction. Administrars grant Initiates powerful magical abilities and weapons to fight back against the hordes, but the war is slowly being lost. Alexei was granted what many would call The Weakest System, but levelling it up will prove that any abilities can be used to incredible effects!

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  • Andrew Rowlee


    Really great book so far!!! Only read first few chapters, and it's awesome. Character development, dialog and plot flow are top notch. Keep up the good work sir

    2022-12-09 01:46:14
  • Matthew Harris


    this is the author rating his own novel, nothing to see here ...

    2022-08-08 04:57:19
  • Marian Dorcas Henriette S. Delizo


    A good read. Well thought out and well researched. Would recommend for people who're looking for a change of genre once and awhile.

    2023-12-25 22:19:51
  • Knight


    So far the book is very promising and a good read! Love the start. Will the story continue weekly?

    2023-09-01 05:26:03
  • Bucknasti


    Great book.

    2023-08-10 05:23:48
  • Kian Phillips


    Really good story but needs more updates

    2022-12-22 13:17:33
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145 chapters
The Ceremony
A wild wind swept through the empty streets of Alandria.It howled past the adventurers guild and shook the trinket and magical wares stalls in their housings.To the untrained eye, the city would seem abandoned. Wiped out by the encroaching scourge that had taken the lives of so many others.But to those that knew the customs of the Drasini Kingdom, the truth was far more exciting.The wind wound on, converging through the waterway streets on the island town square where the ceremony was well underway.The Initiates sat in a wide semi-circle, their robed bodies swaying with the wind as the administrar at the centre finished his chant.The people of the city watched from windows and balconies with bated breath as the first of the Initiates rose up from their kneeling position.These Initiates would go on to become the Vanguard. The first line of defence in the coming battle. Like many Initiates from across the Kingdom, they would likely be dead by the end of the year.The Initiate set
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Alexei didn't know how to feel. On the one hand, he was overjoyed that he didn't have to go and fight on the front lines. Like every other Initiate, he had heard the stories of the death and destruction that happened out on the front. It was said that 90% of all Initiates didn't survive the first few days of their first tour, as the forces that the Demon Lord had amassed were just too powerful to be overcome by most people's weapons and abilities. If he had been sent out to fight he would have been one of that 90% statistic for sure. On the other hand, though, Alexei was distraught. He had been chosen to come to the city as the best fighter of anyone in his village. Though considering how small his village was, maybe that hadn't quite been the achievement he had thought at the time. Either way, being chosen to join the Royal Defence Corps had been an honor, both for his family and his town. If he returned there now… No, he couldn't return there. That was out of the question e
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The Trout's Gills
With his bag of coins weighing his pocket down, and his heavy heart weighing down his chest, Alexei pulled up his hood and stalked through the dark streets of Alandria.In the middle of the day, the city was one of the marvels of the Drasini kingdom.Built in the middle of a vast lake Alandria was Drasini's floating fiefdom, controlled by the Archduke Kartra as a vassal of the Drasini Kingdom's royal decree.While most cities had dirt lining their city's roads where carts could freely be pulled by terra-drakes Alandria had waterways where boats would ferry goods and people too and fro.With the sunlight glinting off the waters and people bustling about it was one of the most beautiful places in all of the kingdom.In the quiet of the night, it was instead an ominous and foreboding place.The water of the lake lapped gently at the underside of the pontoons that made up the city and the boats that were tied to their moorings.Moonlight glinted on the still surface, serving as the only i
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While small and dingy on the outside, The Trout's Gills was surprisingly large when it came to the accommodation section of the building.Finding Garrick, however, was a simple task.All Alexei needed to do was follow his ears and his nose.Down at the end of the corridor, a solitary light glimmered out of a door, and behind it, he could smell a fish stew bubbling away atop a stove.There was no doubt in his mind that this was the location of Garrick.As a member of the Initiates Alexei had been taught manners and respect with strict punishments if they weren't given, so instead of storming into the kitchen that Garrick was working in Alexei politely knocked.Then he waited…And waited some more…Eventually, when he felt that he really had waited enough time, he knocked on the door a second time.There was still no response from within the kitchen.With a huff, Alexei resolved to just enter the kitchen anyway, what was the worst that could happen?Fortunately, after months upon months
