Penniless Man's Wealthy System

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Penniless Man's Wealthy System

By: Calendula CompletedSystem

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After his business bankrupt, Alexander Gates was despised and insulted by his wife's family for being a penniless son-in-law. He is really being a poor guy. When his wife cheated on him with a richer man, he is very disappointed. One day, when Alex is really need money, a system on his smartphone vibrates. The system says that by clicking the link, all the money will be yours! Only with a wealthy system, in a second he can become a billionaire! *** Cover by Ai

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  • Calendula


    I'm sorry readers, chapter 16 was supposed to be level 8. But I wrote it wrong. Don't worry, I've fixed it and waiting for it to pass the revision. Happy reading! đŸ©”

    2023-06-24 13:37:12
  • Nandana Jayaweera


    good novel as usual

    2023-07-28 01:38:03
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181 chapters
Chapter 1-Get the Money Tonight!
In the hospital hallways, a man with a disheveled appearance stands facing the window. His face is haggard and dark circles are clearly visible in both eyes.Alex's eyes are focused on the water droplets on the window. His lips are pressed tightly together, but his mind is as noisy as a broken record. Alex can't stop thinking about his daughter-Bianca-who is sick, as well as the problems that have hit him hard.His property company had gone bankrupt. There is nothing left. Alex's savings had also been used up to pay off debts and he is still unemployed.Alex let out a long sigh for the umpteenth time, then he sits down on the waiting chair. He looks at Bianca lying limp in the hospital bed, then at his wife's family members who stare at him sarcastically.Ever since Alex's company went bankrupt and he no longer had a high income, his wife's family always blamed him. It seemed as if Alex was the source of his problems, even though he had worked hard to save his property company.Especi
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Chapter 2-Goodbye Useless Man!
Alex is silent. His eyes looked one by one at his wife's family members who were staring with condescending smiles. They clearly don't believe that Alex would earn $500 overnight.Even Alex himself was just bragging with his words. He didn't know where to get the money, but he agreed to his mother-in-law's request simply because he didn't want to be insulted again.If Alex didn't succeed, then Ms. Anne would surely trample his pride to the ground. Now, he feels that in the eyes of the Sans, Alex is nothing more than street dust that can be brushed aside at any time.Alex is too overwhelmed with emotion to think and speak immediately. Now, he is at a loss as to where to borrow money.Ms. Anne raises one eyebrow with an annoying lopsided smile. "I'll wait here and take a look at the bills in person. But by the way, where are you going to get the money? Don't tell me by stealing? Oops! Sorry.""Hey, Alex. We don't want to get involved with the police!" John half shouted to stir things up
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Chapter 3-YOU'VE EARNED 1,000,005$!
Alex knows that Jasmine often acts badly towards him or says things that make him sad when his company goes bankrupt, but he assumes that it's just his wife's frustration.He thinks that Jasmine is probably just angry for a moment because all the luxuries he once gave her have disappeared in an instant. They are struggling to live and Jasmine can't afford to squander her money anymore.She is always getting treatments to enhance her beauty and appearance, but after Alex went bankrupt, Jasmine never went to the salon again.Alex always tries to give Jasmine money, even if it's just a little bit every day. But apparently, Jasmine isn't satisfied with that 'little' money at all.Of all the worst possibilities he could think of, he never thought that Jasmine would cheat on him. And to make matters worse, on the same day, she threw the divorce lawsuit in his face.Tonight, Alex seems to be made aware of Jasmine's bad behavior.Is he really that pathetic? Everyone hates him because of his p
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Chapter 4-Ready for Divorce!
Alex is surprised by the voice that reaches his ears.$1,000,005 must be spend in seven days? What does he have to do to spend that much money?The voice came back, it seems to warn Alex before disappearing with the wind.Alex stands up from the bench and squints to observe the surroundings of the dimly lit hospital garden. As far as the eye can see, he doesn't see anyone. But that voice... it sounded like it was whispering right in the back of his head.Overcome with curiosity, Alex dares to check every corner. But nothing, he only finds an owl perched on one of the trees.Was it only a sound? Or maybe it was his hallucination?Alex feels like he's dreaming. Especially with $1.000.005 and a strange system suddenly appearing on his phone.It is completely crazy, but there is no denying that Alex is excited.Alex put his phone in his pants pocket and back to the hospital to pay for his daughter's medical bills. A smile on his lips, he almost jumps when he steps into Bianca's ward.The
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Chapter 5-Ding! A Wealth System
The next morning, Alex decides to go to Sans' house.The Sans family lives in the Gambriell housing estate, which is for the middle class. Alex gets out of the luxury car he just bought this morning, then stares at the two-story house in front of him. He deliberately not changing his clothes to see how the wealth-crazed family would react.He begins to imagine the insults they will hurl. And once through the door, it just so happened that the Sans family members did not even know he there. Alex is greeted by cursing from his brother-in-law."Oh look, who's here? The useless unemployed!" Shouted John who was standing not far from the entrance. "After pretending to be rich at the hospital, you still dare to come back here?"Jasmine approaches Alex who is standing still in his place. The woman's face was contorted with hatred and her lips formed a sardonic smile. "Why are you back here? You said we were getting a divorce, but you still come to this house? Don't you have any shame?" She a
