A faint of glimmer of light showed in his eyes.

His vision was blurry

He felt like he had been drugged

His head banged continuously

“Where the hell am I!!”

He opens his eyes widely to take in the view of a roof.

He realised he was in a bed. He tried to stand up when he heard a deep voice.

 “ I wouldn’t do that if I were you, your body’s still not strong”. His eyes travelled to find a old man stirring a pot.

“Who are you” “Where am I”

Roshan sat up and narrowed his eyes to look at the man.

“That’s a harsh way to thank someone who has been taking care of you for the past one week now” The old man calmly said.

“ONE WEEK!!!!” He exclaimed. He had been out for one week

“I found you on the ground in front of a damaged cottage, took you in and have been taking care of you since” The old man finally looked up at him.

“Why??” Roshan said as he looked at the strange man.

The old man kept quiet and stared at him.

Roshan face reddened as he remembered his manners.

“I am sorry, I mean, Thank You for taking care of me” Roshan said as he stared down at the floor. He just couldn’t understand why someone would help him like this.

“But why did you help me” He looked up at the man as he asked.

The old man simply shrugged and said “Well, it’s because you look like my son” and the man smiled and stood up to go. “You need to get your rest” The man said as he turned around

“Please wait, Where is your son” Roshan came out of his trance and asked

The old man smiled as he looked at the young boy.

He didn’t know why he had taken him in but he just felt drawn to this scrawny, skinny looking child.

When he first saw him on that abandoned area, he had wondered what a fragile looking child was doing here.

The boy actually reminded him of his own boy and right there and then, he had taken him immediately and had taken care of his light wounds and pale looking body.

He was actually scared because the boy didn’t wake up and it was getting harder to get medicines for him.

“My son is at the Mage school” The old man smiled and walked out of the room.

Roshan stared at the door as all his thoughts gathered together.

So he passed out for a whole week. He slumped back into the bed as he stared at the wooden ceiling.

He had remembered quite a lot of dings in his head as he blacked out.

He opened up the system and a screen popped out in front of him.

*Welcome back, Roshan Talon*

He was a bit surprised at this greeting

“System, move on to my personal status please”

*Host Level: Level 5

*Current Ability: None

*Strength: 14

*Agility: 12

*Speed: 13

*Stamina: 13

‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 0

*Magic Ability: None

*Mana Control: 0

HP: [50/50]

EXP: [0/50]

*Skill unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 1*

*Skill unlocked*

*Refill: Level 1*

*SP: [100/100]*

*5 free stats obtained*

Roshan was estatic when he read the notifications. He was more than excited when he had finally unlocked Se skills.

“ I wonder how many skills I have to unlock”

*This information is locked*

At least I can still find out about the new skills.

He tapped on the first skill he unlocked

*Energy Absorption: This skill allows user to absorb energy from organisms that are no longer alive or through contact, energy from living organisms can be absorbed*

This skill was awesome. He could immediately recover his strength after a fight.

Now the next skill.

*Refill: This skill enables host to fill up the Health and Skill points up to the brim immediately after being used up. Skill takes two minutes to cool down before it can be used again*

He got more excited as he read about his new skills.

“Is this even possible” He asked himself as he couldn’t stop smiling.

He had never expected skills like this moreover he still had five free stats.

“I should probably add one to strength, two to agility and two to speed” he told himself. If he could finish a fight faster, what was the need for him to get tired.

*Free stats has just been added*

*Strength: 15

*Agility: 14

*Speed: 15

*Stamina: 13

He looked at the screen and wondered what else the screen could do

*The System can do a lot of things but this information is locked*

It was less surprising as the system answered the question he had on his mind.

He got up immediately as he looked around, he needed to train for the Arkon’s Tournament.

He walked straight out of the room as he feasted his eyes around the house, it was nice. He went out the door and looked for the old man that took such nice care of him.

“Hello boy, you look well rested already. That’s quite fast” The voice belonged to the exact person he was searching for.

“Yes sir and thank you for taking care of me, I would find my way from here” Roshan said as he bowed to the man.

“And where do you want to go, I found you in an unpleasant situation, would you go back there? You are very much welcome to stay here with me” The old man asked as he looked intently at the lean boy.

“Uhmmm….” Now that he thought of it, where would he go exactly, his house was not in its best shape and he was prone to many danger from that part of the forest.

He knew none of his family members to think of a suitable place for him.

The old man seeing the look on his face spoke up at once

“I would appreciate the company as you can see I am the only one in this lonely place and when you are fit for the tournament, you are free to leave” The man said as he smiled.

“ did you..” Roshan stuttered looking at the man suspiciously

“Of course I would, every youth wants to compete in that tournament these days” The old man said as he shrugged

“T..t….thank you very much. I will surely repay you kind sir” The young boy was glad he found somewhere to at least rest his head.

The old man simply nodded as he walked back into his room.

Roshan stepped out and breathed in the freshest breath of air, his sparkling crystal blue eyes sparkled in the sun.

It was time for a new phase of his life.

His legs carried him back to his house and he walked into the half destroyed shed to bring out his father sword. He held it in his hand and it felt a lot lighter than before.

Maybe it was because of the increase in his strength and he smiled at that thought.

He swung it a few times but the sword didn’t feel right in his hands. It felt like he was being held back from showing his true strength with just the sword. He gripped the sword tighter and swung it as fast as he could on the wall of the shed but nothing happened.

A second later, a long thin smooth cut could be seen n the wall as the lower portion of the wall fell down.

The sword hit the floor as Roshan’s fingers widened in shock, he went closer to the wall he had destroyed and placed his fingers on it feeling the smooth line, he flinched back as he felt a light burn on his finger.

He looked intently at the sword

*New Skill unlocked*

That ding echoed in his head again

*Crystal Iris: Level 1*

What the hell was the Crystal Iris

*Crystal Iris allows host to unlock and inspect certain information on certain things. It can be upgraded*


Roshan thought as he read the information in his head.

He looked at the sword again and..

“Inspect..” He thought as he looked at the sword.

*Crystal Iris activated*

*Lava Sword: Level 35

*Ability: Allows host to manipulate lava*

*Level 20 Beast Gem detected equipped with Lava element*

 *Would host like to absorb Gem?*


Well he should not have expected less from his father.

He looked at the sword and he shooked his head, this was not the right equipment for him.

He could still keep the sword for future use but what did he need the ability for at this moment, as he thought of that..he said

“Yes I would like to absorb the Beast Gem” He smiled in anxiety, he could not wait for the outcome as he rubbed his hands greedily

*Energy Absorption activated*

His smile widened as he felt the familiar calm and energy wash over him.

Then like the saying goes “peace before the storm”.

He grabbed his head as he knelt down. The pain was like a jack hammer on his skull. He had forgotten that he needed to move this energy round his body but it was too late to do anything as the pain stopped him from moving

*Level up initiating*

*Host has successfully reached Level 7*

The intense pain didn’t allow him to comprehend the notification as it started again

*Energy Bar filled*

*Level Up Initiating*

*Host has successfully reached Level 9*

The pain reduced but he was drenched from head to toe in sweat and perspiration. His wet clothes would make anyone think he had just come out from a heavy storm.

His breathing steadied as he lay on his back taking it slow.

He opened the system and looked at the notification in front of him.

He marvelled at the sight that he levelled up twice. He was at Level 9 already.

He could feel a lot stronger and lighter, he thought as he smiled

Now to look at his status


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