Became a billionaire with system

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Became a billionaire with system

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After being kicked out of the orphanage by the new owner, Aslan had to leave and had nowhere to go but the dormitory near his school. He only had enough money to buy one slice of bread without a drink. Even so, when an old lady came and asked for food, Aslan gave her the bread without thinking. The grandmother gave him a gift in the form of a strange system. [Welcome to the Fun game system!] [Fun game system is a system that will give you a lot of wealth and glory by doing missions and playing exciting games] [System and master unification process] [10%] [40%] [60%] [80%] [100%] [Unification completed!] [Now master can enjoy playing games and earn a lot of money!]

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  • elena cabay


    the story is good my request only is will you let Aslan more smart in analizing any situation in his relationship with Debby.

    2024-01-29 22:33:28
  • Mickey Ritch


    This is a good story! Aslan faces challenges and manages to overcome them all. The story has an interesting plot and I can tell that there will be more surprises in the future.

    2023-11-15 01:04:01
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215 chapters
1. A strange screen
"Don't hurt him, please!"Aslan stared wide-eyed at the foster mother who had raised him in the orphanage since he was a child. Linda by name, he was again dragged from the room."Don't come here again or I'll fire you from here!" Shouted a large man with a tiger tattooed on his arm.Aslan, the 18-year-old who was beaten by the creepy adults, could only whimper and cough up blood.Just two hours ago, the police arrived on Aslan's report that the orphanage owner was conducting illegal business. However, the orphanage owner denied the allegations and the police left.Now it's been two hours since they locked Aslan up in the basement, beating him until his blood stains the otherwise clean room."Do you know how helpless you are now? How dare you report me!"The owner of the orphanage, a man with a tiger tattooed on his arm, lifted his foot and stomped on Aslan's stomach.The expensive leather shoes hurt like hell."Kill him, boss!" One of the man's men provoked.The man called boss grinn
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2. A new place, new life
[You get a reward of 1000 system points][1000 points successfully entered the system account][Master can withdraw system points into money][There is a choice of cash and digital money][If cash, it will come out immediately in real time, if digital money will automatically enter the master's bank account]That's what the strange hologram screen looked like. The screen could be touched by Aslan, but it could also be penetrated."Can you see something in front of me?" Aslan asked the convenience store employee who had come out to take out the trash. The female convenience store clerk frowned in confusion, then asked back."Are you out of your mind? I saw you talking to yourself earlier, hurry back to your house, otherwise someone will kidnap a young man like you and sell you," said the woman, she looked a bit annoyed.With that remark Aslan understood that he was the only one looking at the system screen.After the clerk re-entered the convenience store, Aslan looked at the system sc
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3. Beating the bully
[Would you like to see your status?]The system suddenly asked when Aslan had returned to his own room."What is it? Show me."[Name: Aslan Kendrik][Age: 18 years old][Level: 1][Points: 837][Strength: E][Intelligence: B][Appearance: A][Luck: C]There were many things Aslan didn't understand. Like, since when did he have a surname at all? As an orphanage child from birth, Aslan didn't have a surname, which was normal for an orphan like him. When he grows up, or reaches the age of 20, Aslan can register a surname of his own choice. For now he couldn't, the country's regulations were like that.However, Aslan was more curious about something else."Why is the level Abc? Can you explain?" Aslan asked confused.[The highest is level S, then A, B, C, D, E and F][F is the lowest]Aslan didn't know if he should be happy or sad that his strength was only level E, but at least it wasn't level F.Aslan puts on his new uniform, then new shoes too. He was happy because he finally got a new
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4. Starting a business
After school, Aslan decided to look for Devon. Even though Kyle wasn't looking for him anymore as usual, Aslan wasn't strong enough, so he was still afraid to go home alone. Fortunately Devon was kind, he said he would accompany Aslan as long as he cooked dinner.The condition is not difficult, Aslan likes to cook. So Aslan, David, Devon and Jaden went to the supermarket to look for ingredients. Jaden was the son of his neighbor John. Jaden's house was big and luxurious, even so Jaden was very friendly and often came to the dormitory to play with Devon and David.After shopping, they returned to the dormitory. But their path was blocked by thugs sent by the owner of the orphanage.Aslan's chest was pounding with fear."What do you want?" Devon asked, complete with a scary look."None of your business, that boy is our business!" One of the thugs pointed at Aslan."Oh, Aslan? He's my friend, if you have business with him, then you have business with me!" Devon was so scary, some of the
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5. Business plans
