Then a screen appeared in his head.

*HOST LEVEL: Level 10

*HOST RACE: Greater Human




*SPEED: 20


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 0

*Magic Ability: None

*Mana Control: 0

HP: [200/200]

EXP: [0/200]

*Skills Unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 3

*Refill: Level 2

*Crystal Iris: Level 2

*SP: [200/200]

*No free stats obtained*

*Quest: Kill five Level 1 beasts*

*Quest Rewards: Instant Level Up*

*Quest Details: [2/5]*

*Daily Quest Unlocked*

*Daily Quest: Run 20 kilometres*

Roshan’s mouth was hung open as he read through the screen.

The first thing that caught his attention was the new added feature

‘Human Race...’

He was a greater human??

‘What the hell was that!!’

He asked himself

Another surprising thing was the Daily Quest he saw at the end of the screen.

‘How was he supposed to run 20 miles in a day’ He groaned in agony.

The system gave him no response which annoyed him even more.

Well…he had to become stronger.

He picked up his sword and ran out of the forest at his highest speed.


→§The Military Base §←


“Sir, A Deagi was reported on the Nerat’s border” A young man dressed in military armour stood opposite the huge desk.

“Hmmm..” A deep monotone voice hummed in thought, sitting behind the desk. A man who was no older than 50 with a large scar across his right eye to his right cheek. His large muscles would make any body builder cry in shame.

“Have you captured it?” The monotone voice sounded again.

“N..no Sir, We tried to buy it was too strong for us and slipped out of our hands” The Soldier stuttered as he brought his head in shame.

Not able to capture one of those was a thing of disgrace as they had twelve strong soldiers on board.

Little did he know that his boss was least interested in their efforts.

“How many rings did you see?” The muscular man said

“F…Five, Sir” The soldier quietly said

‘Fi…Fi…Five Five Fucking Rings, How the hell did a Five Ring enter the southern border. Fuck, Fuck!! FUCK!!!. I need to inform the head. The war may begin sooner than we think'.

The muscular man looked calm but his head was spinning wildly.

“Ok, dismiss”

The soldier saluted and turned around.

“Captain Rus, wait” The deep voice sounded halting the footsteps of the man.

“Sir?” The man said and turned around

“I think we should begin the tournament now” The muscular man said with his hands on his chin

“But…but sir” The soldier frowned

“Rus, we need more hands on deck due to the appearance of that Deagi. It seems we underestimated their growth.”

“What are you talking about. I know that’s not the reason you want to begin the tournament” Rus looked at the man as if he was speaking in a different language.

“Elder Brother, if we don’t do this, he won’t train harder” The muscular man looked at the man trying to tell him to understand his reasons.

“Shawn, beginning the tournament earlier solves nothing” The Captain dropped all formalities and looked at his boss in the eye.

“It does. Big brother if we were to start the tournament a little sooner and we were to had some benefits, won’t people start to train harder. He will feel left out and work harder to. He is my nephew and your son. You know what he is capable of doing”.

 Shawn said as he looked deeply at his brother.

Emerald eyes stared back at him in annoyance

“Alright, do what you must” Rus said and stormed out of the room.

‘At least he understands' Shawn sighed and pressed a button on his communicator.

“The Arkon’s Tournament is to begin two weeks from now”.


Jet black hair moved calmly through the warm breeze as crystal blue eyes sparkled in the mid noon under the sun.

Pink luscious lips moved calmly as he took steady breaths.

Thin pale hands gripped the weapon in his hands and then…


Deafening sounds rang through the whole compound

“You know...you don’t have to take it that hard” An aged voice rang through the area as he watched the child creating awful marks on his pretty wall. He was going to spend another amount this week and he wasn’t liking it one bit

“I have to, the tournament is now in two weeks and I’m still not satisfied!!!”

Roshan exhaled as he grimaced. He didn’t even turn to acknowledge the man.

“I think you have done enough for today, remember you are also going to be tested on your knowledge” The aged man said as he sipped from his tea

“Yeah …I have read the books you have given me” Roshan said as he raised his sword preparing to strike again.

He didn’t realise his words dealt a blow to the old man.

‘E…..eve.. EVERYTHING!!!’ the man screamed internally as his hands trembled but he controlled himself. Those books were large. He had made sure to give him the ones that he would find hard to comprehend and this child is saying that he finished the books in three days.

‘No…he must be playing with me’ he said as he sighed in relief

“Hmmm…everything, mind if I asked you some questions” the man said as he came forward.

“Feel free” Roshan didn’t even stop his assault on the wall and continued swinging his sword. He hated this weapon but it was the only thing he had to practice his speed and strength.

“What are the abilities of the First Users” The man calmly asked as he sipped his tea

“The First Users were the First people to show the use of abilities in the war for human survival. They were 11 in total each possessing different abilities. The first users’ abilities were; Fire, Water, Light, Space, Mind, Darkness, Earth, Lightning, Ice and Mud”.

 Roshan said in a breath.

“The basic elemental abilities were Fire, Water, Light, Space, Mind, Darkness and Earth while the evolved abilities were Lightning, Ice and Mud” he continued as he swung his sword again.

“As time went by, different abilities came to face. Abilities like speed, telekinesis, strength, body hardening, Steel and many others but they were just measly abilities compared to the First Users”.

“Should I go on?” Roshan asked the old man with a smirk on his face.

The man looked at the calm looking boy as if he was a monster. The boy had just explained the history of abilities as if it were a mere fairy tale.

The man’s head was in disarray, but he brought himself back together as he gulped the remaining contents of his cup.

“Roshan, instead of training with my wall….” The old man started as he frowned looking at the ugly marks on his lovely walls

“…why don’t you spar with some of the village kids?” The old man continued looking at the face of the young man for any reactions and he wasn’t disappointed.

Roshan halted as he looked at the smiling man

“Master Fyi…..I don’t understand” He frowned as he tried to make out what the man was saying.

“Go out and challenge those that plan to compete in the tournament, dimwit” Fyi groaned as he looked as the confused child.

‘Ahh…yes, I should have thought of it a long time ago' Roshan said as a smile crept on to his face.

“Thank you, Master. I’ll be back by noon” Roshan said as he sped off into the village.

He should have thought of it a long time ago, using the competitors to test his skills.

 ‘Master is brilliant’

Roshan thought as he smiled.

He wanted to spar with the others but what was on his mind was the daily quest and the quest he had yet to finish. This was tiring. He had killed two more Level 1 beasts in the last few days but he had not thought of taking the daily quest.

He ran past the market place, past the playground for the children and into the forest.

“System show me my progress with the daily quest”

*Daily Quest: Run 20 kilometres*

*Daily Quest: 15/20 kilometres ran*

He still had Five more kilometres to run. His legs were aching him.

He ran and ran till he went deeper into the forest.

“Ahhh….ahhh..This system is really annoying” Roshan took deep breaths as he slowed his jumping heart.


*Daily Quest completed*

*50 exp points gained*

*Exp: [50/200]*

“Whattttt….just 50. I felt like my legs were surely going to break and you give me just 50 points” Roshan yelled back at the system.

Anyone seeing this scene would wonder why a pale looking child was screaming and who he was talking to as there was nobody there.

Funny enough the system gave him no reply.

Roshan scowled in annoyance.

Light rustling of leaves could be heard beside him.

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