The Tycoon Game System

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The Tycoon Game System

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Kaiden, who has just been left alone because his family suicide, is now being chased by loan sharks because of the debt left by his family. Kaiden himself was almost beaten to death for not being able to pay the debt. However, while he was resigned to death, something strange came to his ears. [Your circumstances have qualified to become a master of the tycoon game system] [Welcome to the tycoon game system!] Kaiden recalled the strange voice he heard before he coughed up blood and passed out. It was exactly like the voice he was currently hearing from the hologram screen. "So yesterday was real?" Kaiden muttered, between confusion and amazement. [Right master, the system is real] [The system will help master become the richest man in this world] [The system will start the game to become a tycoon!] [Your level is level one] [The system will send some money into your bank account] [The money can only be spent on starting a business, not on personal consumption] [Every time the money is spent, you will only receive 50% of the money for personal consumption] [Now create your own business, or invest in other people's business, you are free to use the money only in the business field] [Have fun!]

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1. Tycoon Game System
The heavy rain that had been falling for the past five minutes or so, had washed away the tears and blood from the hard blows that the frail young man in shabby clothes had received without a fight.The punches were still being thrown at the frail young man by some thugs who were known to be accomplices of a notorious loan shark in the small town called Mastaka."Looks like he's dead, boss," said one of the big thugs with a tiger tattoo on his left arm."I don't care if he's dead or not, his fault is that he was born into a poor family that doesn't know themselves, let's go and let him freeze to death in the rain," said the man called boss.One of the thugs kicked the body of the young man who was lying helplessly until he rolled a few centimeters from where it was."What if he's still alive, boss?" asked another thug."That means he has to pay his family's debt, if he can't, we'll take his kidney and sell it."The young man, who had no energy left, could faintly hear them all laughin
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2. Get used to bad luck
After a few hours in the hospital, Kaiden was finally able to go home. All of Kaiden's treatment costs will be paid for by the police. Kaiden was even escorted home by the police.During the trip, the policeman questioned Kaiden about how he could be in a deserted place behind the market in such a battered state.Kaiden told them everything that happened, about his brother who liked to cause trouble, about his mother who was stressed out because of his brother's actions and owed so much money to loan sharks, and about his brother and mother who suddenly died by suicide."So, they committed suicide without you, huh? I didn't know because I was just transferred to this city." The policeman said.Kaiden nodded, "That's right, they did it while I was sleeping, so the next day I already saw the bodies of both of them. After that, I worked all kinds of jobs, no time to rest at all, just to pay off the debts that kept piling up. Three months later, I only managed to collect $200 and even tha
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3. When a good man helped
"Now, what should I do?" Kaiden asked himself.He had eaten and now felt full.He had gone back to his house because he didn't know what to do. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn't come up with any ideas at all.Kaiden had heard that poor people and rich people had different mindsets. The rich would find any opportunity that could be turned into money. And Kaiden now felt he had the mindset of a poor person, because he couldn't find any opportunities that he could turn into money.[In that case, the system will give some hints that might help]How happy Kaiden was to see the notification from the system.[Try going anywhere, either on foot or on a bicycle, and look for ideas from there]Kaiden's smile faded instantly, as it turned out that the system didn't give him any ideas. Maybe the system wanted Kaiden to figure it out on his own. But Kaiden thought it was better, if he depended on people's help all the time, how could Kaiden progress and get better?Kaiden went out again,
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4. You got fired!
[You get a reward for getting a trustworthy person to help with business][200$ successfully entered inventory]Kaiden smiled at the notification from the system, meaning that he could indeed trust Mr. Toni to help him. Since Kaiden would be starting business tomorrow in the morning, this afternoon he went to the place where he last worked. He wanted to let his manager know that he was no longer able to work.Kaiden's previous workplace was a seafood restaurant, located near the beach. Kaiden was taking a look at the beach for tomorrow's business. It was a weekend, so there would definitely be a lot of visitors.Kaiden parked his bike in the employee parking lot, then entered through the back door as usual.Kaiden's job at the place was to help the chef in the kitchen. I already told you, right? Kaiden would do any job, even if he had to be humiliated every day. The kitchen was a scary place, you couldn't play around there. Profanity and insults were so common.Kaiden actually felt lu
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5. Look like a hobo