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CHAPTER 6-First Task for Today!
After pressing the panel with the command to proceed to the next level, a small light appeared and a loud click sounded once. The panel quickly disappeared, and a new, much wider panel appeared.Alex notices a rectangular panel hovering in front of him, seemingly out of nowhere. It is dominated by a faintly glowing blue light. An inscription slowly appeared there.There is a prompt to fill in his full identity. Starting from name, date of birth, parents' names, full address, family members, blood type, and other things related to Alex's life."Fill in everything to advance to the next level! You'll get more rewards!"The adult male voice came back. The tone is cheerful, but there is still a command there.Alex is silent for a moment, debating whether or not to fill in his full identity. Although the word 'reward' is tempting, he doesn't want to make the wrong move. He knows that this is the system that sent the million dollars to his account, but there's no denying that there's a feel
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Chapter 7-Next Task
Alex is dumbfounded after finishing reading his first task on the panel screen.He should go to the Sans' house and give them $100? Isn't that too good?Alex disliked the first task, but he had already joined. Then, as per the rules, he had to complete whatever the task, even if he doesn't like it.Maybe this is one of the challenges for him, seeing how he hates the Sans family. Letting out a long sigh, Alex stretches his stiff body and gets up from the sofa. His dark irises surveyed his luxurious home for a moment. It is much more luxurious than his old home.Alex's eyes shifted to the expensive antique chandelier hanging from the ceiling, then grinned slightly. He is no longer a useless unemployed man with only $5 in his wallet.He now had half the money in his account, minus the money he is going to give to Sans' family. But after this task was completed, he would definitely get a much more valuable reward.Alex locks his door and walks to his car. He starts the engine and drives
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Chapter 8-Emergency Task!
The dim blue-lit panel displayed the commands for Alex's next task.'TASK 2. PLEASE GO TO THE SHOWROOM AND BUY A LAMBORGHINI CAR'. Before going to the car showroom, Alex searches for info on the latest Lamborghini first. He then cashes out the money in his account and puts it all into a medium-sized suitcase. He had $700,000 dollars to buy a new car."I'm coming soon, Dear Lamborghini," Alex said as he jumped up from his chair. He was happy to complete this task.Alex drives his car to the city center, where the best showroom is located. He parks his car far enough away from the main parking lot because he doesn't want to be conspicuous, then pulls his suitcase towards the main door of the showroom.But as soon as he stepped through the door, the two showroom employees stared at him with furrowed brows. The tall male employee openly scrutinized Alex's appearance. His face frowning in dislike, he frowned in disgust when their gazes met for a few seconds.What the hell is this employee
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Chapter 9-Please, Take Me Back!
Alex stares at Jasmine who is still glaring at him, it seems that Jasmine is not seeing the panel that appears in front of Alex, and Alex realizes that the panel is only visible to him.Even though this task had come out of an emergency, Alex is sure that he had to complete it immediately. Emergency task is probably much more challenging than regular task, because they come unexpectedly, with a very short time frame.Alex quickly takes out his wallet and pulls out his $20. Jasmine stares in confusion when Alex raises his hand and throws the $20 into her face.Alex wants to laugh at the sight of Jasmine's face turning into an overcooked crab boil.The woman growled angrily, feeling deeply humiliated by her ex-husband's treatment."How dare you!" Jasmine shouted in annoyance.Alex gives an unconcerned look and casually walks past Jasmine when the notification that his task has been completed is heard. He walks into Bianca's room, while Jasmine punches the empty air with extreme annoyanc
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Chapter 10-The System Panel Appears
Alex is silent for a moment. Meanwhile, Jasmine continues to beg him. She even bowed down at Alex's feet. Then, Bianca came to her parents who were at the front door of the house. The little 5-year-old girl sees her mother, she immediately runs to Jasmine and hugs her. "Mommy, I miss you so much." Bianca said to her mother. Jasmine hugged Bianca tightly, "I miss you too, My princess!" Then, Bianca let go of her mother's embrace, and she looks seriously into Alex's face. "Daddy, let Mommy stay with us in this house. I want Mommy to be with me, Daddy. Please!" Bianca pleaded with her father. Alex sighs. Really, this is a difficult thing for him. Because, he is already hurt by Jasmine who has betrayed his love. But, today his daughter requested that Jasmine be able to live with them in this house. "Please, Daddy!" Bianca begged Alex again with a sad expression on her face. As a good father, Alex can't see his daughter sad. All this time, whatever Bianca's wishes were always fulfill
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