They went to the cotton road using Jaden's car. Jaden himself had already gotten his driver's license, because he was 18 years old, had a car, and a garage too. All three were required for a driver's license. Because Batavia is a crowded city, the government decided to reduce the number of vehicles so that there would be less traffic, with the additional requirement of having a garage for car or motorcycle drivers. Because residents often complained about car or motorcycle owners who parked their vehicles in front of their houses carelessly even though it was a public street. Especially in housing complexes that do not have land to park cars. Even though there is already a daycare center for cars that costs a small fee. Aslan didn't really understand, but rich people like Jaden had no barrier to owning a private vehicle. It took them an hour to reach the cotton road, because besides the traffic jam, the place was quite far from the dormitory. But if using a bicycle, it wouldn't tak
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6. Punishment for beautiful cashier
"Aslan, I thought you were going to pick out a few pieces of clothing, pick the ones you like, not buy them all," Devon whispered, he was worried too, because he himself was carrying a small amount of money. The cashier, who knew Aslan's friends looked worried, grinned even more. "Better think first before you are embarrassed because you can't pay, I often meet people like you, the style alone pretends to be able to buy a store, but it turns out there are only one hundred dollars in his pocket, it's embarrassing," said the beautiful cashier. Aslan sighed tiredly, "I told you I'd buy everything, you don't have to worry." Aslan took out his debit card, but the cashier laughed at him even more, because Aslan's debit card belonged to a minor, there was a cute lion picture too. Aslan didn't have time to change the card. "You haven't upgraded your card yet, man?" Jaden whispered. Aslan shook his head slowly, "I had no time." "Hey, if you're just a student like this, there can't be much
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7. Meet Alonso
"Hey kid!" The familiar voice sent a chill down Aslan's spine, and sure enough, the new owner of the orphanage was waiting for him. Aslan hadn't thought anything of it before when a teacher said someone was looking for him, waiting in the lobby. Aslan's school had a kind of lobby to receive guests. At first, Aslan thought it was just the Messenger of the governor, who usually came to give books. The Messenger of the governor was very active in providing new quality books every month, which Aslan was very happy about, because he loved reading books. But seeing the harsh reality he received made him break out in a cold sweat. Why did that person come to the school at all? There was even a principal there. What was going on? "Have a seat, Aslan!" The principal said, smiling his usual friendly smile, as did the owner of the orphanage, Alonso by name. Alonso's friendly smile only gave Aslan goosebumps, it was terrifying. "I'm just here to see how you're doing, Aslan said he's grown
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8. Aslan and Debby
Aslan was wrong, Debby became more moody at the bookstore. The girl even bumped into someone because she wasn't focused. "I'm sorry," Debby said. "You use your eyes when you walk! Not only you already fat, you don't have eyes too!" The woman who Debby hit looked very angry, and her friend looked at Debby with an annoyed look too. Even though no one was injured from the incident, no items fell either, just a small nudge. "I apologize," Debby said again, like she was going to cry. So, Aslan left the book he wanted to look at, then approached Debby. "She apologized, why are you still angry?" Asked Aslan, he pulled Debby behind his body. "Are you her boyfriend? Tell your girlfriend not to stand carelessly, her body is big like a bulldozer, ignorance has its limits!" Said the friend of the woman who was hit by Debby. Both women looked like college students, they looked fashionable and wore the cheapest branded goods. The one Debby hit was a blonde, while her friend was a brunette. T
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9. Visiting Debby's house
After two days, Aslan had to swallow his disappointment when he found out that Debby was still absent from school.During those two days, Aslan exercised regularly to increase his body strength. There was Devon who was happy to help him. Devon was very strong, he taught Aslan to fight, always accompanied Aslan to exercise in the morning too.In addition, Aslan had also discussed with Devon and David, what business they would do. Since David's uncle owned a chicken farm, and one of David's uncle's regular restaurants was going bankrupt, they decided to open a cafe with chicken as the main menu.Aslan did it all for his own future and to build his own strength. It's useless to have a system if you don't use it. Aslan had to open his own business. If it fails, he can start again from the beginning, because he has a lot of capital.Aslan also tries to buy shares in new companies that he thinks will improve rapidly in the future.For daily check-in, for two days Aslan was rewarded with a s
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10. Don't be insecure
"Is that security guard really going to get fired?" That was the question Aslan asked as soon as he arrived at the Harland family mansion.The house was one of the most luxurious among the others. The view of the beach from the top floor was also very beautiful. White sand, coconut trees, beach waves, and the evening sky.Aslan was invited to sit in a room on the second floor, you could say it was a place close to the balcony, and the balcony itself was open. From where he sat, Aslan could see the beach. There were many sofas and chairs there, and a big screen television like a movie theater. Aslan tried hard not to look like a dork in that house.Debby always said she didn't deserve him, but when he arrived at Debby's house, it was Aslan who felt inadequate. Aslan's wealth was still nothing compared to the Harland family."Don't worry, he'll be fired, we don't like unprofessional people like that, let him be our business, you can drink the tea first, I'l
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