Mr. Randy is the owner of the restaurant, he is the father of Robby, his second son, who is a chef in his restaurant and will one day inherit the restaurant business.But it cannot be denied that Robby is very lacking and has a lot to learn. Especially after knowing that Robby fired and beat Kaiden just because he was jealous of Kaiden.Randy really couldn't understand what made his son jealous, who had never been in trouble in his life, from Kaiden, who had been miserable since childhood. It made no sense to Randy.He was currently facing the two boys in his room. One was very haughty, unwilling to admit he was wrong, though now looking somewhat frightened. The other looked very resigned, but there was no look of fear on his face that Randy could see. Kaiden wouldn't be afraid if he wasn't wrong."So you took it for granted when Robby fired you, then you wanted to leave, but then Robby beat you up?" Asked Randy, he briefly glanced at his son Robby, his eyes showing that he was scared
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6. A good influence
Kaiden didn't care about the others, he just focused on himself. He knew the others were laughing at him, including someone he was familiar with.He was Fabiano, the son of the owner of the resort near the beach, and Kaiden's previous classmate.Bian, as he was usually called, was the class president who was known to be very kind and considerate to all students. However, not many people knew that Bian was actually still part of the school thugs who liked to bully other students.Bian does maintain his image, lest his parents know that he likes to bully other students, likes to smoke, skip school, and other juvenile delinquencies.He did look very handsome and like a good guy, but the truth was the opposite.Kaiden clearly didn't like Bian, as he often bullied Kaiden at school. Then Bian and his friends threatened Kaiden not to tell anyone after being bullied. Kaiden had a lot of trouble because of them.Once he almost broke his leg because he was beaten by them, but fortunately Kaiden
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7. Can't choose which family to be born
Kaiden was very happy when a new smartphone was brought out by the pretty employee, it was black in color. The blonde employee explained about the smartphone to Kaiden patiently, Kaiden himself asking a lot of questions because this was the first time he had seen such an expensive smartphone."It's useless for you to explain in such detail, because he won't be able to pay for everything," said Citra, the bitchy employee who used to be Kaiden's classmate. Citra had just served a customer who was well-dressed and looked rich, but didn't end up buying a smartphone."Even if he doesn't buy, we should still serve him well, that's what the shop owner said," said the blonde-haired girl."I warned you, he's a hobo, he has no money, he can't afford such an expensive smartphone." After saying that, Citra left again.The blonde employee turned back to Kaiden, "Do you want to buy or not? If you do want to buy, I can insert the SIM card as well."Kaiden nodded, "I'll buy it, here's the money, plea
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8. Start to selling
Although the thugs who collected Kaiden's debt went home peacefully, they came with a ruckus.Thanks to them, Kaiden's house was a mess. There was even a hole in the roof, maybe they had thrown a rock or something.To be sure, Kaiden cleaned up the house immediately after they left.He knew that his house was very small and barely habitable. But it was his father's only inheritance, and the house and land had belonged to Kaiden since his father died.Kaiden also didn't understand why his father had given the house and land to Kaiden and not his mother.Because of this, his mother couldn't sell the land, as it had to be approved by Kaiden and Kaiden was adamant about not wanting to sell the house. They were so poor, if the house was sold, where would they live afterwards. That's what Kaiden thought. He didn't know that his decision would lead his mother to get into a lot of debt, then commit suicide and put it all on Kaiden.Kaiden just couldn't understand why his mother was like that.
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9. Because of Jenni's help
Several hours had passed, Kaiden was tired of not having any other customers after the two little girls and the old man. It's not that Kaiden didn't try, he also tried to offer his wares to everyone who passed by, but they all just passed by him without bothering to turn their heads.Until Jennifer arrived, she was wearing casual clothes in the form of short jeans and also a white t-shirt. Kaiden was stunned to see the blonde haired girl. But after realizing, he immediately smiled at Jenni."Hello Kaiden, how is your merchandise today? How much have you sold?" Jenni asked to the point, making Kaiden feel annoyed again, but he just smiled as if everything was fine."Only sold one, maybe I'm just unlucky today, would you like to try the coconut ice?" asked Kaiden, thankful for the positive smile.Jenni smiled at Kaiden, who was still in good spirits, not depressed at all despite the lack of sales.Then Jenni nodded, "sure, I'd like one."While Kaiden prepared the coconut ice, Jenni took
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10. She choose me, not you
The money Kaiden currently has is 26,080$. He immediately paid his debt of 20,000$, so his current debt has been paid 21,000$, that's what Kaiden thought.But it turned out that the $1,000 he gave to the thugs yesterday didn't count at all.Kaiden felt very upset, even though it wasn't easy to get that much money. The big master who reduced Kaiden's mother said he didn't work with the thugs anymore, because the police had warned him.The master was a good man, but the thugs used his power to blackmail the debtors. The lord had lost money because he had paid them, but the money that the debtors had deposited was partly taken by the thugs."You can open an account, Kaiden, these days it's very sophisticated, I see you already have a smartphone, open an account, so you can manage your debts through your smartphone, you don't have to come to me in person." said the lord, then he took a drag on his cigarette, then exhaled the smoke slowly, making Kaiden feel claustrophobic."Alright, I'll
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