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Alexei woke up to the sounds of the hustle and bustle of the city and the smell of sizzling bacon and sausages.In the isolation of the Academy waking up was usually a sudden affair, the bells would ring and a simple porridge would be served for breakfast.Today, Alexei was allowed to drift lazily out of his sleep.He stretched out under the slightly scratchy covers of his bed and let out a colossal yawn.It felt wrong in all the best ways, and while he knew that there was a lot to get done over the course of the day he was content at that moment to lose himself in the smells and sounds of the morning.Before long, though, Alexei was up and out of bed and fully dressed in the same commoner clothes he had been wearing the night before.There really was a lot to get done.While he had been given a bag of coin from the Academy to help see him on his way, that wasn't going to last forever.In other words, he was going to have to figure out a way to make a living.The usual course of actio
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The Market District
Alexei did, of course, have a game plan that he was determined to follow.For a start, staying in the city for any extended length of time was probably a bad idea.While he hadn't been the most well-known initiate of his class he was still an initiate, and much like the barkeep had said the night before, he was at least somewhat recognisable.Staying in the city would only make him a target. He wouldn't be able to find any work after his disgrace, either.No, he'd only stay for one or two nights at the very most. Long enough for him to take care of a few things.After realising that he could make almost unlimited water it occurred to Alexei that there were many people in certain areas that would pay hand over fist for a steady and unlimited supply of the stuff.Towns in areas that simply didn't have enough water to go around.Farms in areas of drought that needed to save their crops.He could very easily make a living by exploiting areas like that.To do that, though, at the very leas
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The Slave Tent
Alexei didn't want to be in the slave tent.He hadn't really wanted to be in the slave tent before he had entered the slave tent, but now he was walking deeper into it that sense of not wanting to be there had drastically increased.Some of that was due to the sounds of pain that had somehow been suppressed while he was in the entranceway of the tent.Some of it was due to the horrific smells that were wafting into his nose.A lot of it was due to the… creature… which had asked him to walk deeper into the tent that was now looming out of the gloom."My master will see you, yes, yes," The creature, a beastkin no doubt, said in its strange high-pitched voice.Its arms were long and slender, stretching far below the creature's hips so that they were almost dragging across the ground. This was impressive considering its legs and torso were also slender and long, causing it to tower above Alexei's more average height.Alexei wasn't sure what creature this poor soul had been merged with, bu
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Alexei and his new slave couldn't get out of the slave tent fast enough.After handing over a few pieces of gold from his pouch, which thankfully was still looking pretty full, he took his beastkin girl by the hand and led her back the way he came.When they emerged from the tent the fox-girl couldn't help but blink in the morning sun. It was as if she had never seen the light of day in all her life, and considering how dank and dingy it had been inside the slave tent that may have been the case."What's your name, girl?" Alexei asked, stooping down to undo the shackles that she had no doubt been bound with for most if not all of the time she had been in that tent.She looked at him, confused, and tilted her head to one side but didn't reply verbally at all.The clasp around her neck came away with a click from the key that the slave master Mr Myx had given him. He wouldn't need the leash that she had come with. He was sure she wouldn't try to run away, she looked terrified of the wor
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Assassins of Delsi
Neave finished eating her first eel kebab in a matter of moments, and the second wasn't far behind."I hope you enjoyed that," Alexei said with a sigh, "Though how you even managed to taste it I'm not sure."The girl looked up at him, a content smile on her face. Yes, she'd definitely enjoyed it.Eventually, he was going to have to try to teach her to talk somehow. Or communicate in some way beyond head nods or shakes at the very least. He was growing tired of trying to decipher what she was feeling already and it had only been fifteen minutes at most."Well, I'm glad you did," Alexei said, "Next we're going to get you some new clothes, we can't very well have you running around in a torn-up oversized night shirt, can we?"In a flurry of movement too fast for Alexei's eyes to track, Neave launched herself out of her sitting position, cocked her arm back, and let loose a colossal right hook.For a moment Alexei was worried that the punch had been intended for her, that her meaty meal h
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Analysis Complete!
"I see you've picked yourself up a beastkin from the market," The barkeep remarked as he approached her.She said it in such a way as to be accusatory without actually saying anything that would imply she was displeased with him. All while rubbing the inside of a pint glass."Yeah," Alexei replied, "Need help with some ventures, it felt like the best thing to do."The barkeep looked over his shoulder at the girl."Some ventures, I'm sure," She practically scoffed.Alexei felt his stomach coil in disgust not for the first time that day."She's a child, don't be so crass," He spat before shaking his head, "Look, she's not the point. In fact, she's already managed to save my life today.""Save your life?" The barkeep said incredulously."Yes, she saved my life… From an assassin of Delsi," Alexei said, making sure to whisper the last bit so none of the other customers heard.The barkeep's eyes widened for a moment before narrowing into a steely glare."Get the child and meet me in the kit
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